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Verginia Sharm Resort

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

For the price I had paid, it's a very nice place to accommodate . Staff were helpful, room was good, but they have only a problem with the plumbing, the tap hot water wasn't clear enough. I stayed with my wife and 6 months son. Many thanks for Front office night shift.

My stay at this hotel for three weeks was as always amazing. Since being there they have done a beautiful refurbishment and the whole place looks even better. Sadly there were not a lot of people there due to the cancellation of flights from so many countries, but we were still able to have a fantastic time. As ever the GM made sure that everything was correct and that our stay was fantastic. We arrived past midnight tired and hungry and were immediately served a wonderful meal. The entertainment team, headed by Samara was as usual brilliant, they make it all such fun. I would really recommend this hotel to anyone. I will be booking to go again next year. They are such a family hotel that it feels like a second home. So look forward to getting back there. Thank you all for such a great time.

Disgraceful management, security, food, drinks and cleaning. My boyfriend and I booked a 14 night stay at this hotel but left after three nights. The hotel is extremely dirty. Our room hadn't been cleaned for a very long time. Staff were extremely inappropriate and took photographs of me in my bikini, and wolf whistled at me whilst I was holding my boyfriends hand. I was approached by two waiters who asked extremely inappropriate questions as soon as my boyfriend left my side. It was really intimidating. Whilst sunbathing, the pool attendant asked me to move to another side of the pool with all of the other British people as I was in the 'Russian zone'. I declined the offer, but he insisted and moved my belongings. I was wearing a bikini, but we were all sharing the same pool, so my proximity on a sun lounger was irrelevant. There were bugs in the restaurant buffet, and guests tasted food from the serving spoons before putting them back into the dishes. I noticed waiters picking up chips from the floor, and putting them back into the buffet. It was laughably terrible. We were given a room with two single beds, the air con didn't work and the lock on the bedroom door was broken. Despite making staff including the hotel manager aware of the issues... none of the issues were rectified, and we spent three nights in a single bed (as the lock on the door was broken, I was too scared to sleep on my own). The all inclusive bar ran out of alcohol! There really aren't any positive points to this hotel! We paid extra and moved to another hotel. Don't do it...

Lets start with the bad points The Managment!!!! The staff there are fantastic but seem to be held back by the so called managment. Our 1st night we got there late and was very hungry so we checked in went to room then went to have dinner. A lot of people have said how poor the food is and the first night i would agree as it was just slopp. It did get better tho after that but its the same food every night (dont forget its a hotel for russians so its there type of food) The 2nd night the Main hotel manager came over to us and was very friendly and even brought our drinks over to us and had a long chat with us and said he was on holiday as from the wednesday. After he went not one of the other managment team so much as said hi to us which the staff picked up on and even apologised for it. The rooms are a little dated but nice the whole pool area was top notch the day entertament team were brilliant. The best staff however was down in the restaurant and our waiter Faeky a great guy and really did go the extra mile to help us, Even the chef came out and had a laugh with us. One of our party had a birthday while we was there and what the guys did for us was fantastic they went to town on the table and looked great, They brought a cake out and all the chefs and waiters came over and sung to us, If only those guys were part of the managment team. I for one will never forget this place and the people i met Faeky the waiter,Sayed (the guy from the hotels shop) who done a lot for us the chef guy cant think of his name , Mo the pool guy , The room guy and finally the bar man . Would not give this hotel 4 stars its a good 3 star place with 5 star staff. If the managment get sorted this place could be brilliant. If you need wifi go into the corner by the pool table and in the everning you can pick up wifi from the pub next door( 626 pub is a must visit). So please ignore bad comments about this hotel it is what you make of it and we loved it .

