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Hotel Beatriz Costa & Spa

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Just spent a week at this hotel and can't praise it enough. Have read some dodgy reviews and can't understand some people's expectations. Never left the complex for the week because we didn't need to. Everything was fabulous, especially the spa which we used 3 times and which is included in the all inclusive package. Good service, good food including English bacon. (Wherelse do you get that) Not normally bothered where I go but will definitely come back here. Actually heard someone complaining about songs being sung in Spanish YOUR IN SPAIN !!!

We arrived at the hotel very late a was pleasantly surprised to find a place set for us in the dining room. Although only a plate of salad and a bottle of water it filled a gap. Rooms very basic but adequate for the amount of time we actually spent in there. Lots of outdoor space with enough sunbeds only could of done to be cleaned more, same stains on the floor all week! and pools a little cold. The poolside bar was excellent and we ate there on a lunchtime instead of going into the dining room. Plenty of choice for breakfast and evening meal, only felt they could have done more to cater for young children as we had our 1 year old granddaughter with us and she really struggled to find things to eat. We found the evening entertainment very good but again slightly lacking for the younger children. The hotel its self is a little out of the way, so use the free bus to the centre or order a taxi otherwise it is a good 25 minute walk to the main square. Overall we had a fantastic time and would visit again in the future as the good points out weighed the bad.

My wife and I arrived at the hotel around 9.25pm where we were met with a massive welcoming smile by Sonia, who took our details; gave us a wristband; and then told us to go straight to the restaurant to get something to eat before the restaurant closed. Then after we had eaten we were to return to reception to finalise checking in. Now that to me shows top class customer service as other hotels and their staff would have let you complete check in and then shrug their shoulders before telling you the restaurant was closed. That made a great impression on us from the start. Normally the Hotel charges €3 per day for the fridge but the Hotel waived that charge for us so that my wife could store her medication (she has cancer) in the fridge to keep it cool. Needless to say Sonia became our "go to" person at the hotel and we always saw that wonderful smile. The rooms are large with plenty of wardrobe space; and a large bathroom and toilet. We are not worried about how the furniture looks as long as the beds are comfy. However please note that the plugs are on the opposite wall to the beds, so if, like me, you have a CPAP machine then bring an extension lead. Whilst there are more clothes hangers than normal it would be wise to pack a few of your own too.The rooms were cleaned daily and fresh towels provided. The food was excellent and there was plenty of variety (my wife loved the desserts!!) The vast majority of the guests were British/Irish so there was a full British brekkie to be had including black pudding!!. I would like to praise the chefs here for their efforts which we appreciated. We were All Inclusive ("AI") and I would recommend this as this allows you free drinks etc which, if you are not AI, then the drinks costs are quite expensive. You should note that the only bar open during the day was the pool bar which is fine if you want to be out in the sun all day. However the hotel lacks an indoor bar to enable you to go to for a relaxing drink when you want to get out of the sun.The Hotel Bosses should convert the Piano Bar (which is completely underused and a waste of good hotel space) to create this facility. This would also boost guests visiting the souvenir shops which are around the Piano Bar area. In addition this would provide a quiter drinking facility in the evening if you don't want to be in the "Entertainments Bar". Going back to the room situation I would draw the Hotel Bosses attention to a potential hazard. My wife slipped in the bath (using the shower) and hurt her back and shin as there were no bath mats to stand on. I also heard a large thud and a scream from the next room which sounded as though that guest also had the same experience. You may want to look into that before someone has a really back accident and claims on your hotel insurance. Overall we had a lovely time at the hotel and we would recommend it and would visit again. Thank you to the staff at the Hotel for making our stay a pleasant one (especially Sonia).

