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Raise your paw if you knew October 29 was National Cat Day! What better way to celebrate our furry friends on their special day then to showcase some of the cutest cat cafés around the world. Cat cafés (places where cats mingle with humans) have been popping up worldwide in the past few years, but it all really started back in 1998 in Taiwan. Here are 7 cat cafés worth visiting.

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Cat Flower Garden

Cat Flower Garden | Flickr CC: Connie Ma

1. Cat Flower Garden: Taipei, Taiwan

Cat Flower Garden is the first cat café in the world. The owner had an idea where customers could enjoy a nice hot beverage and get in some much-needed quality cat time. When the café first opened its doors in Taipei, business was slow; people thought it was a weird concept. Fast forward 18 years and cat cafés are more popular than ever. No entry fee, but there is a minimum consumptionamount that can be reached with a purchase of a coffee.

Address: No. 129, Fuhua Rd, Shilin District, Taipei, Taiwan

Welcome to Cat Town Cafe! Photo Courtesy of Cat Town Cafe

Welcome to Cat Town Cafe! Photo Courtesy of Cat Town Cafe

2. Cat Town Café: Oakland, CA

The first cat café in the U.S. opened its doors in Oakland in October 2014 and has been finding homes for cats ever since. Not only is it a U.S. first, but it is also the ONLY non-profit cat café in the United States. Cat Town isn’t justa place to come and have a coffee while playing with cats; these cats are up for adoption! Before visiting, check out their website to see which cats are in the café and ready to go home with you. Reserve a spot here for a one hour visit ($10); walk-ins are also available ($5).

Address: 2869 Broadway in Oakland, CA

A cat stole my drink at Catmosphere cafe | Photo by

A cat stole my drink at Catmosphere cafe | Photo by

3. Catmosphere: Chiang Mai, Thailand

Escape the heat of Chiang Mai and cool down with a Thai Iced Coffee with the companionship of some furry friends. Catmosphere has no entrance fees or time limit, but the purchase of a beverage is expected ($3-4USD).

Address: 233/5 Huay Kaew Road, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Neko no Jikan | Photo courtesy of @blithebassoon

4. Neko no Jikan: Osaka, Japan

Japan’s first cat café opened in Osaka in 2004 and there are now more than 150 cat cafés nationwide. Cat cafés are very popular in Japan due to no-pet policies in many apartments. If you’re ever in Tokyo, you won’t be far from a cat café; there are over 58 just in the city alone! Make reservations online here for a 2-hour visit.

Address: 中野区中野5-68-9 AKビル3F Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Café Neko

Café Neko | Photo courtesy of @natalie_gag

5. Café Neko: Vienna, Austria

The world’s first cat café opened in Vienna way back in 1912, according to local legend but closed 2 years later. Fast forward to 2012 when Café Neko, Europe’s first cat cafe, opened in Vienna. This cat café always has five adoptable cats from a local animal shelter. Fun fact: Neko is cat in Japanese.

Address: Blumenstockgasse 5, Vienna, Austria

Photo Courtesy of Cats Republic

Photo Courtesy of Cats Republic

6. Cats Republic: St. Petersburg, Russia 

Russia’s first cat café opened in 2011 and is part of the Cat Museum. Approximately 30 cats call the Cats Republic home. Each customer must apply for a “visa” which can be obtained for a small fee(around $7). With a visa in hand, you are led by the “cat ambassador” to a room filled with cats, BUT you can’t enter until everyone in the group meows three times. Make reservations online here; prices vary by day.

Address: 10 Yakubovicha St, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium | Photo courtesy of @niki_883

7. Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium: London, UK

Head to London and sip high tea with 13 cats! Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium, which opened in 2014, is the first cat café in London  and the world’s first crowd-funded cat café (£100,000 was raised). In true London fashion, this café offers a high tea session, which includes: 3 tiered plates of goodies along with an hour of playtime with their famous residents. Reservations are required, so book online here to avoid a CATastrophe.

Address: 152-154 Bethnal Green Road, London, United Kingdom

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6 thoughts on “7 purrfect cat cafés around the world”

  1. CatTown in Oakland, California is a wonderful place to visit and a great way to get to know and adopt a new friend.

  2. Cat Town in Oakland is AMAZING! and just a short distance from San Francisco. What people don’t often realize is that the café is only part of their charter. As part of their devotion to save all cats in the area, they have an entire foster program that gets shy or cats that aren’t easy to show otherwise (due to the stress of the shelter, etc.) out of the cage and into a private home where they can bloom into their own. They’ve nearly obliterated the euthanasia rate for cats at their local shelter—but there are always more coming. It’s really a remarkable organization.

  3. Omg! I’ve visited Cat Town in Oakland, and it was such a purrrfect experience, so now I’m excited to visit Lady Dinah’s in London. Cat Town has such a chill vibe, and the cute mini versions of landmarks around Oakland were just the best! I’m curious to see how cats do in a more posh setting for High Tea.

  4. The Cats Republic in St. Petersburg is a nice and warm place in the center of the city. You pay for “visa” to come to rooms with cats. Also with “visa” you get a cat’s money (“the coin”). You may order one cofee or take picture in a box or get a souvenir on this “coin”. Highly recomender to all who love cats and want to visit St.Petersburg!

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