We arrived at the Verginia Sharm late in the evening and honestly didn't expect any food to be available but they sent room service up to us free of charge, the rooms are a bit dated but are cleaned every day the staff all work hard to maintain this hotel and I honestly think it's acceptable as a place too sleep and refresh. The pool area is well maintained and the pool boy Mohammed is great with the guest he is always on hand to help even brings you drinks while you chill, only problem round the pool is the constant daily miver from the spa staff, one is a English woman who quite frankly looks like she could do with a good wash, and the Egyptian man who gets a bit rude when you refuse their services. The dining area is clean and the staff are really helpful, my daughter had her birthday while we were there and they made her a lovely cake and sang happy birthday making a big fuss of her. The food itself is probably not to everyone's taste, there isn't a lot of meat on offer, lots of salad and pastry, although there are fresh eggs made by the chef every morning and bbq in the evenings, overall the hotel is clean and I really couldn't fault the staff, we booked all our trips through Hany in the reception area lovely man took us to the beach in his own car a few times and to the water park. I would stay here again without a doubt.

the pictures for this place are outdated and at my cost i went there but advise any english plz do not stay here. the place is full of russians and the food service and food on offer is very very poor. the rooms were filthy with stained bed sheets and pubic hair all over the shower cubicle. we requested clean sheets and when the cleaner came to the room all he did was flip the sheets over. the sheets contained what looked like various bodily fluids and were very dirty. are patio area was filthy but u couldn't sit out there if u wanted as there was no furniture to sit on, we arrived after 6pm so it was dark and had to also ask for light bulbs to be put in so we could actually see the room and patio areas. there is also a foul smell of what to me smelt like sewers.

First time for us in Sharm,as everyone does we read up on here for our tips....everyone's says go outside for ur trips so we did the same....what a shambles..ok yes it was cheaper but so unorganised..we had all nationailtys screaming on the boat..we where told everything was included...that was a lie...the food was disgusting...we even saw them use the same clothes to clean the no surprise we where very Ill the next day.even though we never went to the meeting we called our Med hotels rep ALi....he was very kind and professional,gave us the information we needed and arrange to see us later that day to make sure we where ok.true to his word he came to the hotel to see us.......we where so impressed with the service he gave us we decided to give his trips ago..omg what a difference.....firstly on time with a professional guide,the boat was clean and the food amazing..the best thing was Ali never lied and everything he said happened...we had a fab time...thanks Ali you went beyond the call of dutie

Don't go to this hotel the night we got to the hotel my husband phones up reception about some bottle water and got told plenty of water in the bathroom for you to drink when we got told not to drink the water. In the morning we went for breakfast a nice waiter got us some drinks and got us some bread to make toast, you could have eggs as well, but the rest of the food was for the Egyptians which I would not feed to my dogs.dinner was always pizza and chips or pasta one day we got burgers because the Egyptians had gone home. Tea was not that bad but it was like feeding time at the zoo the Egyptians was pushing you out of the way by about the 5th day we could not take it anymore so we found this nice English pub down the road and we went for tea nearly ever night always bumped into someone else from the hotel everyone felt the same. The rooms are not that bad, the pool was good and towels was always put on the sunbeds the only problem was the Egyptians took over we had are own area away from them we said it was English only area. Free bus to names bay was ok took you at 2015 hours and came back for you at 2145 which was good but if you missed it a taxi was cheap. The WiFi did not work but the pub next door which was part of the hotel had free WiFi just had to pay for your drinks which was better then the drinks at the hotel, trying to get a drink at the hotel was a nightmare. I have never wanted to come home after about 3 days from a holiday but when you get talking to other people everyone was the same when someone was going home we all said they was lucky to be going home.

Dirty, Food uneatable, Generally not nice. Hot and stuffy, air con in reception doesnt work. Bar closes at 10am every night. Advertises snacks available at the bar, was not told by barman to buy them. Staff not helpfull at all. Hotel smells of local sewer.

