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Hotel Monterey La Soeur Fukuoka

3.5 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

This hotel is at a great location! the subway is down the street. There are many great restaurants nearby as well as the underground shopping center which was very interesting. The only thing is that the room itself is very small and it gets really hot. I visited with some friends and we all had to ask for permission to open our windows. Other than that, the service was pretty great and staff was very kind!

I visited during my honeymoon trip to japan, me and my wife were very dissapointed in the lack of cleanliness of the hotel, although well located we feel they don’t spend enough in maintenance, the staff try fairly good to assist you, the heating was crazy and the only way to cool off the room was to open the window to the street!!! The wifi signal is horrible.I think they can make it a better place if they wanted.

We stayed at Hotel Monterey Lasoeur Fukuoka during our 4 day visit. The hotel is located fairly close to the municipal Tenjin subway station. There are a lot of tourist-friendly businesses nearby. Check-in was smooth and efficient. The room was clean but fairly basic. Not exactly roomy, but perfectly normal for any urban hotel in this price range. We were there in late November and the building was heated way too excessively. I think this is partly cultural for Kyushu. I noticed people dressed in really heavy coats, even though the temperatures were in mid to high 50's fahrenheit. We could not open the window, and air conditioning could not be turned on, just heat, which we turned off. We notice excessive heat everywhere we went, so we did not bother to ask the people at the hotel to see if they could do something. Maybe we should have. Other than that this is an excellent hotel in this price range.

We chose this hotel purely for its location and close proximity to the airport. We were not disappointed. The location is good and just within minutes to Tenjin/Shin Tenjin by foot. Parking was available at 1500/night. The rooms were not large but adequate. However, I am giving them 4 stars largely because of the upkeep of the room. The room we were given had obvious scuff/dirt marks on the light yellow walls and seemed rather old. Actually it’s such a pity because the rest of the hotel despite its age, is actually very well-kept except for the room walls. This is rather puzzling. The guest lounge with complimentary drinks was a nice touch. I really wanted to give them 5 stars but the poor upkeep of the walls makes it difficult to justify a 5 star rating.

Stayed in this hotel with my mother and sister for 4 nights. The location is within walking distance from Tenjin subway station and the bus stops. On the way to the hotel, there are a lot of shops, restaurants and convenience stores which is a very good spot. As for the room, it is quite big for an average hotel room (given we are 3 in the room and we're not cramped). The motif of the room is quite relaxing for someone who wants a good night's sleep coming from a long day of walking and sight seeing. Toilets are spotlessly clean and is complete with toiletries that an average traveler would need (toothbrush w/ toothpaste, cotton buds, etc). Service-wise, it was very spot-on. The staff at the front desk can speak English and they'd attend to your queries and needs real quick. The directions that the female staff from the front desk was very helpful when I asked about Ohori Park. And we totally appreciate the fact that every night we come back to the room is spotlessly clean. So kudos to the staff and keep up the good service! The only con I would mention is the lack of free breakfast. While there are other hotels that offer free breakfast, you'd have to pay 2000 yen to avail the hotel's breakfast buffet. But not to worry, there are lots of restaurants/shops/convenience stores near the hotel where you can have breakfast instead. In conclusion, it was a short but pleasant stay and I'd highly recommend this hotel if you ever come to Tenjin, Fukuoka.

I stayed in this hotel during May 2017 and was really disappointed. The room was in a very poor state, the walls needed some fresh painting and the rifts in all the corners also told me that maintenance works were long overdue. That's not the quality I was paying for and it's not the quality I expect from a Monterey hotel. Again, I wouldn't complain if I had paid less. Also, the window is not sound proof and even if I stayed on the 11th floor, I could clearly hear all the noises coming from the street at night. Bad, bad choice.

