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Parque Vacacional Eden

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Me and my fiancé arrived here on the 1st October 2017. Before arriving at our hotel we hadn't had the best experience. My fiancé had worked night shift the night before our holiday so had only had a couple hours of sleep before our journey. Our transfer coach had dropped us off at the top of the hill and we had to find the hotel ourselves using Google maps. So as you can imagine by the time we arrived we were exhausted and a bit miffed. At the reception desk we were greeted by a man named Hector who needs a few lessons in manners. For example when we requested the safe key he pushed over a piece of paper to my fiancé and said sign this NOW. okay we thought a little rude but it's okay. Next he drew us a map to show us where to go from our room. The map he drew us took us out of the hotel building and down to another building to what we were told was where room 212 would be located. Me and my fiancé travelled down to the other building (which by the way is a steep hill and we had suitcases). Upon arriving at this building we started searching for our room, but all the rooms in this building were in the 1000s and we couldn't locate our room. I stayed at the building while my fiancé went to ask at reception again whether possibly had Hector missed a number off. On his arrival at reception he was greeted by Hector with a WHAT DO YOU WANT? Not how anyone should be talked to. Again Hector told him the room was in that building so he came back and we searched again. At this point we were getting frustrated we had travelled all day, next to no sleep, it was 10.45pm, we'd spent 45 minutes searching for a room which didn't exist and we just wanted sleep. So I went back to reception to ask where this room was. I was greeted by another receptionist who seemed lovely and seemed willing to help and could see I was getting flustered. Just as he was about to help Hector came from the back room saying I TOLD YOUR BOYFRIEND WHERE IT IS COME ON I'LL SHOW YOU. So I followed him and it wasn't in the building he told us it was in at all. It was in the hotel where reception was. I showed him the map he had drew for us and he kept saying I TOLD YOU IT WAS IN HERE. If that was the case why did he watch us leave through the doors TWICE towards the other building?! Finally in our room we could relax. However I do not exaggerate when I say the walls are VERY VERY THIN. Normally when I see reviews about thin walls I don't let this bother me but I have never experienced walls so thin. Especially when you have a crying baby next door and above you for the whole week! We had breakfast included. Now breakfast isn't great but isn't bad it's pretty average. There is a large range of food for everyone however the bread for the toaster is kept in baskets out in the open and I found this a few mornings to be stale. On arrival at the hotel it would have been nice to be told where we could find the swimming pools. Me and my fiancé had to search for them. There's one located on the 5th floor and another where the other building is through the restaurant. Although the pool on the 5th floor has no signs telling you it's here. The room we were in (212) was lovely although could use some TLC. One of the doors had a crack down it, a few of the tiles in  the bathroom were cracked, we had a massive water stain under our bathroom sink where it had once been leaking before, the fridge needed a good clean as do the skirting boards. We also had a brown stain under our toilet. But it's good enough. However one day we left our bathroom towels on the floor to be replaced by the maids however on return to our room the maid had just hung the soaking towels back up so we had to use our beach towels to dry ourselves off. The hotel does offer a free bus service which comes around every hour and takes you right to the centre of town. It doesn't operate on a Sunday and only does half a day of Saturday so you'll stay fit for the week by walking up the steep hill. We left on the 8th October and our flight wasn't until later on in the day. The hotel allowed us to keep our bags in a locked room until we had to leave for our flight. I'm sorry about this being a long review. Overall we were relaxed for the week and the hotel is okay but it's pretty average I wouldn't return again. Probably due to the rude welcome we received when we first arrived. First impressions are everything after all.

