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Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

4.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We took our grown children for New Years and had a magnificent time despite my wife getting ill. We were in building 3 on the top floor with a corner suite. It was perfect for our party of four. The vista and the resort are beautiful and the food is superb but it's the staff that makes all the difference. We were recognized and warmly welcomed by David, the best bartender in the world and a great hugger. The Casa Mia staff of Edgar, Marcos, Gregorio, Valentin, Miguel, Cristian and Gerardo were attentive and remembered our favorite drinks and platters. The Market restaurant team of both Luis', Abraham, Jose, Ventura, Jonathan, Alexandro and Franacisco ensured we received the finest service. The Pool Boys were excellent, especially Roberto. Our rooms were kept in pristine condition by Patty of Housekeeping who left little gifts of cookies and candy each night. The on site store staff, Elizabeth and Letisia, were friendly and kind, as was Alexis at the front desk. When my wife became ill, we were immediately treated by the amazing Dra. Rebeco Solelinde and Dr. Oskar Blas. She was diagnosed with pneumonia and was provided with excellent and caring treatment and was able to enjoy the rest of our vacation. Of course, we will return.

There are many lovely hotels. This one stands out on the strength of their excellent team. The beach crew was very helpful sorting out our kayak, paddle board, hiking experience. Manny and the pool boys team delivered excellent service. Room was very nice. Restaurant staff very attentive. Menu varied and tasty. Entertainment was fun. Check in and out was fast and uncomplicated. The team here really put it on and made us feel right at home. Nevermind recommending this to others. Ask me if I'd come here again. Oh yes I would!

The staff is great, from check in to the golf course and beyond. The staff at Casa Mia are awesome and their services is second to none. A special thanks goes out to Edgar. Marco, Jesus, Valentin, Casey and Ventura, thanks for a great time. The golf course is outstanding. The 17th hole is breath taking. The hiking trails take you to some awesome sites. We will be back.

