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Regency on the Beach

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Me and my family flew to gold coast for our holiday. It is our first time in gold coast and we were greeted with grumpy, unfriendly and rude woman in the reception of REGENCY BY THE BEACH! The “so called” receptionist did not even introduce her name and welcomed us, she told us to come back at 2pm because that’s normally the check in time. We arrive there 1:30pm and was told: wait it is not 2pm yet. At exactly 2pm we came back again to the reception only to be told your room is not ready and you have to wait!! What kind of receptionist she is! 0% CUSTOMER SERVICE!! Never ever again! If you come to gold coast first time, be sure DO NOT book your stay in this place!

According to your new ‘Manager’, you employed her to do whatever she wants! This list is rather an interesting one and will soon run your once amazing property in to the ground! Apparently her list of ‘whatever she wants’ includes: • verbally abusing people who are paying good money to stay there • threatening to have guests evicted when she is challenged or questioned • likes to have meetings with contractors outside rooms waking tenants early in the morning • has absolutely no manners or people skills and is a bully. As for the decreased quality of the premises, you have cockroaches taking over rooms, the room I stayed in stunk so much I had to buy incense to enter and sleep in the room and outdoor furniture that wasn’t even usable! I have stayed here annually for 5 years, kept returning for location, comfort and obliging friendly staff! Would not recommend to family, friends or anyone reading this review! Please continue to read reviews before booking! It was a lesson learnt for me to do so before ever booking anywhere again! The only way I would return is if new management were introduced! Really appalled and disappointed!

We have stayed here annually since 2012 and have always thoroughly enjoyed it however our recent holiday was anything but relaxing and was memorable for all the wrong reasons. Since Jan 2017 and our recent stay in Jan 2018 new management has been employed and I can only assume that she must be related to one of the property owners as she has absolutely no customer service skills and gets around the place like a drill sergeant. There are no niceties, no introductions of who she is and she yells and barks orders. Visitors parking is located at the front of the building and there are at least four spots also available in the underground car park. It was never an issue for visitors to use these car parks if the ones upstairs were full but the new management will not allow for anyone to enter the underground car park under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE. A friend of mine who lives at the coast and who is disabled came to visit during our stay and was denied use of the underground "visitors" car parks. My elderly Father who also came to visit for the day from Brisbane and who had recently undergone a quadruple bypass was also denied. It doesn't matter how nicely you ask the manager she just yells and outright refuses to bend or make compromises. If you are silly enough to go ahead and book a unit here while this manager is around remember to; a)Take ID if you plan on going into the pool or spa or you will be questioned over and over about your age. b) expect management to barge into your private balcony to complain to you about anything and everything. c) do not take children of any age. We watched her yell at children playing in the pool as they were "making too much noise". d) Don't forget to take insect spray because there are cockroaches everywhere. I have worked in hospitality and tourism for the past 25 years and am just gobsmacked that such a person is running this place. I guess it explains why it wasn't at all busy during our stay.

I will never recommend anyone stay here nor will I ever stay again. The rooms were basic, the toilet was broken and the outside furniture was dirty, and all of that would have been fine if the hotel manager had have been the smallest bit hospitable, but she was rude from the minute I stepped inside the hotel and every occasion after. She made me, my best friend (who was there for her wedding) and all the other guests we had advised to stay there, feel unwelcome and like a bunch of teenagers she felt she could 'tell off'. After being made aware that it was my best friends wedding day she continued to make things difficult, going as far as whinging to her about her friends staying in a different room just an hour before she was due to walk down the aisle. The worst hotel experience i've ever had.

Stayed in a ground floor newly renovated two bedroom unit with a huge balcony with direct access to pool/spa area and the beach. Tallebudgera Surf club almost next door for reasonably priced meals. Unit was "snug", but ample. Kitchen ware was inexpensive, but new. Outdoor furniture was also new, but was restricted to wooden table with wooden benches; not ideal for sitting outside reading/sipping/watching world go by. Other units appeared to have more comfortable settings.

