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Cavo Maris Beach Hotel

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

- We traveled as a family of 3 , wife, husband & our 3.5 years old girl. we booked through AMoma a sea view room for 4 nights on all inclusive basis for 2 adults from 11th of August till 15th of August ,but We didn’t add my kid to the reservation as we thought it’s free of charge as all the hotels we went for & also because the hotel policy mentioned nothing about considering a 3 years old kid with extra charges. - We arrived at the hotel at 18:00 pm , they upgraded our room to a suite which was a nice gesture from them & it was perfect , we had just came from Limassol & the hotel there didn’t charge us for the kid, but at cavo they told us we should pay 57 €/day a total of 228 € for the child, we were surprised & after a short discussion we paid the full amount as we were very tired & we wanted to go to our room. - The day after that we checked AMoma by adding our 3 years old to the reservation for the same period we found that we should pay only 20 € or 24 $ for the 4 days as we paid online in dollars( attached below). We shocked from the difference in payment as we paid 10 times this amount. - We went to the reception we talked to a nice lady she told us please come tomorrow morning & talk to someone from the reservation team. - We came in the morning & we talked to a lady from the reservation team , she was actually very rude , we asked for an explanation for the huge difference we paid for them (228 € instead of 20€) for adding our little girl,she told us we don’t have contract with AMoma, we were surprised from the answer, we told her so how we are here now & how did you accept us as guests here & we reserved through them?!!!! She couldn’t explain it. Secondly we told her it’s not stated in your policy in & AMoma that you get extra charges for a 3 years old kid . She was speaking nervously & She couldn’t explain it again . We asked to meet the manager she told us he will be here after half an hour & he will contact us once he arrives. - We waited for more than an hour & no body contacted us ,we went to the reception again, she spoke to us and told us he is in a meeting & she told us we paid 111 € per person per night & we paid half the amount for the child as AMoma rate 55.5 € & it wasn’t actually what we paid as we paid 1110 $ for 2 adults. This time I took screenshot from child policy & I showed it to her ( attached below) nothing written about the child extra payment. She pointed out on the supplement extra charges, I was surprised again from the answer, is the child considered as a supplement??!!!! She answered in a rude way I cannot return your money back and I cannot help you & she left me while I’m still standing in front of her & still speaking. I was very very shocked as this situation didn’t happen to me before in my whole life anywhere I went to. Is it the way you are treating your customers?!!!!!!!!!!! We asked about the manager again , they told us he will contact you after he finishes his meeting . - After a short time I checked again the hotel successfully changed their child policy ( attached below) this is the fastest reaction I have ever seen & this is how they respond to their customers complaints. - the manager didn’t contact us till we checked out on Thursday , which left us with a very bad impression about customer satisfaction in this hotel. - I felt insulted from this lady bad treatment which kept me in a very bad mood & it was enough to ruin my holiday. - Aside from this the house keeping staff , main restaurant staff and coral bar, sierna bar staff & other reception staff were very polite, nice & helpful.