We first traveled to Villa Del Palmar Loreto November 10 to November 23, 2017 and our stay was wonderful. Great food, service and atmosphere. Fabulous wait staff. If I could choose family, it would be the Waiters and activities/entertainment staff. Ramon:Beach activities and evening shows, Maria and Juan Carlos: scuba, dear wonderful Candilera AKA Candy(spelling), Luis Manuel, Gregorio and Benito, Abraham, Jaired, Jose, Ventura, David at the Beach, Doobie and Daniel and Roberto of activities, Uziel the best ever bell boy. Hugs and gracias attentiveness from all wait staff made us feel very special and treasured. Smiles and greetings from all housekeeping, landscapers and drivers were always a bright happy spot in our day. Awesome golf caddy for our day of golf. Chef Gerardo Garcia took the time to personally teach me some culinary design creations of swans created with food. Snorkeling off the beach in the Sea of Cortez, kayak, paddleboard and hiking make Villa Del Palmar Loreto a great place. We had also visited this magical place November 2016. A very different and unpleasant experience from our usual treatment at Villa Del Palmar Loreto occurred upon our return December 3-14. Unacceptable was the treatment from management during the "Special Event" December 7-9, 2017. . Our return in December 2017 was a big disappointment. We purchased the All-Inclusive packet for 2 persons which was to include meals at the 3 restaurants at Villa Del Palmar. December 7-9 a promotional event was being held at Villa Del Palmar Loreto. This promotional event had a negative impact on our stay. We have been Villa members since 2006. During the Promotional Event we were unable to use 2 of the 3 restaurants and were told the concert was Private and we were not allowed to attend. (The stage was setup outside the Market Restaurant) We had to wait for service from the single waiter Dec 8 at The Casa restaurant as the other 5 or so waiters were all tied up at the owners table. We had to ask to be seated and served as well. All other staff was occupied at a single table (of 10) which we were told belonged to the hotel owner. We and the other Villa member guests were neglected due to the attentions paid to the owner table. We felt unwelcome, disrespected and disappointed. December 7, 2017. No notification of a Private event being held in The Market Restaurant. No one was told dinner would begin at 7 instead of 6, or that inside only seating would be available. We had come for dinner at 6 to be told the restaurant was closed until 7pm. We returned at 7pm to be told we could not sit outside, that was for a private event. Tables were placed inside by the buffet for us. Other member guests were also told they had to eat inside. December 8, 2017 A banner advertising a show featuring Don Felder appeared in the lobby. Banner stated reservations required. We went to the reception desk and requested reservations. We were told it was a private event and no reservations were available for member guests. We asked what time the private event was being held. Reception desk told us they could not release that information to us. The stage had been set up outside the Market Restaurant. We were told the Market Restaurant and Danzante Restaurant would be closed for dinner December 8, 2017. Told to go to the Italian Restaurant; Casa.I told Reception desk I did not want to go to Casa Restaurant as we had dined there numerous times. Reception asked concierge to assist. Concierge told me she would get us reservations at The Market Restaurant. She returned from talking to Market Restaurant manager and told us we had reservations for 7pm at the Market Restaurant for dinner and show. We arrived at The Market Restaurant and were told we did not have reservations. Told restaurant closed to member guests. Told to go to Casa Italian Restaurant. Arrived at Casa Italian restaurant. Waited to be seated. Host was talking to people at a table of 10 (told it was the owner’s table) and had ignored us for 5-10 minutes while we stood waiting to be seated. I had to ask the host to be served. The host had ignored us to this point. Previously he would go out of his way to be welcoming. Host went and got the single waiter that was not serving the owner’s table. With the exception of one staff: Jaired,(who is great) all staff including host were being occupied at owner’s table. After 20 minutes of waiting, Jaired was doing his best to take care of all the tables of member guests by himself. Approximately 12 member guests tables compared to one table of 10 people. Jaired apologized for the delays. We finally got our drinks and dinner after 45 minutes from the time we arrived. The large group left and the remaining wait staff apologized for being unavailable. The concert began. All the member guests (approximately 20 or so people) were observing the concert from behind the stage. We had been told the event was private and not for member guests. The Market Restaurant was hosting its private event dinner and concert to the exclusion of the Villa Members. (Those of us who are Villa Group members and are paying guests) After standing outside of the restaurant behind the stage, the members decided to go into the event. The Market Restaurant and Danzante were closed leaving only one restaurant open, the Italian Casa and had insufficient staff to serve member guests. Our all inclusive was not honored due to the fact only one restaurant with one waiter was available for the member guests. All member guests were upset that we were excluded. We were all paying guests, most of us members of Villa Del Palmar. Member guests discussed how this treatment of exclusion was unacceptable. Told Mike the real estate agent about our disappointment in the handling of the 3 day "event" and the exclusion of the Villa Del Palmar members. No apology has been received. Previous year we upgraded our membership. Would not have upgraded if we had been treated so poorly by management. We felt insulted by the management’s handling of the private event. Had we upgraded and been treated as outcasts, we would have walked out and transferred our membership to another facility. December 11,2017 Breakfast buffet: food was cold. When you purchase an all inclusive, you are entitled to use of all the restaurants on the facility. 3 of the 10 nights we were denied use of all of the restaurants. We should have been notified the restaurants would be Unavailable to guests. Technically a breach of contract when you prepay for all inclusive and the restaurants you paid for are unavailable. Incredibly disappointed in the management of Villa Del Palmar Loreto handling of their private event. Members/paying guests should be told restaurants are going to be hosting private events and unavailable for us, the member guests. When asked by sales to refer people for possible membership or purchase, how can we recommend a place that excludes his paying members for a special promotional event? We believe an apology and utilization of this feedback appropriate from management. It saddens us to feel unwelcome at Villa Del Palmar by the way the Management handled the Special Event December 2017.

From the moment we arrived at resort until we left for home we were treated like family from all resort staff. The meals were excellent at all 3 restaurants. The activities staff go above and beyond to make sure you are entertained. The golf course is beautiful and challenging to golf. The hiking trails will take your breath away. The spa is magnificent and professionally well trained.

