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H10 Conquistador

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

I booked a stay at the H10 for my wife’s birthday treat after a friend of mine gave it good reports. Looking at the website it offered an upgrade to privilege and it appeared well worth the money. I booked without hesitation and looked forward to the stay. When we arrived the hotel reception was extremely busy but I spotted a separate desk specifically for privilege guests. We sat in the comfortable seats and were instantly greeted by a very welcoming member of staff. He quickly checked us in and arranged refreshments whilst he informed us of the hotels features. We went up to the exclusive floor 6 and proceeded to the privilege lounge which was very impressive. It led out to a brilliant sun deck with ample comfortable loungers, day beds and a large jacuzzi. The views out to sea were incredible. Whilst we were looking around he pointed out the end room on the floor and said “thats the best room in our hotel” followed by “it’s your room”. We could not wait to see it. When we worked our way around to it and entered the room it was breathtaking and my wife was lost for words. The balcony was spacious, had its own jacuzzi, luxurious loungers, a three piece patio suite and additional tables and chairs. It felt like you could walk out into the sea it was that close. The room. A super king size bed, a walk in dressing area and a luxurious bathroom. The rest of the stay was all set up from that moment. Every member of staff was so polite and helpful, they could not do enough for you. I had 5 amazing days at the H10 and didn’t want to leave. However, I will definitely book again and upgrade to the privilege floor. Don’t hesitate now and get booked up, maybe you could strike lucky and drop on the suite too.

My family & I celebrated my 60th & my daughters 30th birthday in Playas de las Americas where we stayed at the H10 Conquistador (many of our friends have been here over the years & were delighted to recommend it). My daughter advised the manager before our arrival that it was to be my 60th birthday during the holiday & upon arrival the whole family were advised that we had been upgraded to a balcony room overlooking the pool & views to the sea - fantastic !! On the day of my birthday a bottle of champagne was left in our room , which we consumed with our family before we went for a family meal. The hotel restaurant food was without exception wonderful - so many choices , great chefs & staff. I especially love bacon & sausage for my brekkie & to my delight they were just like our English product (unlike what we get in Spain) - so full marks for that attention to detail ! So many lovely freshly cooked dishes - we were totally spoilt. Everything was super clean in the restaurant, pool & rooms (our cleaners were second to none). The staff were all marvellous & very attentive - special thanks go to the charming manager Tobias Bossecker for making our stay so memorable. PS we also enjoyed the live entertainment in the afternoon & evening - well done all the staff. We look forward to seeing you all again very soon - Cheers - Derek & Jenny Morton , Clare & James Morton , Elizabeth Morton & Sean Mclellan