We stayed here with two adjoining rooms for five people and have just arrived home. The hotel surpassed all of our expectations and more with us staying on an all-inclusive ultra basis. Being all-inclusive ultra we were able to eat in all of the 5 restaurants where the à la cart food was out of this world, it was like being at a top chefs restaurant. Argo restaurant the food was beautiful. In one restaurant you receive a hot stone each with your chosen main food that you cook yourself. I had salmon, the rest of the family had steak and it was all beautiful being freshly cooked. The Alkion buffet restaurant also offered some gorgeous meals. I would go as far as saying that the total food area is smaller than other hotels but the quality of food on offer meant that you had more choice anyway. There was everything that you needed and the waiting staff were lovely and friendly as well as helpful. The drinks especially at the pool bar are the best drinks we have ever had abroad and it was evident that the alcohol was of the best quality plus I saw it was all top brands. Such an amazing choice of cocktails and I don’t think there was one that wasn’t gorgeous. We had Seaview twin rooms and the Seaview was absolutely incredible. The hotel is very clean and for us the pool bar being able to sit in the water instead of sweating to death on a sunbed (usually our fault), is now a bare minimum for our next holiday. The rooms were lovely and clean, cleaned every day and such a lovely lady that hugged us on the day we left on the fourth floor. The Aircon was brilliant, in fact I had to turn it down a couple of nights as I’ve got slightly chilly! Love that there is the water available on each floor if you need it and the tea coffee and milk is refilled every day and is of good quality. I’m already looking to return again next year. Our only regret is that we only spent seven days here. On our last day with our package ending at midday One of the managers Nikos allowed us to continue using all of the drinks and food facilities until we left at 6:30 pm that evening and we used showers and a free courtesy room to freshen ourselves up ready to travel. A few constructive criticisms, - even though I can’t wait to come here again. It is most definitely the best hotel I’ve ever stayed at for food, drink and for the whole surroundings of the hotel gardens and beach adjoining the hotel. I wish they provided wrist bands.... Kids couldn’t go up to the bar and get drinks for themselves it had to be the parent which was inconvenient at times as they drink a lot with the heat. I understand that there are lots of different types of board basis available at the hotel but I think for all-inclusive and all-inclusive ultra wrist bands would make things so much easier. Initially when we ordered drinks at the pool bar the children hadn’t come over to us and said they’d have a drink later. They then came over changing their minds a few minutes later. When the bartender gave us our drinks we asked for drinks for the children and he told us that we should ask for all of the drinks at the same time which was something we’ve never been asked before and it made us very uncomfortable. Also as we were in two rooms, 3 in one room and 2 in the other, when my friend tried to get drinks for all five of us on the same morning she was told she couldn’t because there were only three in her room. I came over to get the other two drinks and the barman did then say right now I know there are five of you there will be no problem going forward but you almost felt like you were doing something wrong when we paid for the top package on offer, it was too regimented and I felt like I was trying to steal. Our jet2 rep did say that some people had been buying drinks for other guests but again I think the wrist bands would solve this hopefully. She said that she had had larger size families bringing up the same issue. We resolved it ourselves with the bar and thereafter the bartenders were wonderful. I do think it’s something that needs to be looked at. If some people wrongly want to get away with buying drinks for other people they’re going to do it some way and I don’t think we should be penalised for it. Lastly, I think some UK travel agents need to give more information to differentiate between all-inclusive and all-inclusive ultra as some travel companies don’t offer the ultra at all. It was only through my own rigourous holiday planning that I saw the difference. A couple that we spoke to were on an all-inclusive basis and as you would expected it to be everything included - which is normal with an all inclusive package that all your operators sell for hotels. I strongly feel that it is the travel Companies issue not the hotel itself to make sure that they advertise the ultra all inclusive as not all brochures from top companies do and then people wrongly think they will be getting all of the restaurants and cocktails on the all-inclusive basis. I travelled with Jet2 who did state that there was all-inclusive and all-inclusive ultra and luckily I read through the differences thoroughly. I then feel it’s a shame for people to miss out on the ultra package as it is completely amazing. So amazing Cavo Maria and it’s staff, I do hope the couple of negative things I have said will not be received badly. Not that I would expect it from such a first class hotel anyway. I’m just looking online now to book again, how could I not!

Have been using the Hotels wellness centre for a good few years now. This time around the fee was 5-7x the one I was paying thus far. Needless to say it came as a surprise to me hence I called the manager to ask how come. It didn't seem to be offering 5x the service or have increased it's size by 5x so I was curious to know what lead to this "modest" mark up in price! The response I received was shocking to me to say the least, and I quote "well what other Hotel offers a gym in the area?" in other words just because there are no other options they just marked up the prices by a modest 500%. Which tbh I just found borderline extortionate. At this point it's fortunate that there is TripAdvisor to allow travellers to name and shame such extortionate practices.