Worthy of its 3 star rating on the side of the building. This hotel on top of a hill is a steep 15-20 minute walk to the beach and maybe a bit longer back up. The rooms are nice and most seem to have balconies with a lovely view out to see and the mountain. A small kitchen for self service allowing you to cook your own meals in your room. Cleaned and tidy and seem to be all in working order. The beds are comfy though if you have double beds the cleaners do seem to insist on pushing them together each day which is quite a pain when you don’t want to sleep with someone right next to you. The bathrooms are nicely cleaned out and the shower works wonders. They replace towels on the daily so you don’t have to use damp ones the next day. There is WiFi in the rooms, and throughout the hotel. At €3 a day or €18 for 7. I believe they do a 2 week deal as well. If you want WiFi and don’t want to pay for it there is a local “hall” WiFi near reception that is free to access however it is of very short range and you’ll have pay for the other one beyond the reception “hall” Drinks are interestingly non expensive from the bars. You can be paying €4-5 a drink, however it is a rather “healthy” serving (talking 2-3 measures) They don’t seem to have the staff though and you can be waiting for a good 5-10 minutes to be served while the waiter finishes cleaning/washing/sweeping. Food. The food is not inedible... it is warm, and the sooner you go to get it the warmer it is... there is a small selection of precooked dishes, sides, and salads. They do a themed cook daily. Monday was bbq fish, with 3 options of fish to choose. The desserts there are 5-6 cakes that seem lacking in flavour, 2-3 warm puddings like ricepudding, yogurt of the day, and then there’s the small ice cream pots to keep the kids happy. Oh and soup. They have one of the best leek soups I have ever eaten and that was hot (temp) Now here’s the kicker. The hotel seems to be 2 separate hotels. So if you’re the unlucky ones to be put in the main building you then get a 3min walk to their other building to get to the restaurant. The layout /plan is weird and you seem to end up walking through one building to the next to get anywhere. The pool for example is on the other side of the second building and you have to go past the restaurant and various rooms to get to it. Ah the pool it’s a nice length pool. Not oddly shaped like you’d often see in a hotel. Plus they have a roof system so it can be covered in the colder, and I’m guessing rainier seasons. There is also a “kiddy pool” about a foot deep, not covered but looks nice. And they have lifeguards on between 10-19:00 Worried about that walk to the beach..? Don’t worry they have a bus that runs down and back every hour between 7-12pm and then 4-8pm As I say. It’s a lovely hotel. And I think with a bit of planning they could do a small rearrangement and perhaps hire some more staff to maintain the shop and bars in the hotel and this would be a much improved and gain another star.

This is not the write-up that I would have posted after 24 hours at Eden Parque, we have mellowed a little. Our flight with Thompson was on time and smooth. We were not looking forward to the increased customs checks that were mentioned in the news and by the flight staff, but for some reason the path open to us in the airport terminal took us directly to baggage reclaim, we had somehow bypassed passport control, not that we were complaining. Our baggage came through quickly and the Tui rep told us that we were using a mini bus to transfer to our hotel, even more good news as we did not have to wait for a coach load of passengers. We were away smartly and had an hours trip to the hotel, arriving at 13:00, just 2 hours after landing. We were greeted by the receptionist who quickly booked us in and after giving us details of the hotel, directed us to our room on the fourth floor. On arrival we found that the maid, who spoke no English, was just starting to clean the room and after establishing that we were in the correct room and that the maid had not been told that we would be arriving. We were told to return to the reception and wait for 30 minutes. On returning to the reception, the receptionist said sorry, please wait in the lobby, he would let us know when the room was ready. We asked where we could get some water and after consideration, he went and got his opened bottle of water and two glasses. We waited the half hour, then 45 minutes and when we chased up progress, were told he was waiting for housekeeping. 15 minutes later we were told the room was ready. Not a good start for the hotel, no efficiency, no recompense. The room was clean and tidy, had good beds and an excellent shower. The balcony overlooked the hotel entrance. We looked around the hotel and grounds and found that although they were well laid out and clean, the steep road we had driven up on arrival should have been a clue as to the layout of the grounds. The hotel is built on the side of a volcano and all of the paths had varying degrees of slope, not a place for anyone who had difficulty in getting around. The path from the main block to the restaurant and swimming pool was somewhat steep, I would not have liked to push a wheelchair up it. Things did not improve at dinner, when we found that although the quality of the food was good, the presentation of it did not lead itself to keeping the food anywhere near hot. All hot meals, throughout the week were lukewarm, being displayed under lights, not heating lamps. After dinner we went to a local bar for a drink and had an early night. The breakfast next morning did not improve the situation, this was the first time that we had ever eaten cold, undercooked, fried eggs and bacon that was either overcooked or undercooked and fatty streaky. Coffee came in cups which the machine only half filled with lukewarm liquid. Again this was the case throughout our stay. Our first trip to the main swimming pool was delayed as it was not unlocked until 10:00, not even allowed to sit on the sun beds. For a hotel that was full, we never saw, in one place, any more that 20 or 30 people. Not in the restaurant, bars or at the swimming pool, in fact for the majority of the time it was down to single figures. Perhaps it was down to there being self-catering rooms, but even they would have used the amenities? As I said this write-up has been modified after the initial disappointment. As the week went by, we made use of the free bus to take us to and from the sea front, we got used to the food and never went hungry and accepted that we would never be crowded out wherever we went. The hotel primarily caters for the European market and this was borne out by hearing mainly German voices. The staff were happier speaking Spanish and German, rather than English. We came away with the feeling that the hotel could do so much better if it could keep its food hot and had entertainment that pulled customers to its bars. We did not have a bad holiday, it had been peaceful, we were rested and sun tanned. About what we wanted at the outset, but were somewhat disappointed that the hotel could have done better. All in all a holiday for those who were mobile and looking for a peaceful time.