I am never one to write a review however after the experience we had over this weekend is it absolutely warranted. We flew to QLD to celebrate a wedding in which was my close friends who had suggested to her guests to stay at the Regency as it was close to the location of the wedding. Upon arrival at 6.30pm there was no one at reception and we were confused where to park our hire car, it seemed that the door to the garage was broken and didn't close so we just parked anywhere as it was very unclear. Then it was very confusing as to how we get checked in. We used a buzzer and a lady picked up and rudely advised us our keys where in the safe next to the buzzer told me to make sure it was locked and then hung up in my ear. We proceeded to our room in which we had requested a sea view. On the envelope that our room keys where in there was a note saying that we had been upgraded so we thought oh that's nice, but then the note went on to say if we used any extra things in the upgrade we would be charged and this was highlighted. THAT'S NOT AN UPGRADE. The view we had was not great at all and we could only just see the beach, we were on the 3rd floor so view was awful, the room was old , furniture stained, couches peeling leather, we had A sheet on our bed NO blankets. Sheets had spot stains on them, there was cockroaches in there, the toilet didn't flush the door to the balcony was hard to open and shut and the balcony plastic furniture was filthy, but we thought - oh well it is was it is let’s just enjoy our time as much as we could. I poured my first glass of wine and myself and my partner went out onto the balcony, I, mind you had not seen my closest girlfriends for a very very long time and as I sat down I heard them a few storeys up, in excitement I yelled out to them and they yelled back down to me as we were so happy to see each other we were all together again after many years to celebrate a wedding, with in a second a lady walked out from the room below me and told us to be quiet. We apologized strait away we were just a bit excited to see each other and quickly sat back down. I at this point had had just ONE sip of wine. My partner and I sat out on the balcony and just chatted between ourselves trying to enjoy what little view of the sea we had. Within 15 minutes a lady was knocking on our door telling us to keep it down. We were talking at a normal level, no music, no yelling just chatting away trying to enjoy our first night in palm beach. We immediately said to each other, "are we being loud?" I feel like we are just talking at a normal level" I guess we’ll try talk quieter. Mind you at this time it is 7pm Thursday night. So we continued at a lower level almost a whisper, again another complaint advising that there is residents in the building who have to work. This is when I started to get really upset with the situation as we were absolutely not being loud. I thought to myself if you don’t want people pretty much to breath in your hotel, do not have one. We were there to celebrate a couple, we had paid money to enjoy ourselves and we are respectful people and where in no way partying or being loud enough to treated that way, I felt like we were kids at a school camp or something and it was bed time. Which is certainly not how you should feel on holidays, especially a short break that we don’t often get to have. The next day was the day of the wedding and I left early in the morning to get my makeup done, my partner stayed. As I was sitting there my phone continuously rang, it was the Regency on the beach number. I could not answer my phone as that would be rude whilst someone is doing my makeup but it kept ringing. I returned to the apartment and at the same time the bride did from her makeup who had her wedding dress over her shoulder and clearly in a rush to ensure she was ready, when the manager at reception stopped her. I didn't hear the whole thing but when we both got in the elevator I said to the bride what was just said? She said the lady had a go at her for her "friends" being loud and a blonde girl hanging over the balcony “blind drunk” last night in room 301 OUR ROOM. The bride advised "this is my wedding day this is not necessary to be having a go at me about something so trivial” and she walked off. I was absolutely infuriated that this woman not only stopped the bride clearly getting ready for her wedding to have a go at her about us (Which really our room had NOTHING to do with the brides) but for making such an exaggerated comment about hanging over the balcony drunk. I’m assuming that was me she was referring to and was extremely dishonest about this, not to mention the bride was the one who hung her head over to greet me, she knew I had just arrived and was not blind drunk. I was so upset and the bride was so upset. Not to mention this lady had yelled at the bride’s mother about where she parked her car and also the bride’s sister accusing them of parking cars in the garage that weren't to be there. No one’s car was in there that wasn't staying at the hotel. She even wouldn’t let one of the brides maids up to set up some champagne and flowers in the brides room for her because she wasn’t on the booking. She made the bride ring her to confirm this was okay then purposely avoided answering her calls while the bridesmaid stood there with the items to take to the room to set up for the bride. She was just awful. I got back up to our room feeling really angry and upset about these accusations and the fact that not only was the room a complete disappointment but the manager made us feel so unwelcome and like we couldn't even speak. It was awful,. My partner said the manager has been up and said that we need to keep it down and the same spiel as she said to the bride and when she knocked on our door numerous times the night before. It’s like she wouldn't leave us alone.. So the rest of the time we whispered in the room and didn't even go out on the balcony even during the day to save her harassing us for talking. We tried watching TV one night but we were too scared to turn it up past 3 so there was really no point we just went to bed to sleep under our sheet. We avoided going back to the room as much as possible. Saturday morning we were up early and out for breakfast. We came back to the room at about 11 and there was a note under our door saying that we had to check in between 9 & 10.30 highlighted. I’m sorry but it is not our problem that management choose to have minimal hours to check in. They weren’t there when we arrived being only 6.30pm at night on a week night. We had plans that don’t accommodate those particular hours. If you are not going to be there for people to check in you cannot dictate when we check in to suit your minimal hours especially when your living in the room directly behind the counter. We avoided spending any time here and apologized to friends etc but we couldn’t have them over because we didn’t want to get in trouble for speaking too loud. The morning of check out we were up and getting ready to leave, excited to be checking out of this prison like hotel when I got a call at 9.00am form the manager abruptly and very rudely "reminding" us to be out at 10.00am. I could not believe it, we are not irresponsible partiers, we are not loud, we are not disrespectful we have not damaged anything and we did absolutely nothing wrong here. The worst thing was me yelling up to the girls upon arrival which I apologized for. I was so so upset and this was the last straw for me. As we went down stairs to check out before 10 because forbid we did not get down there in time. She did not say a word not “how was your stay” not even a smile, she pushed a piece of paper at me and a pen to sign, she then went on to say “Now I have emailed the bride “ (again her booking and rooms have nothing to do with ours, the rooms were booked separately) I stopped her immediately and said the brides booking has nothing to do with ours and you shouldn’t be giving us any info on other guests nor speaking to other guests about our booking - she went onto say “but your friends” “that makes no difference to me”. “If you wish to discuss our booking you discuss that with us” and we went to leave, she then said under her breath don’t come back. I could not believe how rude someone could be who is in HOSPITALITY.. I proceeded to advise her that we have never been more happy to leave somewhere and that we on NO level we had any intentions on ever returning to the hotel and that the review I would be leaving would be the truth on how awful it was on every level. Shocking service, shocking rooms, they don’t replenish condiments we couldn’t even have coffee of a morning, stained sheets, the blinds don’t block any sunlight out, everything was aged and run down, the view we had was awful and we felt like we were in prison. I would never suggest going to this hotel until it has been upgraded, a pest controller has been through, proper cleaning of the linen, the garage door is repaired to secure your car and most of all not until new a new manager takes over this building. Absolutely shocking on every level I have never experienced anything like this. If this manager doesn’t like this job which she clearly didn’t she should find something else to do. Ruining peoples holiday’s and putting a damper on someone’s wedding day is not what the hospitality industry is about. Hence the name. HOSPITALITY!

