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Lapland Hotel Ylläskaltio

3.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We’ve stayed in this hotel 7 nights and booked half board. The location of the hotel is good for xc-skiing and there is a ski bus (5€ per trip) from the hotel. Also the airport bus stops at the hotel. The staff was very friendly and helpful. The room was basic but clean. The food in the restaurant was fresh and made from scratch. However, I have to give only three TripAdvisor stars because two sides of the hotel I think it should not be the case. First, the room was not cleaned during the whole stay, but only towel exchange and trash removal. I found this unacceptable especially if you are sharing room with some friends or group. And second, even the food was fresh and tasty it was always the same every night or morning. Only two main dishes were different. After three days it gets boring and does not taste anymore. Therefore, I am giving three stars and based on my experience I would recommend this place for a shorter stay, 2-3 days.

Firstly can I say I am so sorry to the hotel to leave a one star review as the hotel itself does not deserve just one star but unfortunately Thompson do not have anywhere to leave reviews about their service and trips etc so it leaves me no choice but to leave it on here. So firstly I wanted to say the hotel is nice and situated in a nice location with decent food and extortionately price drinks however drinks prices are like this throughout Finland. Snow Village I am sure that this would be good for adults but please to stop selling this to families especially when the majority of the features you have toys are not there..... No they were not any snowmobiles nor were there dinner for us as promised. Husky and reindeer safari wow what a total rip off I knew it was going to be expensive but I thought it would be worth it and maybe if you go in the morning it might be. Thomson did not tell me that an afternoon trip with a 2 p.m. pickup would be in the pitch black which means you will not get to see any of the landscapes all beauty which is part of their selling technique and to be quite honest what you look forward to..... So to reiterate if you must go on one of these Tavares please ensure you go in the morning and do not listen to Thompson when they tell you to PM is fine. If I am honest I wish I save my money and just did the tasters has to be honest the two or three minutes you get each is well enough. The worst part about the trip ..... the Santa Village Please don't expect Lapland to be the Disneyland of Christmas because it's not. Santa Claus will not know your child's age or name and if it is your child's birthday you can rest assure he will not wish your child happy birthday because you will not know anything about your child and your child will get a Snow Globe clearly sponsoring tui. The elves in the hotel that you expect to be so fun and bubbly I'll basically the hotel Reps.... In an outfit. To answer your enquiry yes your child will know these are not real elves because your child will often see them acting as a holiday rep and then not earrings disguising themselves as an elf. Please do not think that you can make a complaint afterwards because Thomson do not care and will write you off regardless of Proof and upset. Nearly two months later and I still want to continuously cry about the crap service received by TUI. If you have already booked this I would suggest that you take mini bottles of soft drinks and home luxuries and treats in your suitcase with you because they are expensive at the hotel also I would include some mini bottles of wine or beer because trust me at nearly €10 each you will wish you took some with you. Do not and i mean do not have any expectations of how great the Santa experience is going to be because trust me to we will not meet your expectations....sorry

We stayed at this hotel on a TUI Thomson package holiday in December 2017. I have not left a review before now as it seemed fair to give TUI time to respond to my complaint before doing so. The whole experience was marred by an incident for which I am still seeking redress from TUI, but despite having had more than a month to respond they have chosen not to. The holiday got off to a reasonable start, and we arrived at around 4pm local time, and having checked in decided to have some food in the restaurant. The food is served as a self service buffet, and all appeared to be well until I took a mouthful of dinner and to my utter shock and bewilderment discovered that I had chewed and very nearly swallowed a half inch long wood screw which I later learned had been in the rice. I complained to the hotel staff, and also to the TUI reps, who were on the desk in the lobby. I was told by the hotel staff that the screw had fallen out of a kitchen implement that had been used to stir the rice! I was on holiday on a Visit Santa trip with my 3 kids, my partner and her parents. If any of us had eaten the screw, I would expect that would have resulted in a hospital admission and I do not want to think about the possible consequences. So far I have had no official word from TUI despite having made a formal complaint whilst on the holiday. Their service standard for complaints is 28 days, already a very long time, and to date I have yet to hear from them. The holiday was a 3 night stay, and several hours of my precious time were wasted trying to get some redress. The TUI reps offered us some free drinks by way of redress which they had apparently negotiated with the hotel manager, but I felt this to be inadequate, and inappropriate. Tui wanted to pass the buck onto the hotel management, but our package holiday contract was with them, not the hotel so I hold them responsible. Tui’s complaints process is diabolical, and so far ineffective. They even managed to conjure up a ‘data protection’ excuse for not being able to deal with me as I was not the lead traveller, even though my dealings with them at resort did not require any such consent. I would not choose to visit this hotel without some kind of reassurance that this incident could not happen again. Quite why a professional kitchen would have to resort to DIY repairs involving wood screws from the local hardware store is beyond my comprehension. If you do choose to visit and take meals at the restaurant, please be vigilant as to date I have not been given any reason to believe that this could not happen again.