Lovely hotel. Spent a week in hotel Eden (bed and breakfast). Lots of choice to choose from in breakfast buffet, I'm vegetarian and there was enough options for me too. Went last week and weather was lovely and hot. Even though the rooms don't have air con this didn't seem to bother us one bit. We had a studio with balcony which was very spacious. There's a free shuttle bus to get down to the town centre but we didn't mind making the 20 minute or so walk if it wasn't too hot. Couldn't fault it, me and my partner had a wonderful time. I didn't want to come home.

We travelled as a couple - the room was more than we expected (it was an apartment with kitchen too), and there was three pools (including one nudist) and a big selection of food at breakfast. The only downside was the position (at the top of a hill), but that's not their fault! It was well worth the price, and we would recommend to anyone who's looking for a good, budget place.

Good points: The staff have been very welcoming, the room was spacious, the kitchenette was a great bonus, and the choice of food for breakfast has been amazing. The room I stayed in had some lovely views (albeit a little obscured by the tree growing right outside the balcony). Bad points: When there was high wind, the sliding door leading to the balcony rattled when it was fully closed, so that I had to slide it open by an inch or so to stop the noise, which was loud enough to stop me from falling asleep. As my room faced the main pathway leading to the reception, there was a lot of noise both from the other guests and from traffic coming to and from the hotel (e.g. buses, taxis and other cars, and the rubbish/recycling trucks, the latter coming to be just outside the hotel), and as the weather was hot, it was almost impossible to sleep without the windows being open. Other notes: I felt that that some of the decor, mainly the walls in the room, could have done with a fresh lick of paint, as some parts where the walls met the ceiling had some different shade of white applied to them. There were also only two main power sockets in the room (the third one being used by TV); there were also one socket in the kitchenette, and one in the bathroom, but I wasn't comfortable charging any of my electronics in those two places with such close proximity to water. It seems like a solo traveler like myself should be happy with just two sockets as that should be plenty, but when one has so many gadgets (phone, tablet, camera with rechargeable batteries, etc) and many of which run out of juice almost at the same time, it's no fun ;) (Or am I just being too picky here?) The hotel is also situated on a rather steep hill, so if you're not up for walking up in the heat, and then having buckets of sweat pouring off of you, take the free shuttle bus or a taxi (which wasn't that expensive, at 4 euros most). There is a tiny shop about 4 minutes away at most, which will provide the most basic things (e.g. water)

Our stay at Parque Vacacional was very pleasant. We had a lovely apartment with sea view and the beautiful garden. We liked the swimming pool. The breakfast was good with enough variety. Parking our car was no problem with the private car park. It was very convenient to have shuttle service into town. The staff was very friendly and helpful.

We booked this holiday as a late deal and it has been brilliant. Right from the moment we arrived, the hotel has been welcoming, pleasant and helpful. We arrived late in the evening and we were sent a meal to our room, which was lovely, there was also a bottle of wine waiting for us too as we were celebrating our anniversary. A great surprise and a nice touch. We were staying in a 1 bedroom apartment, right near to one of the pools which was ideal. The room is incredibly spacious and has everything that you need for a week´s stay. We didn´t actually cook in the room as we were half-board and were out in the daytime. The food is very good and there is plenty of choice for all tastes. All the waiting staff are friendly and helpful, special thanks goes to Pilar who was always smiling and happy and enhanced our stay. The hill is steep from the hotel to the town but there is a regular shuttle bus, although we didn´t use this as we prefer to walk. The town itself is pretty and plenty of shops, bars and cafe´s. We went on a trip - Teide by night - which was brilliant, so interesting and picturesque and Tania made the whole time amazing with her vibrancy, knowledge and humour. Overall, we have had a fabulous time, really enjoyed it and a big thanks to everyone.

Still in the hotel at the moment, I am very pleased to say , that everything about the hotel , is excellent , clean airy bright and modern room , in excellent condition , we are on the half board option , and have found the food to be first class and , dining experience is also enhanced by the friendly and helpful dining room staff , as mentioned in the hotel description the hotel is a bit removed from Puerto de la Cruz , but the free bus service to and form the hotel is very reliable, and taxis readily available , at a reasonable cost , public areas are also clean bright airy an,d well maintained, the gardens have to be seen to be believed, as stated the hotel does not enjoy air conditioning, but we have not had a problem with this,all in all a goo d place to stay