As a family on our 1st trip to this hotel we spent 12 nights in a Family Side Sea view room on a B&B basis. Our summary of the hotel and facilities are below. Hotel : A great hotel which had a good layout of bars/restaurants that surround the main pool This hotel is kept spotless by a great team of cleaners/maids/waiters/maintainance staff whose pride in keeping the hotel immaculate can be seen on their faces. Location is a good 10/15 minutes walk away from the main centre so was a nice & quiet setting. The hotel grounds are stunning with little pathways that take you to other facilities or down to the coastal path/beach. Main Pool : The main pool is split in half with a 3ft section for younger children and also where the daily activities are carried out (Aqua Gym / Water Polo). The other side of the pool quickly shelves to a depth of around 9ft but it was lovely and warm. The sun loungers were in abundance even in peak season and were spread across three levels amongst the grounds and were some of the best I have been on. Also the fixed parasols were also an excellent design , like a wooden roof with one side extended to provide extra shade if needed , these also come with a fixed table / drinks holders and bins. Room : We were allocated a family side sea view which I am told are all located on the 1st floor. As these sit directly above the outdoor terrace you have an extended balcony giving great views of both the main pool and to your right the beach. Most early mornings were spent watching the sun come up whilst the nesting swallows dart about and boats drifted past on the calmest of seas. We had a double bed with two singles that was ideal for the duration of our holiday , the beds were comfy and you had the option of different pillow types from reception should there be a need. Rooms were cleaned daily if required & were well equipped with a small fridge & safe. The bathroom provided the option of having a nice deep bath or a refreshing shower. The hotel have installed drinking water stations that are placed on each floor by the lifts which we thought was a good idea. Breakfast : The buffet breakfast had a great choice of hot & cold foods and catered for all needs. Only recommendation would be the juice at the self-serve stations is quite concentrated (We used to dilute with drinking water) Overall : There were a few niggles like at weekends it becomes “Open Season” where the hotel appear to offer day passes to locals/tourists – you do notice the difference as the main areas (Pool/Loungers/Bars/Beach) get really busy. Also the attitude of some of the guests who are at the hotel we found to be disappointing unfortunately it appears good manners is not a trait that is regarded back in their home country. However these minor concerns aside it is an excellent hotel in a stunning location who are supported by an amazing team of workers who ensure their guests receive the highest level of attention and are made to feel extremely welcome as we were on our 1st trip to this beautiful island & we wouldn't hesitate to return.

This is the second time we stayed at this hotel. It is a nice hotel located in a good spot, a few minutes away from the main strip. The room was good, but the best part of this hotel is the outdoor area - especially the pool, gardens and the nice restaurants located within. Also the sandy beach is really nice and inviting.

We arrived at Cavo Maris for 7 nights. AI. Arrived at 1130pm. Juice and sandwiches brought to our room. Check in very well organised. Room good size, cleaned daily and has everything you need. First visit here and on day two after 'shopping around' other hotels on Fig Tree Bay (famous beach) for our wedding location, we had decided on Cavo Maris without any doubt. Hotel, surrounds, food, all of a excellent clean standard. Staff work very hard and they are a asset to this hotel. Food is plentyful and well cooked. Although we were here during Cyprus school holidays it was only the Sunday which seemed busy. The pool is warm and very clean. Loved it! Tips: Beach at Cavo Maris is on par with Fig Tree Bay. Warm and sea very clean Eat at reception bar area as the food is lovely and burgers too die for. Unfortunatley you do need to put your towels on a sunbed early (hated doing this) but there are still some beds left to use, sometimes in the shaded area by mid afternoon. Best places to sit is on the grass area behind the first path. Alittle less busy and quieter from the pool side. If you come AI, and do not want to eat in the resturant, eat at the reception bar area. Lunch 1-330 so you can eat at the bar area ( still lovely, clean and very plush) from 12-1 or after 330-7. Taxi to centre is quick. 8€ or you can walk in 15 mins along road. Supermarket right outside hotel, very well equiped. Special thank you to the wedding planner, your staff and Alexandros. He is an asset to your waiting staff. ! Friendly. They give you a blue beach towel to use so you dont need to take your own. Negatives: only the evening entertainment. But you can always pop into town in a taxi or walk. After all the thoughts of should we book a hotel on fig tree bay, Cavo Maris has excelled our expectation and its here everytime. Finially, i know people say take reviews with a pinch of salt but we are certainly having our wedding here in 2021 and wouldnt do so if there was any slight concern or disappointing feature.

