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Naviti Resort

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Chefs Arif and Ashik from the Nukunuku Buffet Restaurant at the Naviti Resort went above and beyond catering Gluten Free meals for my family, they were welcoming and nothing was an issue for them. Arif’s knowledge and experience was a blessing and he delivered an amazing food experience for us. Ashik from the minute we spoke about Gluten Free requirements nothing was an issue for him, he made us feel very welcomed and his chicken stir fry was a hit. Vanaka, thank you for feeding and looking after us on our family holiday.

Stayed in a beachfront villa for two days and the privacy was nice.The room was spacious and fairly comfortable.The gym had a good selection of equipment.The breakfast was good although not spectacular.Otherwise the stay was very good value for money when booked online. On the downside a few spiders and ants were found crawling on the walls as soon as we checked in..The airconditioner leaked twice onto our bed.Once on the night before we checked out around 8pm.We informed the resort and they spent two hours fixing the aircon and cleaning up the room and bed until 10pm .However the next morning at 6am it leaked again right onto the bed as a wake up alarm .We used a wine bucket in the room to collect the the leaking water .Informed the reception upon checkout where we got a reply of sorry for the inconvenience.That was the only major unfortunate issue experienced with our stay.

We booked 2 rooms for 2nights. Both rooms had something wrong with the air conditioning. Technicians came over to have a look about 3-4hrs after notifying reception, only to say that they work fine, theyre just dusty, and need cleaning. Our first night, my sister and i found a large lizard on the single bed behind the cushions and when i rung reception to have someone remove it no one came - AT ALL!! The tap water in the bathroom sink was murky and didnt clear up till our last night, and the jug didnt look safe enough to use. Ordered Room Service - The lady taking our order was so rude & kept repeating the wrong thing. When we finally got it right, it took almost two hours for our meals to arrive! Thankfully the food was well cooked and edible. Thats about the only thing that was satisfactory during our stay. Very very disappointing.

I cannot recommend the Naviti enough. The food, staff and entertainment were fantastic. This is a fantastic resort for couples, families and even travel friends. From the moment you step out of the airport shuttle you are welcomed and made to feel like you are 'coming home'. The hotel is friendly, safe and has a wide variety of entertainment. The rooms were clean and were at the perfect temperature. I believe what we paid for represented excellent value for money.

This is my first review on trip advisor, but it was our second time at Naviti Resort after enjoying our last visit a few years ago. My fiance and I just returned from our Christmas holiday there (our family all live overseas) and I must say, a lot has changed since our last visit. They have really tidied the place up and we loved the new Christmas decorations too. Magic. From the daily activities to the big holiday events, everything was just next level compared to our last stay. We especially loved the HUGE buffet and marque that was set up for New Years Eve night this time. There was live music (which were a very talented local cover band playing all the hits), everyone was on their feet dancing, and of course, a brilliant fireworks show from the little island right out front of the resort topped off the last night of the year perfectly. The be quite slow, but I have not been anywhere in Fiji where that is not the case. We took advantage of the all inclusive package and we cannot recommend this enough. For a little extra cost per day, it includes all the food and drink (including alcohol) you would ever need. We also noticed that the fanciest restaurant of the four (can't remember the name) is now adult only. This wasn't the case on our last visit as I remember kids were running around one of the tables which kind of ruined the "fine dining" experience we were expecting. This time however, we took full advantage and had several meals there. It was quiet and felt very romantic. I loved the presentation of everything and can't recommend the filo-parcels enough! We spent a lot of our time being active - swimming at the beach, snorkelling, hit the gym a few times, kayaking and I finally had a chance to try the stand-up paddleboarding (harder than it looks!!!). On our last visit I we couldn't get the kayaks or boards as I think they only had one of each for hundreds of guests to share. It was good to see that there are now plenty of each so that everyone can enjoy them. When we weren't being active bunnies, we where in the swim up pool bar (so much fun) reading on the lounges, going for beach walks and just generally relaxing. It's the kind of place that offers the best of both worlds. We did a tour that left from the resort. The tour took us (via long boats) to the most amazing waterfall I have ever been to. We could swim under it! Then we jumped on a big bamboo flat boat where we were taken to a real Fijian village. There, we experience a real Kava ceremony and were educated on how they lived. It was all very interesting and I would recommend it to anyone. We also did another smaller tour from the resort that took us by bus into a nearby town where we could do some shopping and we got some great souveniers here. These tours were easily booked at the resorts tour desk near reception. We loved our recent trip to Fiji and can't wait to come back to Naviti Resort! As I said earlier we enjoyed our first visit, but we LOVED our recent trip. Everything has been improved on: food, cleanliness, gardens, available activities and although still a little on the low side, I would say staff morale and service even seemed better. We love getting those big bula smiles! Well done Naviti resort, we will be back again! Maybe with a little one next time :D Matt