H10 Conquistador Day 1 Thursday: It was our 1st wedding anniversary, and after a bust year we decided to take a holiday and head to Tenerife. Our friend suggested staying in H10, as they have stay a few times and love the place, so we went with that and opted for the “privilege” package. We arrived at around 12:3pm. Once the girl behind the desk saw we were on the privilege package, special treatment took place. First, we were offered a drink – absolutely anything we wanted. Nice start. Kunal (Who is awesome) greeted us and took us through all the various aspects and I have to say both my husband and I took to him straight (Might I Add at this point – if you need a pair on Men’s leather shoes, loafers or moccasins speak to Kunal – We got 2 pairs and for real leather, the price was very much right!) We got a guided tour booked in our first 3 meals, Italian, Steakhouse & Sushi (not all in one night) and went to our room to settle in. It was incredibly warm out – so when we took a stroll around 3pm down one of the main shopping streets, we should have known better on day one to walk so far. Swollen and blistered feet due to tight shoes on Irish feet not use to warm weather, not a great Idea! We got back to the hotel showed and changed and made our way to dinner. Now may I stop this story and add a filler! In H10 all men must wear full length pants and a shirt in the restaurants. My fella had brought a pair of black trousers BUT realised to late he brought the wrong ones – these did not fit. Down we went, him in his shorts and it is a solid rule. Kudos to the manager, he went to get a pair of trousers for my fella. Unfortunately, they were too small, but we loved that they tried. We strolled across the street to the “Mango” shop in search of pant (and in fact, also shoes!) No joy in Mango – and the few 3 or 4 shops just didn’t supply big enough sizes (And they weren’t cheap either) Eventually near the Hard Rock Café we found the Levi shop and managed to get a pair of Black pants. We got back to the hotel eager not to miss dinner (anywhere) and I though we’ll chance our arm and try the Italian again. It’s reservation only and now we were over an hour late because we lacked “pants”. Our chance paid off and we got a table outside to enjoy. There was a 5-piece male group singing on stage across from us – Gospel themed (Thought it was more Motown and pop than Gospel) but we enjoyed it all the same. The Italian restaurants menu was ok. Basic enough. From all the reviews I had read I really was expecting something exciting. Both my husband and I are gastrophiles (yes, we made that word up!) We know and enjoy our food (Just look at us!) and Italian food is one of my favourites. In fact, this hotel was boasting 2 particular restaurants that appealed to our pallet. Sushi and Italian! I had a mozzarella and tomato salad to start followed by a spinach tagelltelie with a mushroom sauce and finished with a limoncello sorbet. The only issue I had was lack of seasoning. It was tasteless really. The portion size was good and you wouldn’t be hungry after your meal. The sorbet was very creamy, inside of Icey! So I couldn’t finish it. The entertainment that evening was a Gospel Show. 5 guys on stage singing to backing tracks. Being a Gospel choir director, I can tell you now it wasn’t even close to Gospel with the exception of Oh Happy Day! But we sang along and enjoyed the evening. Day 2 Friday: This was really our first day here & we did absolutely nothing! We had breakfast in the Italian instead of the buffet. Only Privilege punters can use it. We had the Full English. The service was quick and efficient my only gripe was that everything was saturated with oil. We lay in the Sun in the privilege deck on a round lounger big enough for the 2 of us. When it became too hot we headed inside and continued our reading. It was lovely having the freedom to have whatever you wanted to drink and share in the delights of the fruits of pastries. We moved from there to the Pool side and relaxed. That pretty much summed up the whole day. We missed lunch by 20 minutes! It had finished up by 3pm – so we waited till dinner to eat which was no harm. We ate in the Steakhouse that evening. I had a Caesar salad, Veal steak & lemon pie. Himself had the Chicken wings, Ribs and the Tiramisu. Everything was tasty we were just a little disappointed that there no salads or veg on the side. It lacked atmosphere in the restaurant to. No music & a got the sense that event though it was early in the evening the staff waited on you so fast that we needed to leave quick! In saying that everyone was friendly and efficient. The entertainment that night was another 5-piece group, 2 keyboards and 3 singers. Supposedly a Salsa night – very little salsa! Much like the night before we sang along and enjoyed it. It was lovely to see some people get up and dance. Day 3 Saturday: Today started much the same as yesterday We had breakfast in the Italian again and this time I had the omelette and Himself had a the Casiltan Breakfast. Mine was really lovely. The Casiltan Breakfast was meats and cheeses & he had a fruit plate as well. Today after a while up on deck 6 we headed to the Spa. It was an over cast; cooler day so didn’t feel so bad doing something in doors. The spa was absolutely lovely and lots of variety of pools and showers. We left in good time to enjoy a light lunch at the buffet. After lunch, Given that the day was cooler we decided to change and head off on a stroll. We browsed the stores and picked up a few things. Such wonderful variety of shops and the place is spotlessly clean! We stopped by the Monkey Bar and had a few drinks. There are 3 restaurants there and we were very enticed to come back to taste what they had to offer at some stage! We walked along the front by the sea till we were in front of the hotel. Such wonderful views and a lovely promenade that stretches for miles. Tonight was sushi night and we were looking forward to this! We eat a lot of sushi at home so had great expectations for this. The entrance to the restaurant is very enticing and give a sense that they know what they are doing. So here we go: As we were led to our seats, before I sat down, a scatter of spiders fled the area… I am not a spider person. The waiter caught one with his clip board a mentioned the place had be fumigated the day before. I was unsettled from the start. The menu was a set menu where the chef cooks most of it in front of you. Disappointed #1, the fish is frozen. Sushi is at it’s best when it’s fresh fish. The variety was disappointing. Basic tuna mostly and one piece of salmon & one small piece with both tuna and cream cheese that wasn’t great. This was followed but one of 2 soups, chicken and coconut or miso with tofu. I had the chicken and it was delicious. I opted for the tuna steak and Himself the salmon for the first fish main. It was cooked in front of us and flambéed giving that “entertainment” effect. At our table we had French, Italian, German, Irish and English & it was obvious that many had never had sushi before. I