This was our second visit and the hotel lived up to our expectations again. We booked the ultra all inclusive option each time and it is well worth it - everything you could want and no money required during stay or on checking out. Facilities are great, food great, service and staff absolutely excellent. We will be going again!

We returned to the Cavo Maris again this year after having a wonderful experience there two years ago. We were not disappointed. Once again we had a super holiday. The hotel has been refurbished since our last visit and it has been done very nicely. The staff were friendly and helpful and made our stay very enjoyable. The food is very good, the hotel is clean and well kept and the location is perfect. We had the same cleaner as last time (Maria on the fourth floor) and she is just lovely! Arina in kids club was also very sweet to both me and my son when we joined in with the Flamingo art. We will be booking again for next summer and we can’t wait! Eva Yiacoumi-Vasco

Where to start with this beautiful hotel.! From top to bottom this hotel is simply fantastic, second time staying here and it’s got even better from the last time. Everything is so well done here, all the staff are amazing. Special mention to Christina at Breakfast, thanks for the chats and the “ good morning” every morning.! Also special thanks to the cleaner on level 3 thank you for making up our room every day. Even though I left the light off, you work to hard. ( she even left us a present on out departure ) 2 week stay, full of laughs and family time. Couldn’t have been easier and more welcoming. I recommend this hotel to anyone wanting to stay just that little bit out of the chaos of the main strip. Stayed B&B, which is perfect. Everything from sausage, bacon & eggs to olives, nuts and fresh fruit. The Seeweed sushi restaurant is still quality and the Gyros in the pool restaurant, I wish I had found them earlier. I could go on and on about this hotel, 5* all round. Well done Cavo and thanks for more memories. We’ll see you agin soon. 😍😎

I am in Cyprus with my family which includes a husband with mobility issues. Cavo Maris has excellent facilities for disabled people including designated parking (not occupied by mysterious Mercedes w/o placard like other hotels) reasonable ramps- not steep, paved pathways to all areas including the beach. There is the possibility to rent a mobility scooter at a very reasonable cost which we did so my husband didn’t miss any frolicking with our three boys. The beach itself has designated sun beds next to the ramps and a mechanism to lower yourself down to the sea! The staff was super helpful and friendly. Everyone enjoyed their time and loved the fact that we could do things together. Kids and hubby enjoyed their waffles and crepes. Seemed to have a nice kids club but we didn’t use it this time. Bravo Cavo Maris!

4 Vyzakias Protaras Famagusta

Hotel highlights

  • Close to Fig Tree Bay
  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking

Fig Tree Bay is within a mile (2 km) of Cavo Maris Beach Hotel, and other popular sites like Sunrise Beach are within a couple of miles (3 km). This 277-room, 4-star hotel has 2 outdoor pools along with a full-service spa and 5 restaurants.


Free buffet breakfast is served each morning from 7:30 AM to 10 AM. There are multiple options for onsite dining with 5 restaurants, including Alkion Restaurant, which has pool views. Savor a meal from the privacy of your room with room service, or get a pick-me-up at the coffee shop/café.


Guests can expect to find free WiFi. Beds sport premium bedding and the bathroom offers a hair dryer and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include a balcony, a minibar, and a coffee maker.

Property features

Guests of Cavo Maris Beach Hotel have access to a full-service spa, 2 outdoor pools, and an indoor pool. If you drive, put free parking to good use. The front desk has multilingual staff on hand 24/7 to help with concierge services, dry cleaning/laundry, and securing valuables. Other amenities at this beach hotel include a children's pool, a fitness center, and a spa tub.

Room options

Double or Twin Room, Sea View

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

Honeymoon Suite (Elite)

Full 1 | Sleeps 2

Double or Twin Room, Mountain View

Twin 2 | Full 1 | Sleeps 4

Executive Suite (Elite)

Twin 2 | Full 1 | Sleeps 4

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