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For some reason, drunk food is always a good idea after bars close—well, at least at the time. And it seems people around the world aren’t all that different when it comes to how they cap off a big night out: We all get the drunk munchies, even if our go-to drunk dishes differ. Next time you’re traveling and find yourself a little tipsy, seek out the local drunk food. Here’s our guide of what to eat after the bar kicks you out in these 12 countries around the world.

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Czech Republic – Smažený sýr

After a night drinking Pilsen beers in Prague, seek out a smažený sýr, which is basically a fried cheese sandwich. A huge chunk of cheese breaded and deep-fried is stuffed into a fresh roll coated with ketchup and mustard. This tasty sandwich is sold by street carts and it’s so popular even Czech McDonald’s have it on their menu.



The go-to Canadian snack and classic drunk food: poutine | Photo by Crispin Semmens – Flickr

Canada – Poutine

Our Canadian friends just north of the border have concocted a french fry dish that is quite possibly the perfect drunk food. A basket full of french fries is topped with gravy and cheese curds. Carbs + grease + salt = happy drunk person.



South Africans know how to drink and how to eat | Photo by

South Africa – Boerie roll

Think of the boerie roll as a hot dog on steroids. This specialty starts with a boerewors, which is a beef sausage made with lamb, pork and spices. This sausage is served in a hot dog bun topped with tomatoes, chili and onion relish.

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After a few rounds of German lagers you'll be looking for a savory currywurst - Photo by

After a few rounds of German lagers, you’ll be looking for a savory currywurst | Photo by

Germany – Currywurst

Another country fond of drunk sausages is Germany, but Berlin has put their twist on it with currywurst. These sausages are a must try, sober or drunk. A currywurst is pork sausage that’s steamed then fried and either served in a bun or cut in slices topped with curry ketchup (ketchup spiced with curry powder) or ketchup topped with curry powder.

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Thailand’s national drunk food, dehydrated squid, may seem a bit odd but you just might crave the savory/salty flavors

Thailand – Dried squid

After a few too many glasses of rice whiskey, the Thais reach for dried squid to munch on. The squid man drives his motorbike up and down the bar-lined streets luring the drunks out to his cart. This salty treat is cooked on a grill and often heated up. If you miss the squid man just head to 7-Eleven where dried squid is sold packaged in a bag next to potato chips.

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This is real Japanese Ramen, and it's what you eat after too much Saki - Photo by

This is real Japanese ramen, and it’s what you eat after too much saki | Photo by

Japan – Ramen

Stop slurping beers and start slurping a big bowl of ramen noodles. Japan does ramen right, so forget your college days of ramen from a plastic package. This hearty bowl is often filled with sliced pork, dried seaweed, noodles and green onions served in a fish or meat broth. There are tons of different styles as every region of Japan has their own variation.


Savory greasy Al Pastor tacos, do we really need to explain further? - Photo by

Savory greasy al pastor tacos… do we really need to explain further? | Photo by

Mexico – Tacos

Soak up the booze with al pastor tacos, served in a double corn tortilla topped with onions, pineapple and cilantro. It’s always a good time for tacos. The best part about visiting Mexico is that there are taco street carts on every corner, even late at night.

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A Philippino favorite Sising may just be the ultimate drunk food - Photo by

A Filipino favorite, sisig may just be the ultimate drunk food | Photo by

Philippines – Sisig

Sisig is a Filipino specialty that you’d rather not know what’s in it…but if you must: It’s parts of the pigs that don’t often make the menu like the head, liver and other leftover bits. The meat is diced before being boiled then broiled on the grill. Next, this meaty mixture is seasoned with chopped onions, chili peppers and calamansi, a local fruit. It’s served on a sizzling hot plate. Sisig can be found all over the 7,000+ Filipino Islands but some of the best is in Coron Palawan at a mom and pop seaside shop.



Down Under, Aussies go for meat pies after the bar | Photo by

Australia – Meat pie

The Aussie‘s stumble into the bakery for their beloved meat pies. This snack is a great handheld weapon to help stop the impending hangover. There are tons of types of meat pies but they all basically contain some minced meat, gravy and some sorts of veggies. Pick up a chicken-curry meat pie on the way back to the hotel to ward off tomorrow’s pain.

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The perfect hangover blocking food, cheesy and greasy after bar pizza | Photo by Doran – Flickr

USA – Pizza

As you probably know, Americans go straight for a big slice of ‘za. Pizza’s usually pretty easy to get by the slice late at night and styles of ‘za differ all over the country. In NYC they like thin crust, Chicago loves its deep dish and Wisconsin loves their cheese so much they put Mac ‘n’ Cheese right on top.


The international undisputed drunk food of the world: doner kebab – Photo by alexmontjohn – Flickr

International pick – Döner kebabs

No matter where you are in the world after a night out you can almost always find a kebab or some variation of it involving spinning meat and pita bread. It doesn’t matter how late or what country you’re in, a kebab is always a good choice after the bar. It really is the perfect drunk food. The thick pita bread will help soak up the last few drinks and the delicious greasy meat will satisfy your booze-induced food cravings.

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