felt sorry for them as this was not a good “first” experience of sushi at all. The chef had mistaken the order and had 9 pieces of salmon on and 2 pieces of tuna to realize it should have been the other way round. So, he started again but we were dismayed at the waste of fish (Even though it had been frozen) I would have changed my order if it meant not wasting so much! As he served he then noticed he was short 1 piece of Tuna, and because I like my fish rare (If cooked at all) I told him I would take that one. He seared it for me and because there was no onions left other that the one crisping up on the top plate – I insisted he give me that… it was in fact really tasty! This course was followed by a mandrian sorbet and then the mat option, Chicken tereakye or Beef. I decided to request more sushi instead of meat as that is really the reason I was there! So I was served another plate much like the first one though no variety at all just Tuna sushi. I got extra seaweed salad which I love and ginger. We had an option of flambeed ice-cream or crepe. I ordered the crepe but with the ice-cream on mine so basic all that was on my plate was a small fist sized crepe with exotic cream on the side. The waiters and chef were lovely but it was very clear that really this is not a well-seasoned sushi restaurant at all. You can dress a place up to look the part but it will always be down the food. We had hoped that if it was a good experience that we would eat there more than once but alas no. The only experience you get there is a frozen sushi lacking creativity and conviction. There is no a La Carte menu to dine separately so really you only get the one option. We left disappointed. Day 4 Sunday: Just as the other day gone before, rest, relax read etc. We decided to go for the Buffet Breakfast this morning and were pleasantly surprised. Great variety, plenty to choose from and plenty of space. Also a great place to people watch! You can have champagne with your breakfast if you want! We went to the bar for coffee, to read and do crosswords and when we felt the need to move we head to Deck 6 to relax. It was a hot day and I was conscience not to get burnt. I was gutted getting to the end of my book as it was so good and didn’t much feel like starting another as I was grieving the loss of a story line (9 books later) that had come to an end. I Love a great story line that continues for many books. We met some lovely people from Belfast and got into conversation with them in the hot tub which was lovely. After a while we got in out of the hot sun and snoozed, showered and freshened up for dinner. Tonight we headed to the buffet which was having a Mexican themed night. SO MUCH FOOD! So much to choose from it really is amazing and plenty for people not wanting the Mexican delights. It was really lovely. Entertainment tonight was “Arabian Nights” a dance show. Belly dancing and a bit of Aladdin thrown in for good measure. Day 5 Monday: Holiday routine down! We started much the same as every other day. We had breakfast in the Italian again, I had the omelette again as it was so good and Himself had some poached eggs and bacon. We spent time in the privilege lounge, I spent time writing and Himself did the crossword & continued writing his book. We strolled across the road to book a restaurant for dinner for Tuesday 31st for our first anniversary then stopped into a tours and excursions shop to plan for the next few days. We took all the brochures and sat and had a drink in the bar area and made our choices. We booked and paid for everything. Next few days would be less relax and more adventure!! We decided to eat in the Oriental Monkey just up from the Hard Rock Café this evening. WOW is all I can say. The food, service – everything was super! Sushi was amazing. We were very full after it. We shared the classic sushi platter and the premium (More modern concept of sushi) and had a portion of Dumplings as well. It was all divine. Early night for us as we have an early start!! Day 6 Tuesday: The Island Tour: Teide, Icod, Garachio, Masca. Early buffet breakfast – small really as I was still full after the dinner the night before. The bus picked us up out the Best Hotel (Yes that’s the name of the actual hotel! LOL) Small mini bus with people from England, Germany, France and Spain. Jacob was our tour guide. I was amazed by his language skills. He did the tour in 4 languages & he himself is from Holland. He was a super character (And like myself loved New York) The entire trip was fabulous, a must do. Winding roads up and down mountains and the volcano, quaint towns, and the Drago tree – which I was so enraptured by – banana trees are everywhere, but the views. I’ve never seen so much beauty 6000ft up a mountain – it was spectacular. When we got back to our hotel we caught the sunset just on time to click our glasses and marvel how fast the 1st year went. We got ourselves ready and headed to Garibaldi’s for dinner. Such a wonderful Feast, Lobster soup, avocado and King prawns, Fillet of steak & Pork – sauces and spuds galore. The Piano man sang our requests and when we were finished we returned to the hotel for what was meant to be a Halloween party. Not much of a party to be honest. It finished little after 12am even though it was meant to carry on till half twelve. It’s such a shame. There was a lovely gang of people and the chap playing piano and singing just finished up and walked away. I sang a few songs myself but it’s not like being back home where everyone loves a singsong. It’s a pity. Day 7 Wednesday: Glass bottom Boat tour: Back to the Italian, I had the omelette again as it was so good and Himself had some poached eggs and Salmon. This afternoon we took a 4 and a half hour boat trip with lunch up the coast it was great. We saw Pilot Whales & a family of dolphins! One thing I should have done was brought something warm to wear because as the sun set and the boat returned it got very cold. We ate in the Italian for dinner in H10, the meal was lovely. I had the tomato soup which was gorgeous & the veggie pizza which was also fab. Their pizza’s are very good and a good size. Be hungry! Day 8 Thursday: This would be the last day to laze about because we had a full day planned for tomorrow, so we relaxed for the most part. That evening we went to the Medieval Adventures Which was super fun and so incredible to watch. You get a tasteless soup but the spuds and chicken is very tasty and as much wine as you want (Careful it’s cheap enough so a hangover will follow if not careful!) Day 9 Friday: Loro Parque: A day at the zoo! 1.5 hours on the bus but Such a fantastic place – Seal lion, dolphin and orca whale show were just fabulous. And the bird show equally good. They are wonderful aquariums, penguins and all sorts to enjoy visiting. Highly recommend it! When we got back we had our last meal in the steakhouse – good old fashion burger and chips which did the job. It was an evening of packing up as we were leaving early. We had a wonderful holiday and we could have done with a few more days.