I arrived home from this hotel yesterday. I had an amazing holiday and will return to Costa teguise again. It was our first family holiday and we travelled with our 18 month old daughter. The hotel was beautiful, the staff were friendly and made me and my family feel very welcome. My room was clean and tidy (after reading recent reviews I was weary of the cleanliness). My only issue was with the children's animation/entertainment. The reason we chose this hotel was due to the mini club ECT. The mini club was never open though! There was a meant to be a "mini disco" every evening at 8:30. This time could range from 8:30-8:50 of when it started. When it did start it lasted a maximum of 4 songs! It was over and done with in 10 mins! A lot of kids came down for this and were very disappointed of the length of this "mini disco". There was also not much choice of food at lunch or dinner for children. My daughter didn't eat for 3 days except having a banana, pear or peach at breakfast time. The hotel was a lovely place to stay. However, I would recommend this for couples and not families. Unless they change these matters for children.

i have stayed many times in costa teguise lanzarote over the last 20 years always self catering with no problems this year as a treat for our 40 years of marrage i would push the boat out oh boy was i wrong this place is not 4star its a 2star in my opinion got there 10 at night no evening meal just a plate of salad a bit of meat and a bottle of water cockroachers in bathroom spar missing tiles and dead skin floating about in pool 2 bars pool bar and bar in the entertainment area pool bar open 10 till7 then closes and the other bar opens till midnight no were to sit outside to talk and meet other guests sick of going back and forth for my drink to bar up and down like a yoyo i will not be back

After reading the reviews really worried about staying here. But currently staying in room 1104 and it's absolutely lovely room all the staff are very polite the food is delious just had bbq dinner and entertainment around the pool. People were complaining about wifi but there are free WiFi places but if you want to use it everywhere there is a charge which is fine with us. Anyone who complains about this hotel are just fussy. Would def come back here again it's lovely

Just spent 2 weeks at this great hotel , having spent a holiday there last year , we was disappointed to find the piano bar was closed to all all inclusive guests , what a waste of space , the bar was empty most of the time , the entertainment was playing to bored looking bar staff , we was told it changed to suit germen guests who wanted somewhere to drink ,there wasn`t any in there, aren`t the British guests important !!!! we had to sit in the entertainment bar , which was packed and uncomfortable , because there is no air conditioning , the only way to keep cool was to buy a fan ,,,

Great Piano bar!!! but What a complete waste of space that is not used by anyone, it used to be all inclusive but apparently the Germans demanded an area for them so it was made only for half board customers paying for drinks. The bar staff are just standing around and the singer is singing to an empty room while the main entertainment area is overcrowded with people having to stand and no air conditioning to speak of. Stop pandering to the few who demand things and look after the majority of people who are paying the wages of the staff at this great Hotel. Not sure we will go back while this stupid idea is in place.