We're a family of 4 and we've just returned from 2 weeks at Parque Vacacional Eden - definitely to be recommended for peace and quiet. There's very little noise, no large groups of people, no loud music and the grounds and pools are calm and tranquil. On the subject of the grounds, Eden are rightly proud of their beautiful surroundings. Sooo. Details... The hotel is two separate buildings. Maybe there was an original Eden next to another hotel that went bust and they joined up? Who knows? We didn't ask. We were in the "other" building and you reach the "main" building via a bridge across what looks to be a dried up river bed. We think we were in our building because we were self-catering. The main building is presumably just hotel rooms without a kitchenette. We had the kitchenette. More of that later! Also the restaurant was in our building so every one that was half board or full board came over to our building for their meals. With the reception being in the "main" building it's where where we checked in when we first arrived and then had to drive a convoluted route to find the car park to "our" building. A bit of a faff when we'd been travelling for what seemed like all day and only arrived at about midnight. But what can you do - that's the set up. It's not far to walk to the other building but just a bit of a way when you're driving round the streets. Please note that I don't want this to be a negative review in any way shape or form - it's just the way it's set up. We walked into our room and it's bigger than expected. The bathroom is by the door as you go in and you walk down a little corridor to the main room. Spacious. Nice big bed and a pullout sofa for the kids. TV with some English channels but you need to give a €10 deposit to get a remote control (don't forget to go back at the end of your holiday - how many people must just leave the remote in their rooms and forfeit their €10?). With the bathroom being down the corridor the whole room feels a lot bigger than it is. Then there's the kitchen. Limited kit. They don't want you to be preparing and cooking every meal in the kitchen do they? They want you to spend money in their restaurant. We did prepare every meal though! We were on a budget. We did breakfast, prepared lunchtime sandwiches or rolls and also every evening meal - bar one - in the little kitchen. The only sharp knife I had was a bread knife. We asked for another but they wouldn't give us one so I calculated that I prepared 3 meals a day for 4 people for 14 days (168 (minus one, see below) with just a bread knife) You don't even get a wooden spoon! The only meal that we didn't cook there was when our hob failed. They kindly let us eat downstairs at the restaurant for free (we had to pay for drinks). Great food and we made the most of it as you would expect. They replaced the hob by about 10 the next morning. They were very quick and responsive. No complaints. Any minor niggles we had and there was a handyman/technician with us within 10 minutes. Points to note:- Visit Siam Park (see separate reviews). It's great but a bit of a drive from Puerto de la Cruz. Visit the Lago Martianez (see separate reviews) Go to Lidl if you are self catering and you have a car. 10 minute drive by car. Cheap as chips. Lizards - loads of them in the grounds and all over the island. Harmless, don't be scared. There were goats, randomly, wandering about on the hill opposite our room. We only saw them once but the hill must be on one of their grazing paths. Wi-fi is free in the lobby of the main building. You don't need your passport number even though the log-in screen asks for it. Just put in 12345 etc. Pool in "our" building was fine. Clean and tidy with salty and not chlorinated water. You're not allowed floats or airbeds and I wonder if this is the reason why it never got busy. I went to the pool in the other building (not the nudie one!) for a look and it was also very quiet. There is a bit of "them and us" which is only to be expected I guess. We weren't in the building with the reception and we also didn't go down to the restaurant so we didn't really get to know when there was entertainment on for example. My wife and I were happy sitting on the balcony anyway. All in all a great family holiday and a lovely destination if you want peace and quiet and tranquility. It's not Los Cristianos or Las Americas - go there if you want the clubs and bars, noise and music.

Calle Francia 8 Puerto de la Cruz Tenerife

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • 4 outdoor pools

Parque Vacacional Eden places you within a leisurely stroll of Sitio Litre Garden and Centro de las Orquideas. This 224-room, 4-star apartment welcomes guests with 4 outdoor pools, a restaurant, and free self parking. Las Piramides de Martianez Shopping Center and Taoro Park are also a short walk from this Puerto de la Cruz apartment.


Start each morning with buffet breakfast, available for a fee from 7 AM to 10 AM. Grab a bite to eat at the onsite restaurant or get an energy boost at the 2 coffee shops/cafés.


The 224 apartments feature kitchens and balconies. TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with WiFi. In-room massages are available, and other amenities include safes and desks.

Property features

Guests staying at Parque Vacacional Eden enjoy access to 4 outdoor pools, a children's pool, and a sauna. You can take advantage of free parking, along with a free area shuttle. Multilingual staff at the front desk are standing by 24/7 to help with dry cleaning/laundry, concierge services, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this family-friendly apartment include an outdoor tennis court, a rooftop terrace, and free WiFi in public areas.

Room options

Apartment, 1 Bedroom

Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

Superior Studio

Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

Apartment, Connecting Rooms

Twin 2 | Sleeps 6

Apartment (Esplanade)

Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

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