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Pousada Palacio De Estoi - Monument Hotel & SLH

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

Frankly I am stunned to learn this property has a manager. I never would have guessed it given that during my stay there was no evidence of any supervision on site. I booked two rooms for four nights. We were very excited by the appearance of the hotel when we pulled up. Disappointment came quickly. The reception desk was staffed by two people ( I came to learn it was rare to have more than one person on duty at the desk). We waited for over twenty minutes before they were able to start our registration though only one couple was ahead of us. The process took almost as long as the wait. One of the people at the desk had to let us in the garage and escort us to our room. ( it must be a real mess when there is only one staffer on duty.) The lobby area is furnished in a combination of replica furniture and some unattractive modern pieces. The rooms, though quite clean, had a dull and shoddy appearance. Worn and stained beds ( linens themselves were spotless),scratched flooring and unattractive, plain furnishings. The room was large and had a blacony. There was very poor lighting in the room and no mirror in the main area. Adjusting the air conditioning was a challenge and we had to call maintenance. The tub was large but very slippery. It took three requests to get a safety mat for the tub. Other concerns: 1.It was next to impossible to get a drink at the bar as it was never staffed. Apparently waiters from the dining room would fill in when you could find one ( I went to the kitchen to get a waiter one night). Not surprisingly the waiters could not make pretty ordinary mixed drinks, cosmo, mojito, etc. 2.A dead pigeon lay at the doorway to the garden for two days despite being reported repeatedly. 3. There is no concierge and all service, information, etc has to be handled by the woefully understaffed front desk. Phone calls to the desk went unanswered. 4. Staffing in the dining area was also a problem. The wait at dinner was three hours one night. The next night we decided to eat our main meal out and have only tapas for dinner. Despite our very basic order after an hour no food had been brought to us. When I told the maitre d he expressed shock ( odd he had so little management of the room he had not noticed himself). He did organize us being served and waived payment. 5. The general demeanor of staff was grim and unfriendly. A little warmth would have taken an edge off the frustration with delays. 6. We attempted to book spa appointments. The booking staff was unfamiliar with the services listed on the website and in a flyer left in the rooms, services listed were not actually offered ( manicures and pedicures are pretty normal offerings and were listed but no one on staff could do them). There is only one therapist and only one treatment room so appointments were difficult to schedule for a group traveling together. 7. We attempted to settle our bill the night before checkout in order to facilitate an early departure. The desk staffer said he needed an hour to put the bill together. 8. The furnishings of the common areas are very unattractive. This is such a shame because the rooms are beautiful. The lighting is exceptionally bright which adds to the unattractiveness of these areas. 9. Despite all these disappointments there were some bright spots. The therapist in the spa, Marta, is exceptional. We all thought the services she performed were top tier. Gisele,a front desk staffer, was very warm and welcoming. Victoria who managed breakfast and lunch service some of the days of our stay was very efficient and pleasant. Evo, our busboy one night was a delightful presence. Although he did his duties professionally there was a sense of genuine welcome. He should train the staff! All in all it was a very sad experience to see such a beautiful property so poorly operated. Portugal is center stage in the tourism industry. This property should be a jewel.

Checked in today - very unpleasant check in, the lady at the reception was too "busy" for our arrival. Obviously taking calls and boxes delivery are more important for her than welcoming customers. The room is ok. 3 star max. But it is "standard " room so we should not complain;).