We stayed at the Beatriz from 26th August 2017 to 5th September 2017 and I wanted to say that this is the best hotel I have stayed in for quite some time. Don't get me wrong, the hotel is not perfect but we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. On arrival you get that sense of grandeur, huge lobby with palm trees, hanging vines, glass elevators, glazed outer walls. Really did look spectacular. Our room was a very good size easily accommodating 3 large beds plus furniture with plenty of walkway space so you didn't feel like you were all under each others feet. Bathroom was large with twin sinks and somewhat separated toilet area. I was not disappointed with the size of the balcony either. Yes the rooms looked a little bit dated and there was obvious repairs done to wardrobe doors etc but I am not going to be over critical of this as the room was clean and very comfortable to accommodate a family of three. I found beds extremely comfortable as well. I can honestly say that I found every staff member extremely friendly. From the lady that cleaned our room daily, reception staff, bar staff and restaurant staff, I felt everyone did there utmost to make us feel welcome. I did not feel that there was any prejudice based on what board you were, which I definitely experienced at hotels in other countries over the past few years. It was the prejudice experienced in other countries that influenced my choice of board at this hotel. We opted for bed and breakfast board this year as we wanted to eat out more and explore more of the area rather than feel confined to the hotel "to get our moneys worth". I can honestly say that the breakfast was extremely good, catering for all nationalities. Obviously the full English is a necessary when you are away, this hotel even does British style bacon as well as the Spanish cured bacon. The chef would cook you omlette whilst you waited, ready within minutes. There were also plenty of choice for cereal, continental breakfast, pancakes etc. The restaurant was very lovey, however with the glazed window wall and the morning sunshine, occasionally I found it a little too hot but then again, I am very hot blooded. Be aware that there is another "over-spill" area the other side of the restaurant that is in the shade. We sat in there one day only to spare my suffering :) We chose to upgrade to all inclusive for our final 24 hours in this hotel however, this section of my review will be based on our bed and breakfast board choice. I felt the poolside bar was ridiculously priced for paying guests. This was contrary to the the prejudice I have experience in other countries. Where as in other countries, paying guests could get a a full pint for their money, we were served San Miguel, in the same size "thimble" as the all inclusive guest, at a total cost of 12+ euro (including the tiny bottle of water for our child). 2 small gulps and it was gone. Please please please, hotel management need to correct this if you are reading this review. As previously mentioned, we opted to upgrade to all inclusive for our final 24 hours in this hotel. I found the hot food in the poolside bar adequate but not spectacular. I presume you could eat at the main internal restaurant during the afternoon period. What was nice about the poolside bar was the freezer full of ice cream that the kids could help themselves to. Also, kids could ask for milkshakes etc. at no extra cost. You may be surprised but my last 3 all inclusive holidays I have had to pay for most of my daughters drinks (again reason for my board choice). The evening meal we had on our final night was good. Everything well cooked and very tasty but I personally am not a great fan of all the different flavours in one room. To allow me to elaborate, I usually end up with a bit of everything on one plate (pizza, chicken, pork, pasta, veg.). That is just me, and not a criticism. Sweets where great, you could do yourself your own "Mr. Whippy " style ice cream / frozen yogurt from the machine, chocolate fountain was awesome and messy, with choice of fruit or profiteroles. Plenty of choice. Whilst I am aware that this is a review of the hotel, It is worth me mentioning for future guests that the location may not suit everyone. If you are not all inclusive or want to eat out whilst being all inclusive, then please google earth this hotel's location. I took us approx. 20 mins walk to the nearest shop, bar or restaurant. On the plus side, I enjoyed the exercise in the sun with the nice breeze. Best tan I have ever had :) As I complete my first week back in work, I have a tear in my eye and a sadness in my heart that I am back home in England. Would I come back here again?... Absolutely yes! Would I come back as bed and breakfast only? absolutely yes (as long as you sort out the prices / pints for paying guests) Would I advise to other people?...Absolutely yes but read this review first. Thank you hotel Beatriz and everyone at your hotel. P.S. I could become your personal ambassador if you make me a salary offer of £40k per year. Ha Ha Ha. :) I am serious!!!