The food The food at breakfast for English people is omlette and begging for bread as they hide it from the Egyptians, you can ask for fried eggs at the omlette station and they will cook it for you. 7 a.m till Lunch Pizza chips and one or two meats which is portion controlled, plus salad bar left over from breakfast, burgers available at lunch time from the omlette station, plenty of cake choices. This meal time is the most pleasant as the Egyptians are only half board so you can have a hassle free lunch time (see feeding time).. Top tip take a mug for tea and coffee as most tea cups are either chipped or scarce. Evening Meal ( we called Feeding time) This is the most disorganised primarily due to the hotel ... We only ate 3 times at night as there is no queueing system it is all for one and one for all .. You will be pushed shoved and lent over by the half boarders who havnt eaten since breakfast . However the all inclusive Russians also have no concept of queueing as they believe in getting past you at all costs. The food we had was adequate at best you will not starve but be prepared for the odd bruise and your sanity disappearing. Cake selection available very similar as lunch time and previous evenings. The hotel allow the English in the dining area (battle field)15 minutes early to which the Egyptians ignore and to be honest I don't blame them. The hotels in this regard course their own issues making the Egyptians feel inferior causing resentment towards the English. However acknowledgment during the day a hello or nod of the head goes a long way. I found the Egyptian mostly Muslims even with a language barrier appreciate the attempt to converse and say hello, I had no issues and can only say good words about these people their culture is get your plate ready and fill it they will get their food in any way they can whether this is their culture I do not know .. My ignorance not theirs. CLEANLINESS Whoever gives this hotel a 2+ is beyond me ..beds are clean everyday other than that knock yourselves out to find any other positive. It is run down grime is mopped with grime I will say I slept well due to this. Grime mouldy bathroom look behind the door if you have the stomach. Restaurant tables wiped off with place mats then mats turned over to be re-used. They hose the pool area yeah right we left an empty can of pop by mistake went to move it the next day but we decided to leave it guess what it also had a weeks holiday with us (I miss that can we became quite attached) it was in clear view and not hidden ashtrays are emptied in the English section yes the hotel staff like segregation at every opportunity. I am surprised the Egyptian holiday makers actually acknowledged us. Swim up pool bar the mood of your day will be decided by the mood of mahamid (sorry if spelt wrong) he can be moody nasty and abrupt tip him you may find him ok at best for a few hours he goes missing for long periods as they have no set breaks and work 13 hrs plus whilst not having any cover for breaks you will not get served he has worked months without anydays off. You will notice men walking about with books phones they will not serve you whilst he is missing they are there to watch you. They are all over the place not for any other reason but to oversea the hotels interests once you notice them they become an irritant and I have been to some dodgy places but they do make you feel uneasy. Dodgy dealings are a constant with money being pocketed by the back hand method, they run this hotel make no mistake about it, we were informed even the staff hate them they was described to me as mafia Egyptian style. I could go on but all I will say the English people there are trying to escape I like to give a fair honest view but everyone we spoke too wanted out, families in their first few days of a fortnights holiday were doing their best to enjoy themselves but where counting down to coming home.. I did a week and I think "make the best of it" but by the end of the week I was becoming irritated and stressed as you have to fight for everything. Staff do their best when not overworked and tired to do what you ask within their power. Top tips 1. Don't book here 2. If you ignore number 1 the coffee tray is excellent value at £10 3. Free bus to the beach the coral beach has approximately 150 steps to get down to it once there there are flea infested sunbeds in 200 yards space crammed very close together these are free but you are stuck within this space with people (not the cleanest will continually harrass you for massage you or to buy shoes we lasted 20 minutes and got a taxi back. 4. Sunbeds at the pool are very good tip the towel man first day and he will place your towels ready for you everyday and reserve your beds for you even making your towels into pretty designs from time to time 5. Tip Farah waiter in restaurant he will get your drinks for you and will bring fresh fruit daily for you at your table usually oranges. 6. In this hotel if you don't ask you don't get but if they can they will do their best 7.THIS IS A TWO STAR HOTEL AT BEST IF YOU ARE PREPARED FOR THAT ALL IS GOOD 8. Drinks outside the bar cost approximately £3.50/ £4 a bottle of Stella import the Egyptian bottle is about £2/£3 9. Eating out is on par with England for prices beer and spirits a little more expensive 10. Hotel WIFi inadequate you can't receive it in your room pop next door to the 626 bar have a drink it is free. However it's dark and dingy with settes with spring sticking out but these lads who run it will help you with anything. Advice and any hassle they will move people away (this bar is part of the hotel but it is not confirmed by them) safe and air con at hotel 12. Going to egypt don't bother with transfers you can get a taxi that's a 20 min drive for £7 and that was for 4 of us .... Haggle with the drivers vigorously as they will charge you top dollar if you let them 13. Exchange rate better in Egypt than here by approximately 20℅ 14.In all honesty avoid this hotel

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