My partner and I were looking forward to our trip away together and had heard great things from friends who had visited the Naviti resort in previous years. We booked here and purchased the “All Inclusive Package” and thought we would have a great time under their recommendations unfortunately; we did not share the same experiences they did. The resort itself is nice enough with great views of the sunset each night, it also has a great supermarket if you have forgotten or need pretty much any supplies. There is also plenty of water sport equipment etc. to use but when trying to get a beach/ pool towel you have to get one early in the morning or you miss out as we found out one morning. There was an also lengthy delay in getting bath towels to our room. We found on a few occasions that would have our towels taken in the morning and not have new ones returned until the afternoon, which was rather inconvenient. I did hear after a few days that there were laundry issues. This is something that could have been communicated to the guests at the time of the issues rather than have us waiting wondering when they would be coming and having to wait for a shower. There where also (as to be expected) little mistakes with orders for drinks this could be attributed to the out of date paper docket system being used however a few times we were given other people's dockets or we were "charged" for extra drinks. As we had all-inclusive package it did not really matter at the time but I think the system really needs to be looked at and upgraded. Also I do not understand why you have to wear a wristband the whole time you are at the resort when you have to sign for everything you consume anyway? One of the big downfalls we experienced was the New Years Eve diner buffet. When we booked through our travel agent we were told we had a “Compulsory NYE Dinner” which was also stated on our travel itinerary. When we went to book In for the dinner (day before NYE) the staff member who was taking the dinner bookings told us that all inclusive packages still incur a charge of $95 pp., We told her it stated on our itinerary that it was compulsory but that did not seem to matter. So we decided we would not attend. On NYE my partner overheard a staff member overseeing the NYE dinner bookings tell a resort guest that if she showed her travel voucher (itinerary) then she would not be charged the $95 pp. When he advised me of this I went to enquire with the same lady, I again stated with the resort that we had the “compulsory dinner” she argued the dinner price with me in spite of the fact she had just told the other guest she would not be charged. It was only when I said how misleading the whole event was and told her I would be taking this up with management that she then decided they would charge the travel company we booked through the $95 if I showed them my itinerary – which could have been done the day before, I assume the travel company had already paid the resort for this. The food at the NYE dinner buffet was very nice, the fresh fish was amazing, and it’s just a shame that we had to go through the whole debacle earlier to be able to attend the dinner as it left a sour note on the evening for both of us. In general the breakfast/ lunch and dinner buffets were unfortunately not of good quality and there were always flies on the open food. The Chinese and Italian restaurants however were very nice to eat at and had a great atmospheres and great tasting food. The next issue we had is the day we checked out, we decided to pay an extra $40 to stay an extra 2 hours as our flight was not until later that day. We went to reception after breakfast to extend our stay and also thought we would print out our invoice so we knew how much we needed to pay at the end. After extending our stay we went out of our room to head to one of the shops and when we went back our room key did not work. There was a cleaner on our level who let us in. I called reception to advise of the key issue and they told me that the key needed to be activated again (which they should have advised us when we extended the stay only an hour or so before) however the reception staff said they would send someone to our room and exchange the keys, we waited an hour and they never came. This is not a big deal but there seems to be a few communication issues with staff and customers. When came the time to check out we proceeded to finalize the bill and find there is an extra charge of $21 compared to the previous invoice we were given a few hours prior. When I queried this I was told we had made an (almost) 5 minute call to Australia. Which we DID NOT make. We have mobiles and Wi-Fi for this exact reason. The lady at reception advised that they would check with IT but said they do not make mistakes as the phone was linked to our room – interesting because the call was never made. They either have an issue with there IT or decided to add on an extra charge. Again I asked for the manager who came out and they removed the charge, he asked if anything else had happened during our stay which I advised him of the NYE incident which he wrote down but made no apologies. Our stay at the Naviti resort was really disappointing, especially after hearing great thing from friends who had traveled there years prior and reading other peoples great reviews. The attempted charges for both the NYE and Telephone call really could have been avoided and should not have happened, looking at the previous review(s) it appears we are not the only ones that things like this have happened to. Unfortunately we will not be back.

Fiji is always such a great place to unwind and relax! I enjoyed eating at Chinese’s Bamboo restaurant. Talei was great also and is adult only dining. I had the Buffet a few times which was themed each night and ample. Activities were great, I did a snorkel trip, glass bottom boat viewing, paddle boards and kayaks were a lot of fun. Was lucky to have some amazing weather considering it was wet season. I didn’t encounter any problems with Housekeeping and my room was serviced every day. I hope to visit again soon!