Not long back from an 11 night holiday with my boyfriend and we would never consider returning. I'd go as far as saying it's the worst hotel I've ever stayed in. I've stayed in much nicer 3 stars no way is this a 4* hotel. We had a good holiday but no thanks to the hotel. We've also put in a formal complaint through Thomas cook. Food: The food was disgusting. We were all inclusive and although we planned on eating out some nights we did not expect to have to eat out every day for breakfast lunch and dinner. We went for dinner the first night when we arrived it was a Chinese themed night. The rice was hard and the beef was very chewy so that did not give us a great impression. Breakfast was probably the best meal. However it was very busy one day we went down and there were hardly any tables as there was loads of tables which had not been cleared. Obviously I understand when it's busy these things take longer but in a buffet restaurant of that size surely tables can be cleared for people to sit down. Also as it's a buffet the staff aren't even serving people only replacing food and clearing tables. One day we went for lunch and I had a chicken escalope type thing it has a consistency like rubber and I had to spit it out I'm not sure how long it had been lying. There was hardly anything for us to eat at lunch. It was all main meals which more than likely were leftovers from the night before. They had things like pizza but all the food was luke warm and they left it lying for ages before changing it or bringing out fresh stuff. One day we went to the pool bar for lunch. I was under the impression this was more snacks and things like that. Every day they had chips potatoes and other main meal things that were available in the main restaurant like canaloni or meat dishes. They had some salad stuff but again nothing we could find to eat the selection was terrible and when we did eat it was disgusting. We are not fussy eaters and prefer just a snack for lunch. One day I had a roll and lettuce and onion because i literally couldn't find anything else. Another day someone had left a plate beside the buffet with leftover prawn shells on it and there were tiny spider like insects crawling all over it. No one moved this for quite a while. This made up my mind that I would not be eating from there again as it was right beside all the other food. The only thing we liked were the chicken toasties from the pool bar they were made up through the back which cost us around €4 each despite being all inclusive. The ham from the cheese and ham ones was similar to something out of a tin slimey and disgusting. As the hotel is so far out we couldn't just pop out for lunch not that we should have needed to as it was all inclusive. I really did expect a lot more from a 4* hotel. The drinks were also disgusting. The cocktails were ice with very sweet syrup in them not even sure if they contained alcohol. In the pool bar it cost €2.50 for a bottle of water and €2.50 for an ice lolly. You could also only get half pints of beer. We took spending money as we like to go out at night and spent most of it on eating out for every meal. We shouldn't have had to do this. The hotel and room: The hotel itself is very dated. The rooms still have carpets and our room 228 had a big bleach stain on the carpet. The room was clean enough and the maids always cleaned our room however the room itself was dark and and looked like it could be doing with a freshen up. The air conditioning was pathetic. You actually got more of a breeze when you went outside. It didn't have a remote and when turned up high you could only feel it slightly if you stood directly under it. I had emailed over and asked when we booked it if we could request a double bed. I received a reply which said this would be fine however we had 2 single beds when we arrived. We didn't even have a kettle or fridge in our room. We paid €33 euros to have a safe for our stay and we called to request a fridge, they brought one up which took around 3 days to make water cold. We had to request one as the hotel is 15 mins walk from the nearest shop we needed something to keep water cold. The hotel facilities are shocking for it being a large hotel so far out. They had one shop which sold papers magazines and the usual gift stuff also suncream but no water. I asked the lady in the shop she said that we could get it from the vending machine when we looked it was 2 euros for a small bottle. They had no shop that sold crips water juice anything you might need or want. They had a few shops down there lying empty which just made the hotel look more run down. The windows on the front of the hotel were so dirty when we arrived but we're cleaned just before we left. They shouldn't let them get in that state. There are only 3 bars. The pool bar which was opened during the day and the bar downstairs which was opened at night. I believe the piano bar you have to pay at. We went down one night to the main bar. The chairs were like children's seats. One of the bench type seats had wood with a nail in it sticking out. Some of the other seats were ripped and very hard. I have also read a few things on trip advisor which says there are cockroaches in the wicker chairs this actually makes me feel physically sick but doesn't surprise me! The only night we went down they had a dancer on and then a kids mini disco at around 11 at night. They only really have kids entertainment same songs as the ones round the pool that day. I got a cocktail and it tasted like some sort of household cleaner so we left. One night my partner wasn't well usually we would be out of the hotel until after 12 but this night we were in the room and the volume of the music was ridiculous we were on the 2nd floor and I actually felt like the music was being played in the room it was that loud. They layout of the hotel is not very good as where they have the entertainment was inside right outside the room. It is the only hotel I've ever known to only have an indoor bar at night. We went into the games room for a game of pool one day it smelt mouldy and was very dirty. My partner also cut his hand as someone had smashed a glass on the pool table and it had not been cleared up properly. What concerns me is this is the room where kids go they really should be watching that. Also we did not realise how far out the hotel actually was. We got taxis most of the time which were not expensive but it is a bit annoying to not be able to just pop to the shop. It takes around 10 mins walking to get to the spar. Around 25 minutes to get to the main square in costa teguise. We walked a few times but even at 8 at night the road leading up to the hotel is very dark so we wouldn't walk that way at night. I am so annoyed that we paid nearly £900 each for 11 nights of terrible food and a rubbish hotel.

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