My husband and I have stayed at this Pousada several times in the past on the evening before an early morning flight from Faro and love the mix of old public areas and modern, spacious, clean accommodation along with the gardens and pool terrace/spa. Whilst not cheap, we have always really enjoyed the food in the restaurant and found the service professional and attentive, without being overbearing. It was always a wonderful way to end a holiday and we were really looking forward to our stay this time, after an absence of a couple of years. How disappointed and disgusted we were to be. This was quite simply the worst restaurant experience we have ever had. The food, whilst presented well, was bland. The portions were small and it was vastly overpriced for what it was. Not what you would expect from a “luxury” or high-end hotel restaurant. At 8 Euros, the price of the “covers”, comprising one small dish of olives, one small plate of olive oil and two small bread rolls (with no “appetizer”) is by any stretch of the imagination, ridiculously expensive. At no point during the entire meal were we asked if we would like more bread. The mark-up on our bottle of wine was at the high-end – even for such an establishment. The starter of duck confit pie was mostly thick pastry, with maybe a teaspoon of bland filling which in turn was largely diced carrot. The quantity of duck was maybe half a teaspoon in total. The grilled octopus main course was extremely disappointing. The octopus, whilst nicely cooked, was a very small portion (just enough for a starter) and was bulked out with stone cold vegetables and stodgy sweet potato cakes. The whole thing was bland and under-seasoned. My husband had previously eaten a grilled octopus dish here which was truly delicious – a whole grilled small (baby) octopus – which made this sorry affair all the more disappointing. We did not order dessert so cannot comment on this. The dining experience was dreadful. The service was at best chaotic and disorganized, and often non-existent – in fact the worst I have ever experienced anywhere (and I have been to many restaurants of differing grades in many different countries around the world). Upon arrival at the dining room, we had to wait several minutes to be shown to our table, for which we had made a reservation at reception, although the staff member seemed to have trouble finding this in the book. As it was a warm evening, it was nice to be shown to a table outside on the terrace, however this turned out to be rather wobbly. The waiter did try to fix this – and it did improve things but the “wobble” was still there throughout the meal. When we were given the menu it became clear that a lack of lighting made it very difficult to read the menu. I had to resort to using the torch on my smartphone and I saw at least one other table doing the same thing. We had to specifically ask for bread as none was offered. Having decided what we wanted to eat we had to wait another 40 minutes to place our order. We had to ask 3 times if the waiter could bring the bottle of wine we had ordered. We were asked if we wanted to see the dessert menu before we had even been given our main courses. After finishing the main course and again after waiting some considerable time, we had to ask to see the dessert menu. Having decided there was nothing we wanted to eat for dessert (what happened to the amazing fig parfait with fruit sorbet that I thought was a signature dish here?) we asked for the bill. The waiter brought the bill but it belonged to another table. We called the waiter who then gave us another bill. This too was not our bill, but one for another completely different table. It took 3 attempts to get the correct bill. All during this time the dish of olive stones and dirty olive oil plate was left on the table. Even pushing these clearly to one side did not persuade anyone to clear them away. Management – you need to sort out the restaurant here – it has seriously gone downhill. I saw at least one other table also receive the incorrect bill, and another where they had to query some items on the bill. Another table nearby had to return their main course to the kitchen. I did not see any of the very professional waiting staff I remember from previous visits. There did not seem to be anyone who was “in charge”. The one guy dressed in a black t-shirt who looked like he might have some authority was absent more than he was present. It would take a lot to persuade me to stay here again – and even if I did I would not use the restaurant. There are other options available in Estoi which, without the pretensions of being a high-end establishment, will provide attentive service and a much cheaper and tastier meal.

This place was unique in that the old part of the hotel, a 17th century manor house, served as the greeting area, common rooms, garden, and restaurant. The actual guest rooms were down below (sort of built into the hillside) and were totally modern and stark (dark brown wood and white tile). I loved the old part but thought the guest rooms were cold. That said, the room was neat, clean, and comfortable. The pool area was beautiful. We enjoyed swimming and sunbathing there. The old manor house, tiled grand entrance from the old days, and geometric gardens were lovely. We ate dinner in the hotel dining room once. Food was so-so and very expensive. We ate in Estoi town the other nights and enjoyed a local place called "O Bello Sol" a lot more than the fancy dining room of the pousada. Parking was in an underground bunker. Reminded me of a James Bond movie - the lair of Dr. No. Breakfast was lovely, and served on the terrace. You had to pay for every thing at this place. We went looking for a bucket of ice to chill some wine. The bellman brought it to our door and the hotel charged us 5 EURO. For a bucket of ice! C'mon! We liked the little town of Estoi. It was peaceful among the olive and orange groves. BTW - Driving in the Algarve was easy. Traffic was light Use WAZE to navigate as the cell coverage down there is fantastic. You'll never get lost!

To celebrate a special occasion we booked 2 rooms over 9 months in advance to ensure we had the exact date we wanted. We arrived at 2.00pm to check in to be told that they had overbooked and there were no rooms available. An email had been sent at 12.30pm that day to tell us not to bother turning up, which we hadn't received as we were travelling. The receptionist was pleasant but unhelpful. After some heated discussion we were offered a 5 star alternative (Pestana Vila Sol - see my review) but our evening had been completely ruined. If we had cancelled at such short notice we would have been charged and nobody at the Pestana group could explain how or why a booking made so far in advance had been cancelled less than 2 hours before check in time. If we had been given 24 hours notice we could have made alternative arrangements. Will never stay in a Pousada.