If you want to get away from the world we live in. THIS IS THE PLACE!!! Food was awesome!!! Service is the best!!! Everything was 1st class. This place is a must. We are going back. Book your trip. You won't be disappointed.

This is our first visit to loreto but definitely not our last. The service at every location at the resort was spectacular. Danzante Restaurant was wonderful and all the servers went above and beyond to please us. Gregorio at the Market restaurant was very kind and helped me with my Spanish. He was a very attentive waiter, along with Abraham. Actually, every waiter would get a 5 star rating from us. Jorge was also a great guy! The scenery around resort is incredible. The golf course was the most beautiful course I’ve ever played. I cannot give this resort enough accolades. We will absolutely return, hopefully soon!

This is my seventh review on Trip Advisor for VDP Loreto. At the risk of requiring readers to dig up my other reviews, all the same title, except for the “#”, I am not going to repeat my comments, other than to say, we continue to love this resort, its location, and most of all, the staff. We will continue to return for our annual vacation. This year’s almost two-week trip was my husband and me, and our daughter and new son-in-law. Each year when we leave the resort we think, “That was absolutely the best time ever!” Yet, each time we return, the experience is even more enjoyable! We love returning to familiar faces and celebrating new babies in the VDP families! I absolutely must share an example of the exemplary customer service by VDP staff! My (adult) daughter, lost her cell phone, not ONCE but TWICE on this trip. The first time she left it in the rental car after we turned it in. VDP staff tracked it down immediately and returned it to her. The second time was on our way to the airport returning home, and she left her phone in the shuttle we rented. We for sure did not think we'd get it back before our flight left. Our friend Geraldo (Jerry) from the resort met us the airport so we could meet his new baby. Jerry made a few calls and the shuttle driver returned with her phone with lots of time left before boarding the plane! She was leaving in a few days for several months and really needed her phone. We were very thankful! I concur with ALL the positive comments and experiences posted on Trip advisor about the resort and Loreto community. This review, please take into consideration my thoughts for some of the negative reviews. I am sorry for those that did not have as great an experience as we consistently do. With that said, most (not all) customer satisfaction is directly correlated to one’s personal expectations and experiences. For example, those that state the food prices are high at the resort might live in a location where average prices are much lower, so prices are high to them. We live in Alaska; to us the food prices are extremely reasonable. Especially the poolside menu! Some of the items on the menu are cheaper than a McDonald’s meal where we live, yet so much more delicious, no comparison hands down! We recently spent a long weekend in Seattle with one of our sons and daughter-in-law. Those prices were much more expensive, food and hotel wise. Some comment that the resort location is a long way from town. It is about a 30 – 40 minute drive. That might be a long way for someone that expects quick access to the town location. We live in Alaska, the next major city in either direction is eight hours. So 40 minutes is nothing. I work for a school district with 29 service sites, with the farthest schools 49 miles apart. Get the picture? Usually, the convenience of being close to a city normally comes with crowds, vendors, noise, etc. Those can be found in Cabo and Puerto Vallarta, etc. The first few visits we never left the resort because our time there was so relaxing and peaceful and had all the amenities we needed. Now, we rent a car for a few days during our stays, to venture to local places or we can run to town at our convenience, or have a meal at one of the many fabulous restaurants. Car rental rates are cheaper than home, with full insurance coverage. Did I mention we live in Alaska? Another frequent comment is the poor Internet service. This is not the fault of the resort. It is a small, growing community. Remember “Dial up” days, then DSL telephone lines, cable, fiber optic cable, etc. Chances are the lines delivering the Internet service are not as high tech. Personally, I refuse to check my work email. Yes, I am addicted to the social media as we all tend to be, but while I am at VDP, it is not a priority! Ironically, all the rooms we have stayed in the Wi-Fi actually worked very well. The resort started 4-wheeler tours through the canyon this past year. Our family members are Alaska 4-wheeler fanatics, so we could not turn down the opportunity to do it in Mexico! It was an absolute blast, and I know we will do it again when we return! Four full hours! My husband and son-in-law were like little kids! A great event for all! We are not golfers. There is a beautiful golf course. But, they did have mini-golf and it was a hoot! Mostly because I’m so horrible at it, which was entertaining in itself. It is literally a “mini” 9 hole course, mostly putting, that covers probably four or five acres? It was a blast, and since no one else was out there were able to play several rounds. My husband and son-in-law learned how to dive for chocolate clams! An absolute delicacy! Fresh from the bay to a plate, cooked by the fabulous chefs in Casa Mia at NO CHARGE! Made with garlic, butter, parmesan and Brandy! Can you say “YUMMY!” (Definitely check out those photos!) I am not going list ALL the names of VDP staff that have consistently exceeded our expectations each visit! You know who you are! I know many readers rely on reviews to make travel decisions. All I can say is, visit VDP Loreto at least once, and then post your review! I enjoy reading VDP Loreto reviews on a regular basis, as I feel like they are talking about MY family, especially when they mention names! My hope for you is that you have the opportunity to experience all the positive comments and meet some of the most pleasant, sincere and caring individuals, many whom I consider friends! It is so fun to stay in touch with them via Facebook! We have friends so tired of listening to us share about our great times that they are finally joining us on our next trip, scheduled for November 2018! I hope VDP Loreto can handle us wild, partying adults. . . who are all in bed by 9:00. Also posted some new photos this round! So until my next review, hope you make it down there!