Got a very good winter deal to this hotel with in January. Spend a weekend skiing and enjoying lappish atmosphere. Bought also buffet dinner to all nights which was excellent after a long day on slopes. Nice staff and service! Polite and helpful. Rooms Your basic 90’s style decorated room with tv, comfy beds and a small sauna and bathroom. Got to sleep well and there wasn’t any noises from other rooms. There wasn’t many visitors at the same time though. Sauna worked great. Breakfast Warm and cold dishes. Good quality food and lots of healthy choices and traditional bacon&eggs choice. You definitely eat well and have energy to ski all day. Gluten free corner and pancake making station available. Free WiFi in the rooms The buffet dinner was also good. Self made food, lots of vegetables and greens. Fish and meat choices. Soup and desserts with coffee. 22€ from the reception. Otherwise 25,90€ if I heard right. Free parking and motor warmer place for the car. Walking distance to the little shopping centre. Restaurants on walking distance too. Skibus stops in front of the hotel.

Hotel seemed a little dated at first but it grew on us & I think this is the style of a lot of Lapland hotels. This is a small hotel, the staff were very friendly & the little bar area had comfy chairs & log tables (very relaxing after being out in the snow). There are a couple of inside playing areas for the kids (nothing fancy but it kept them busy for a while). Limited choice of food (fussy eaters would go hungry), but quality was good. We had a duplex room and the kids slept upstairs, but the stairs are VERY steep so I wouldn't recommend this room for young children or adults with mobility problems. The surrounding area was great, there were shops/supermarket within a 10min walk. The kids all played in the snow just outside the hotel in the mounds of snow built by the snow ploughs...which meant you could watch them from the warmth of the bar area if you wanted to. Drinks are VERY expensive in Lapland £5 for a coke & up to £10 for a pint!! We're not skiers but I think there was a slope further up the hill. Finally but not least....we went with TUI (Thomson) & the entertainment staff were absolutely brilliant, there were kids activities throughout the day & the evening entertainment was ok as well. The trips were quite expensive (some people booked independently & had the same experience as the TUI booked excursions).

The hotel was clean and warm. I would of expected more for what we paid but Finland is rather pricey ! Food is OK but not huge choice. Tea, coffee towels in room etc... were not replenished/changed during our stay and the beds were not made either, maybe this is the norm ? Drinks very expensive so be prepared, 4.50 euro for a cola and about 10 euro for a pint of lager! It would of been nice to have more things set up in the snow for the kids as that is why we were there, we basically made some slides ourselves out of the ice and snow the diggers moved every day or so. So not an amazing but not bad either hence my middle of the road rating.

We stayed here from 18-21 Dec. We had a fab few days with lots to do. We did the free tasters at Santa village and that was enough for a 5 year old. It's expensive to do activities. The food in hotel was satisfactory with a few choices on offer. So don't expect lots of variety. Again drinks in hotel is expensive. There's a supermarket in walking distance take a sledge to bring back goodies! There's lots of sledges at hotel to use. The gala was a good evening. Would go Again!!

Stayed here with the family for four days, staff were exceptionally friendly and hospitable. Very expensive though with average alcoholic drink being 7.50 euro and 5 mini tubs of Pringles coming in at 15 euro! Food was not suited to a vegetarian diet with no suitable option other than salad and chips, wasn't a big deal though but may put some people off. Rooms very clean and the sauna is lovely after a day in the snow. We booked through Tui and the reps were brilliant. The boys enjoyed all the activities and trips which were very well organised.