I travelled here with my son at 18 months and partner the hotel itself is lovely and clean same goes for the rooms very clean much on the small side would be ok for 2 adults but as you can imagine with a 18 month old pram and everything you have to bring and the cot takes up most of the room so very hard to get 3 people ready in without tripping over eachother we went all inclusive food was ok you get a choice of eating in the 3 restaurants once on your stay we went to the steak house was just the same as most burger/ steak places the Italian was lovely I would recommend there staff in there where lovely we arrived on a Friday just as the entertainment was coming on we got to watch some of it and was great with firework display the rest of the week was nothing but a disappointment very very boring overall the hotel itself is lovely and clean food ok and edible but would not pay the amount we did I have stayed in lots of diffent hotels in las Americas at much cheaper price and would say my experience at them where overall better than here kids pool was also a nightmare with beds crammed into eachother no space atoll and the bar is right next to this the layout for kids is terrible!!

Stayed here for 5th time last week. Really love the location of this hotel. Good food, helpful staff, nice spa etc. Excellent rock band for entertainment was most welcome!! Thoroughly enjoyed them!!! Great change from the usual acts. Only a few minor faults .... 1. The sun beds are a bit too close together since our last visit (new beds but seem to be more of them now and a bit crowded) 2. Having to queue a bit longer at new layout of the pool bar. 3. Bathrooms and toilets could do with upgrading.

The hotel was clean and staff very friendly and helpful. My wife and I were privileged all inclusive guests which enhanced our stay. Pool, spar and other facilities very good with plenty of sun beds. All restaurants were very good, and although we were privilege all inclusive, we enjoyed a number of meals at the buffet restaurant. Sorry buffet restaurant did not have sushi on at lunchtime. I have enjoyed Japanese meals in a number of resorts and this one is up there with the best. Rooms were on the small side and another bar would have been great. Special thanks to Evelyn for her help during our stay.

Helpful service on arrival with luggage taken to our room as soon as we were checked in. All staff courteous and helpful. The room was clean and kept so all through the stay. The sea-view was appreciated even though it was not requested. The food was good but often certain items, particularly soups, were not kept warm. Restaurant was always clean and the waiting-on staff were efficient and friendly.

We have exellant hollydays good food fantastic wether The pool and garden is werry cleand. Rodolfo Luis Lety Ramón staff are lovely and I will give them 5 star. The service here in hotel are perfect and I will odcourse xome back

Breakfast is perfect , lunch wonderfull and dinner perfect. Privilege have amazing wiew and peefect rooms and privilege staff is amazing. Rodolfo, Luis, Lety, Ranon and amazing man Kunell are perfect staff they do everything for you so they got a five star for perfect service.

We had exellant hollydays good Food and fantastic wether. The pool and garden is wery cleen and the balacan of the priveleg ís exellant. The brecfast very good and survice nice specialy Rodolfo. Luis. Lety. Rann. and helpful I will recoment this hótel to my friends.

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