We stayed here 3 nights while it was being painted (which we were aware of). As a result, we got a good deal on room prices. For that price, it was worth what we paid for it, but I'd have been disappointed if we had paid close to full price. Pros: Clean and freshly painted rooms. Ocean views. Comfortable beds. Good location. Good free underground parking Efficient staff Separate toilet / shower / washing room Regular collection of towels - but we were happy to reuse the ones we had - no option given. Cons: Rooms are cheaply furnished - furniture, utensils and older appliances TV but not much else Restricted WIFI at a time you would expect free wifi Double room +hot tub, no shower Other room had twin beds which took up so much of the room that the bedside light was at the far end of the bed. Someone has a penchant for putting up notices - seemed like there were 2-3 in every room. Made it feel like the office kitchen "clean your own dishes etc" Free to air TV but no other entertainment in the rooms-eg music player, cable etc. It's an older style art deco type place. The owner or manager is freshening it up but it's still an older place but nicely located on the beach. We didn't use the pool or sauna.

Right you know what I say is the truth. Been reviewing places for Many years. Right I will start with the good points. Hotel clean. That's it for good points Bad points Room tiny Staff not helpful Can't use balcony Twin beds even thought we booked double Sea view squint and you might To wrap it up better placed out there to stay for same money think before you book here

We were booked to stay a couple of nights but had to leave early as our son was sick. The staff were efficient, but not overly friendly. The room was booked as 3 bedroom apartment having ocean views (which it did, and wasn't cheap!) but was tucked away in the bottom corner of the building, giving it a very dungeon like feeling. It was very cramped and the remote for the DVD player was wrong and did crazy things when you pressed the buttons. It wasn't all bad, the rooms were nice and the beds comfortable. Maybe the upper level rooms are nicer. It is located right on the beach, which was great.

great location so close to the beach comfortable rooms plenty to see in the location with local bus stop very close also free underground car parking staff friendly and approachable as we left was having a refurb

1483 Gold Coast Highway Palm Beach QLD

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Outdoor pool

Located within a mile (2 km) of Burleigh Head National Park, Regency on the Beach is within 2 miles (3 km) of Burleigh Beach. This 40-room, 3.5-star aparthotel has an outdoor pool along with free in-room WiFi and free self parking. David Fleay Wildlife Park and Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary are also close to this Palm Beach aparthotel.


The 40 individually furnished apartments feature balconies or patios and afford space to spread out with living rooms. Flat-screen TVs come with cable channels and DVD players, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Other standard amenities include microwaves and electric kettles.

Property features

Guests staying at Regency on the Beach enjoy an outdoor pool, free WiFi in public areas, and a garden. If you plan to drive, free parking is available. Friendly staff can provide tour or ticket assistance, and also offer advice about sightseeing. This beach aparthotel also has barbecue grills.

Room options

Studio (2 x Twin Beds)

Twin 2 | Sleeps 2

1 Bedroom Apartment

Queen 1 | Sleeps 3

1 Bedroom Hinterland

Queen 1 | Sleeps 3

Standard Room, 2 Bedrooms

Queen 1 | Sleeps 5

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