Was so excited to be going to Fiji for the first time with what I hoped would be a relaxing family holiday. To start with we had paid for two connected adjoining room as we were travelling with our two children aged 9 and 12. On check in at 8.30pm we were allocated rooms 606 and 607 which are not connecting rooms. Moses was lovely and rang reception to tell them of their mistake and their response was to just sleep in the two separate rooms for one night and we will be moved the next night. I politely refused this request and said I would not sleep in a separate room to my young children. They then managed to find to adjoining connected rooms. The only problem was the safes in both rooms were locked and unusable, the aircon in the children's room didn't work and there were no towels in the children's room. Rang reception and they sent a lovely young man who fixed the aircon and the safe. Unfortunately he used the icebucket in the room as a bucket for the waste water that he drained from the aircon unit as well as the teaspoon from the mini bar to unjam the hose that was apparently blocked. After using the items as work tools he calmly replaced them for our use without washing them. Yuck! They promote an all inclusive package which is not an all inclusive package at all. The bar closes at 12am but the drink package finishes at 11pm so for the unwary the costs can add up quickly if you don't read the fine print. The whole package is littered with these types of exclusions. My daughter went to request an icecream at 7.35pm one night only to be refused and told that it finished at 7.30pm. However the worst part of the trip was when we were advised that if we wanted to eat buffet on NYE we needed to pay a surcharge of $95 per adult and $55 per child so $300 for the family. No other buffet choice on the night so no choice but to pay if we wanted to eat that night. Whilst waiting in a line for 45mins to be seated in the marquee for a prebooked dinner time of 8pm we got to watch other guests of the resort who had obviously not paid as they didn't hand in the yellow booking sheet, walking into the buffet tent, fill up plates and leave to eat in other tables around the resort with no attempt to stop them. Some in plain view of the staff. No wonder that by the time we were seated at a very filthy table (I actually turned the table cloth over myself to get at least a semblance of a clean table) the food left at the buffet tent was scarce and scrappy. Even had to wait 10 mins once we had sat down to get clean cutlery. Drinks were a minimum 30 min wait per order. We managed to get 3 orders in before the 11pm cut off. Yes even though it was NYE and we had paid $300 for the buffet with private bar the drink package still finished at 11pm. The only redeeming thing about the resort is the lovely staff the majority are so cheerful and friendly and the reason they even rated one star. My tip if you are going to the Naviti is to check your bill regularly. It seems to be a common thing to have extra charges added to your room bill. My first bill printed off for the children's room number had a mysterious $34 charge. When I queried it they removed it without explanation as to what it was. Several other guests we spoke to also had a similar experience. Also refused to honour my voucher cocktail price of $10 despite being assured on check in that it would be, and again when I first checked my bill on 1 Jan and I noticed the incorrect pricing. Was assured by Johanna that it would be fixed up but instead I was charged $15 on check out. I was too annoyed by that stage to question it again and didn't have the time to argue it as I needed to get to the airport. It's a shame really, as you can see that the resort could be something special but not the way it is currently being managed.

Naviti exceeded our expectations! From the enthusiastic drums and big Bula on arrival, our trip only got better. Our room was clean and well maintained with beautiful ocean views (even on the odd overcast day). Our 3 year old LOVED the pool and enjoyed playing on the beach front. There is a stunning beach just up from the resort for those who like to snorkel. We had a good time with the canoes and paddle boards. The glass boat with Captain Josh was a hit with our little boy! He also loved the 8pm kids dancing and games. Food was great! Plenty of options. One of our favourite things about our trip was the staff. We had smiles on our faces and so did they. Loved having a chat with Timothy on my way to gym each morning. Jimmy and Josh in activities are laugh! My advice go and enjoy what Naviti and Fiji has to offer. You are in Fiji, smile and relax. Thank you Naviti for a wonderful holiday and Christmas!

The second we arrived the staff and other guests made us feel very welcome, our first dinner was in Bamboo (the Chinese restaurant) and was the best Chinese food we have ever had, the following days were a mixture of lounging by the pool paddle boarding, kayaking and all the other great activities the resort has. We also did a shopping tour to Suva which was also great fun, we also took advantage of the babysitters at Naviti and went to Tali (adult restaurant) the live entertainment was a treat and the food was amazing it was an experience we will never forget, I has a win a golf which was fun and also visited the spa, It was a holiday our family won't forget

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Hotel highlights

  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa
  • Golf course

Located within a leisurely stroll of Kula Eco Park, Naviti Resort is within a 15-minute drive of Namatakula Beach. This 220-room, 4-star resort has a golf course, a full-service spa, and 4 restaurants. It's on the waterfront and also within a 30-minute drive of Vunanui Bay and Kula Wild Adventure Park.


This resort is home to 4 onsite restaurants, perfect for a quick bite to eat. Satisfy your hunger from the comfort of your room with room service. For your convenience, breakfast is available for a fee.


All 220 air-conditioned rooms feature balconies, refrigerators, and coffee makers. Guests can expect WiFi and 32-inch TVs. Beds sport premium bedding and bathrooms offer hair dryers and free toiletries. Other standard amenities include safes, phones, and ironing boards.

Property features

Guests of Naviti Resort have access to a golf course, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. There's free parking, and an airport shuttle (available on request) for FJD 150 per vehicle one way. The 24-hour front desk has staff standing by to help with dry cleaning/laundry, tours or tickets, and luggage storage. Other amenities at this beach resort include a fitness center, outdoor tennis courts, and WiFi in public areas.

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Full 2 | Twin 3 | Sleeps 4

Studio Villa

King 1 | Sleeps 2

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