Hotel Monterey La Soeur Fukuoka. Room No. 912 Duration of stay : 22 April to 01May 2017 Pre arrival administration They have prompt people at the reservation department. Mine was done by Tsai and in a quick responses, everything was tied up, inclusive of how to reach the hotel from the Airport and the cost of the room. Very clear response. The arrival It was exactly as advised by Tsai and the hotel is actually, the next building after the exit 1, of Tenjin subway station. So their estimation of a 2 minutes walk is valid. It dawn to me that Exit 1, may be the easiest way to tell a completely new guest, how to reach the hotel, but the exit 1, has no escalator and this may be an issue, if you have heavy luggage or laden with shopping. It is also not advantageous to the senior citizen or those who would prefer a flat walking surface. So, most of the time, I use exit 5, go into Parco and using the elevator to the street level, so that I may walk along a flat surface. Another innovation is to walk through the office building after Exit 1 and this is helpful in hot daylight weather and also during cold and windy evenings or even when it rains. Do note that the above 2 suggestions are to be used as appropriate. The hotel vicinity Probably the best as it can be. Most of the activities are on the southern side of the hotel. Walking southwards with Nishitetsu Grand Hotel on the right, is the Ichiran ramen outlet on the left and everything left of it are massive shopping mall. On the opposite side, i.e. along the Nishitetsu Grand Hotel, and just after passing the hotel is the Ippundo ramen. A bus terminal is with the Tenjin subway area. Northwards, and directly opposite the hotel is the oldest Indian curry restaurant, while eastwards is Uniqlo and some shopping. Westwards, nothing much, convenience outlets and some small shops. Yatai are found along Showa Dori, the road infont of the hotel, where the famous Mami Chan is the second last stall, before the junction. The Yatai, directly opposite the hotel side entrance is operating since 1968 and it is a queue, day after day and note that they are close on some days. Even the hotel, seems to approve of them as evident by a placard and photographs at the gift display area. Hotel iconic recognition Somehow, there is a round orange lantern at the top of the hotel. It can be seen from miles and serves as an orientation for the guest. Unfortunately, guests are not allowed access to it. The hotel lounge An assorted sitting area, a TV and a vending machine for both hot and cold beverages. Good place and a million dollar view for people watching. The only setback is that the operating hours are limited. Please, Management, have it open all day as it is a hangout place. The check – in It was done by LENO, and it was smooth. She was kind enough to fill up my water bottle and gave me, the map, so that I can begin my Fukuoka experience. The room As I have requested that the luggage be brought to the room, it was complied. I, note that the room access card, is also necessary, when travelling by elevator to the room. It is smart enough to detect the floor, where my room, was located. The room was just about the minimum size for comfort, but the bathroom was large and comfortable. I, use the space above the cupboard for all my non refrigerated purchases. I am surprise that the space is clean – no dust. A compliment. The refrigerator It is not that cold and empty. It suits me, as I can put some of my purchases, like miso and those that need to be cooler than the room temperature. The TV Not the best available in term of size and colour. There is a smart card at the left bottom side. TV programme are limited. No English programme. The alternative is to buy the 1000 Yen card that comes with the password, so that you can unlock the programme. I, was told by the hotel staff that comes from Oita that the password allows 24 hrs viewing, but it is 12 hours only as confirmed by another staff. There is adult content, but they are heavily censored. The toilet As probably a standard issue in Japan, the TOTO washlet has a dual flush system for its’ intended use. Just note that the seat warmer may be turned off, and so, on entering the room, it may be good to check on this part. On top of the water tank, there is a custom made shelf. This is a good innovation, as it increases the total shelf space. Great for your cosmetics, books and newspaper. I, note that in this hotel, there are 3 toilet rolls. Two are on the designated holder and the third one is next to the bath towels. First in my travel. The bathtub Also a standard practice, they use liquid soap, conditioner and shampoo. In this hotel, they have a stainless steel bracket for them. It looks organized and makes it easier to clean and of course, it makes the place more hygienic. Shower curtains are standard and there is a cord that allow the guest to pull and hook to the other end of the bathtub, in case you want to hang some laundry. A really helpful thing at the edge of the bathtub is the water channel. This makes sure that water will never reach other parts of the toilet. Also a first in my travel. The toiletries They are the usual stuff, sufficient and of good quality. As in many Japanese hotesl, there is no shower caps, provided. If you are observance, you will notice that it is on a small table, next to the elevator, on the ground floor. On that table is a tray with shower caps. I, can confirm that it is “free” for the guests. The wash basin Pretty standard and liquid soap is available. As also elsewhere in Japan, cake soap is not available from the hotel. The other furniture There is a small table for boiling the water as well as a chair, so that you can write, if needed to. On both sides of the bed are a bedside table each with lights control and an alarm clock that I could not set the alarm. There is also a 2 minutes difference in the time. On the contrary, you can request for early morning call and it is an automated service. I, used it and it works. As there is no room service, except massage, there is no metal spoon for the coffee or whatever other purpose, but the reception was kind enough to lend me some from the kitchen. A folderable rack for luggage is in the room. Not much use and I, merely fold it up and put it in the cupboard. A small round table is in the room and it is of not much use. I used it for my shopping purchase. As for luggage, I used the small space beside the TV for my carry – on luggage and put my large suitcase inside the sliding cupboard. Breakfast They use the coupon system. It also means that you can choose to eat, meaning, you will get a refund, if you tell them early that you don’t want breakfast as in my case, where I, actually left early for my flight. For most of my breakfast, I was ushered and served by SUGIYAMA. An efficient lady and she will show us to the table and also make sure that we know, what is available for breakfast. You must return the number card to her after the breakfast as it is a practice. In term of food, they served both Japanese and International fare with a section for coffee, fruit juice and cakes. I like the “kaya” that I will spread on the bread and also the pre prepared butter bread. So good that I took them, everyday. They have steam sweet potatoes that alternate with fries. Both are good. Then, they probably have the best curry rice in town. Always had it with half a bowl of rice. There are sautéed mackeral and chicken drumlet. The fish is a bit fishy, while the drumlets were great. Overall, a very good breakfast as it is buffet style and value for money. The better staff One of them is LENO at the reception. Knowlegeable in local area and efficient. Her command and understanding of English is probably the best. The other is SUGIYAMA, who work tirelessly at the breakfast table to ensure our happiness. One suggestion is that both should smile more often, Would I recommend this hotel to you – Yes Is it family friendly - Yes