Our experience at the Villa was awesome. It was not 100 percent perfect but everyone was willing to help. Jorge was our goto guy at the front desk. He was always welcoming and he was eager to solve any challenge. Luis Rodriguez greeted the whole family with top notch professionallism. We felt super special. Abraham, Manuel, Airam, Elim, Luis N., and Carlos were very very good as well so it was not long before the Market was our favorite eating spot. The week was a bit windy so the beach was closed 5 out of our 7 day stay. But the pool side activities and gym facilities were just a couple of ways to mix up your day. In short we loved our stay at this resort.

We live in San Jose and have been curious about this resort for years, being familiar with the resort in Cabo. We stopped to check it out on our way north and ...WOW ! VERY impressive. Spacious, lovely pool and garden areas and SURPRISE...the swimming poos are HEATED !! HUGE PLUS. It is on the beach with a nice wood lined path from the pool area to the beach. Restaurants and bars are around the pool areas and accessable for everyone. Everything is an open air concept. Love it and highly recommend visiting and staying there. It is an All Inclusive resort. Great for golf, kayaking and relaxing. It was a very pleasant surprise !!

Carretera Transpeninsular, Km. 84 Loreto BCS

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free valet and self parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto places you adjacent to Ensenada Blanca. This 181-room, 4.5-star resort welcomes business and leisure travelers with 5 outdoor pools, a private beach, and a golf course. Civic Square is 25.9 mi (41.6 km) from the resort, which is on the waterfront.


There are ample dining options with 3 onsite restaurants, including The Market Restaurant, which specializes in international cuisine. Order from 24-hour room service to satisfy your hunger without leaving your room, get a quick pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café, and mingle with other guests at the free manager's reception. Start each morning with breakfast, available for a fee.


The 181 air-conditioned rooms feature kitchenettes and furnished balconies. LCD TVs come with satellite channels and pay movies. Beds are dressed in premium bedding and down comforters, and bathrooms offer hair dryers and designer toiletries. Other standard amenities include minibars, coffee makers, and ceiling fans.

Property features

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto features a private beach, a golf course, and a full-service spa. Free valet and self parking are available—or if you're not driving, take the airport shuttle (available 24 hours) for USD 28 per person one way. A multilingual staff is on hand to assist with concierge services and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include 5 outdoor pools, a nightclub, and a children's pool.

Room options

Master Bedroom

King 1 | Sleeps 4

Suite, 2 Bedrooms

King 1 | Sleeps 6

Ambassador Suite

King 1 | Sleeps 6

Suite, 3 Bedrooms

King 2 | Sleeps 8

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