Well we had always wanted to take my little girl to Lapland to see Santa and make it magical, so we went and booked a 3 night stay through tui. In the brochure it looked really nice and magical with all the snow. When we arrived at the hotel it looked really nice, could of been made a bit more magical with some more decorations for the children but it looked ok. We already had been given the room key on the coach so it was in and up to the room. We had booked the family room with the upstairs part which was a bit steep for my little girl to go up tbh. After dropping our cases in the room we went for some dinner, the room was nice with plenty of seating, but like some of the other reviews there wasn't much of a choice but it was nice. It's lucky aswell that my little girl loves veg an salad or she wouldn't of had much to eat at all. We stuck to the free coffee, juice and water as the price of drinks was extortionate. In the main reception part there is a small gift part and a small room with toys in for the kids to play in but wasnt very big for the amount of childrwn. We wanted to go explore abit after but My little girl and her mum had to wait to change the snow suits as they were far too big, luckily we had took along some thermals with us so we could still have a look round. The village looks beautiful with the other buildings and the snow all round, the hotel had made some big mounds of snow to sledge down for the kids which everyone seemed to enjoy. After having fun in the snow and tiring my little girl out we came in for a warm drink, hot chocolate was expensive, especially with cream an a marshmallow which my little girl wanted 🙈 Back up to the room it was very warm in there with great views out the big window. The beds were comfy and can't complain about them. The masonette was very warm with no way of changing the heat up there, also it had no plug sockets so had to charge cameras an phones downstairs part, wasn't a big deal but would be handy to have a socket up there. During our stay the tui reps put on some craft workshops and gave some entertainment for the kids which wants too bad and looked like the kids enjoyed it! The hotel staff were very friendly, very laid back and could sometimes take time sorting stuff but was never a problem. The second day we were up very early to go on the tasters. Like a few others have said the excursions are very expensive for what they are, and the tasters are a good experience even though it seemed quite rushed. My little girl loved going on the husky an reindeer sleigh. But after an hour we were back at hotel. We had decided to use the evening to go to the ice village excursion as we thought if we are going to pay for something least it was a different excursion, we are glad we did, it was amazing and the theme was game of thrones. Some amazing skill went into the sculpting there and definitely feel the experience was worth the money. My little girl got to drive a little snowmobile and we got a trip round the wooded area on them aswell. Also include was some dinner there. The evening in all was really good and we all enjoyed it! The last full day was spent exploring an picture taking in the morning then the Santa workshop and meeting the big man himself in the afternoon and the festive finale in the evening, we set off for the workshop an it took about an hour to get there, it was a little disappointing as it wasn't decorated or lit up really christmasy for saying it was where you were meeting Santa. You got given a time slot to see him and another to have a taster on the snowmobiles. They provided biscuit decorating and decoration making which was ok but most the icing had ran out and didn't seem enough to go round, again it all felt a bit rushed. I can honestly say that the meeting Santa part was really good an magical, the room he was in was really cosy and nice and looked the part, my little girl was mesmerized by him and loved seeing him! Each child got a present off him to which he said they could open in the hotel when they got back for being good. From getting back to leaving for the festive finale we only had 45 mins to get ready which wasn't much time, it was at the ski resort 10 mins down the road, we got then and joined the queue to go get seated. The room had a few Xmas trees up but wasn't very Christmasy for saying it was the festive finale, the food wasn't too bad, they had the tui reps singing and then they did a pantomime. Which was very good and funny! They have a little surprise of fireworks after, so everyone went down and outside which was cold as we didn't have snow suits on, the fireworks were ok but soon as they had finished we were ushered back onto the coach to go back, this I thought was a bit rubbish as my little girl wanted to go back in an dance some more so she was upset. In all the trip was really good and it's what you make it that makes it a great experience, the main thing is my little girl loved it. I'd definitely recommend anyone to go and experience it and don't be put off by the price as it's a trip thats going to be remembered. I hope tui and the hotel make a few tweaks an get it even more magical for future trips.

Ok so I would like to start by saying I personally feel this hotel is great for decor, location and service. However, food options are poor. You get 1/2 options a night....if you like it gr3at but if not u go without. The food itsself it fairly tasty.... in the evening. The reason for Only For Stars is because of limited choice of food and extortion drink prices. 9euro wine. Prisecco 10.50 and a bottle of coke 4.50. There is a shop nearby ...about2 kilometre walk but to be honest it's not much cheaper there.... I was you I would pack some mini bottles and some snack food for when you are out on trips... trust me you won't regret it. Just a word of advice please do not expect the trips you book to be anywhere near Worth what they cost through Tui.....lower your expectations or just do the tadters...they are enough for the experience. .... if you do book a trip within the next six weeks please ensure you book them for the morning time as it is seriously dark and photos will be crap from about 2 p.m.

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Hotel highlights

  • Free breakfast
  • Free WiFi in public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Lapland Hotel Ylläskaltio places you within a few miles (5 km) of Kellokas Visitor Centre and Kesankijarvi. This 72-room, 3-star hotel welcomes guests with conveniences like free breakfast, a restaurant, and free self parking. It's in the mountains and also within a 15-minute drive of Yllas Ski Resort.


Free breakfast is included with your stay. Enjoy a bite to eat at the hotel's buffet restaurant, or relax with a drink at the bar/lounge.


All 72 rooms feature minibars, coffee makers, and phones. Guests can expect to find WiFi and flat-screen TVs with digital channels. Rooms also include hair dryers. Limited housekeeping is available.

Property features

At Lapland Hotel Ylläskaltio, guests have access to a sauna, free WiFi in public areas, and an arcade/game room. There's free parking, and a shuttle from the hotel to the airport (available 24 hours) for EUR 15.10 per person. The front desk has multilingual staff that can help with luggage storage and securing valuables. This ski hotel also has a terrace.

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