Stayed there on 2 separate occasions. Over night prior to trip to Korea & when we got back for a 3 day stay in Fukuoka. One major plus was being able to get a room for 3, and it was comfortable. Room was clean, staff was friendly & helpful. Location was half a block away from Tanjin subway entrance & walking distance to many shops & restaurants. Local yatai (evening food booths) were right outside our hotel. Great stay!!

일단 텐진역에서 엄청 가까워서 왔다갔다할때 편하더라구요 좀만 나가면 파르코같은 백화점들도 가기 편하고 주변에 드럭스토어가 많아서 편했어요 그리고 호텔 바로 앞에 야타이가 대여섯개씩 있어서 밤에 야식하기 좋아보였어 직접 가보진 못해서 거기 분위기가 어떤진 잘 모르겠어요 그래도 로손 편의점이 걸어서 5~10분? 거리에 있어서 맥주랑 안주 사먹기 편했어요 후기에 바퀴벌레 얘기가 있었는데 저희가 묵을땐 벌레같은건 하나도 없었어요 그리고 한국인 직원분도 계신 것 같더라구요 근데 한국인 직원이 24시간 있는건지는 잘 모르겠고 저는 여행하는 동안 한분밖에 못 봤어요.. 대신 처음에 체크인할때 여권을 달라고 하더니 그걸 복사해서 보관해놓더라구요 저희가 체크아웃하면 파기할 줄 알았는데 10년동안 보관한다고 하는데 좀 찜찜했어요. Firstly, the location was really convenient because the hotel was very close to Tenjin Station. Also, there were many big department store like PARCO and convenient store like LAWSON and many drug stores too. So it was quite easy to buy beers and snacks or cosmetics. Most of them were 5 to 10minutes away from the hotel. Also, right infront of the hotel were several yatais. Though I couldn't try any of them because of my traveling schedule, but I think it wouldn't be bad to try one of them. There was a Korean employee in the hotel, but I am not sure there would be Korean 24 hours because I only met one Korean employee during traveling. However, when I first checked in, the staff required my passport for a moment and she scanned it and stored it somewhere else. I thought they would destroy it when I check out, but they said they are storing it for 10 years. That made me quite uncomfortable for a while.

The hotel has a lovely foyer with original Mucha pieces. Unfortunately the single rooms are small and shabby with stained and dirty walls. I reported this but no attempt was made to clean them. Also my room was not properly cleaned or serviced in the intervening day of our two day visit. The dining room is dark and dingy with no windows and the breakfast is OK but a bit limited for European tastes.

2-8-27 Daimyo Chuo-ku Fukuoka Fukuoka-ken

Hotel highlights

  • Walking distance to Fukuoka Art Museum and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Onsite dining
  • 24-hour front desk

Located in Tenjin, Hotel Monterey La Soeur Fukuoka is a leisurely stroll from popular sights such as Fukuoka Art Museum and Fukuoka Asian Art Museum. The 182 rooms at this 3.5-star hotel include refrigerators, flat-screen TVs, and soaking bathtubs. It's in central Fukuoka and also close to Tochoji Temple and Ohori Park.


Enjoy a leisurely bite to eat at ESCALE, the hotel's onsite restaurant. For your convenience, a buffet breakfast is served for a fee each morning from 7 AM to 9 AM.


Hotel Monterey La Soeur Fukuoka's 182 soundproofed rooms provide refrigerators, free local calls, and desks. 22-inch flat-screen TVs come with cable channels and pay movies, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi and wired Internet. Beds are dressed in down comforters and bathrooms offer deep soaking tubs, hair dryers, and free toiletries. In-room massages are available.

Property features

Hotel Monterey La Soeur Fukuoka features free WiFi in public areas and wedding services. Self parking is offered for JPY 1500 per night. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with dry cleaning/laundry, luggage storage, and securing valuables.

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