As is usual in Portugal old palaces are converted to hotels and the general position is the palace is converted to the public rooms and the bedrooms are in a new built block which is the same here Huge bedroom and bathroom and nice terrace with view down to the sea Public rooms though nicely restored are just full of modern black leather chairs and antique furniture [reproduction ? ]not allowed to sit on Dining room like a motorway service station so cancelled our booking there Breakfast buffet not good scrambled egg like rubber and other chices not up to standard for hotel of this supposed calibre Would not stay again or recommend

Stayed at the hotel as a school friend was getting married there. The room was lovely, spacious clean with a lovely balcony over looking the town. The wedding reception itself was amazing. Travelling anywhere was only a 15-25 minute journey including Vilamoura and the airport. Amenities at the hotel were second to none and the hotel staff were very kind and helpful.

We looked at this hotel and very much wanted to like it for our 4 night stay . The old part of the hotel is very impressive but tired. It appears that it is not being kept up. The original rooms were beautiful but the furniture seemed cheap and did not match the beautiful rooms. Even the grounds appear neglected. The hotel could be spectacular but money required to turn this into a 5 star hotel is not being applied to it. We had just driven from a hotel in Seville where the staff seemed to take pride in their hotel . The entrance seemed off upon arrival. Front entrance glass not clean, no bellman, front desk not especially friendly. We could not even store our luggage until our room was ready. In order to use the hotel garage you must exit your vehicle to place your room card by the sensor. Our room (suite) was quite large for myself, husband and adult daughter. They added another fold up bed for us in the sitting area .Walking through the new hallways to our room the marks and cleaning marks all over the painted walls were glaring . The wood floors of our room were terribly scratched probably due to an incorrect finish or type of floor. Very nice but not for the level of hotel we were paying for. The room cleaners were good but worked till late in the day maybe because there was not enough of them. Dinner: only ONCE because food was at best mediocre for the high prices. Not enough staff and when we went to the bar there was no one there because barman was helping with dinner. We had lovely dinners with friendly staff outside the hotel and right up the street at Galeria dos Sentidos. Bar: the only friendly staff member we encountered who was a pleasure to speak with . Pool: very nice with scenic view but very slippery floor surface. Unnaturally cold water temperature even though exceptionally hot weather. Breakfast : The breakfast/ dining room could be more attractive if not for all white walls and white plastic furniture . Anything on the walls would be an improvement .The breakfast itself was just OK. The outside dining was lovely but for the cheap furniture . In closing, we liked the area but perhaps the hotel needs more employees to bring itself up to the standards it is advertising itself to have.

This place is in a gorgeous building. The property is immaculate with incredible vistas. But that's it. Rooms are tired. Service is abysmal. The shower leaked everywhere and flooded every corner of the bathroom. There was no way to move the shower head to avoid this. I had to use all the towels to dry the floor and when I called reception at 8pm to ask for new ones I was told that housekeeping was gone for the day so I couldn't receive any. I stated that notwithstanding that, I needed fresh towels since the shower had leaked. The receptionist then agreed to provide them. Every request was like this. "No" followed by my repeated request, Followed by disgruntled yes. Two hours later the towels had not yet arrived. I called again and they came. Earlier in the day I asked for a wine glass to have some wine as I had bought a bottle at a nearby vineyard. Upon delivery the hotel attempted to charge me a 5 euro fee for the glass and asked me to sign a receipt. I refused to do so, stating that it was absurd to charge me for an empty glass but the staff member said that all "room service" has a 5 euro fee. An empty glass can hardly be considered room service! Service at the restaurant was similarly abysmal and the food was mediocre. Later, going to sleep was impossible because you can feel AND see every spring in the bed. I tried folding up the blanket to no avail. When I called reception to ask for some sort of a mattress, guess what, I was met with yet again the same response: "housekeeping is gone for the day so nothing can be done until morning." Once again I stated that something would need to be done tonight or I would be unable to sleep. I was told that other guests were being helped and I would receive a return call shortly. Now here I am waiting at midnight and no one is answering the phone at the front desk. What a surprise. Save your money and stay elsewhere. Come check out the property for a few photos and then leave.

This is a marvellous place to stay if you want to be outside the main beaches area/Faro but close enough to get around. I think you would need your own transport to get around. We had been travelling around the south of Portugal and south of Spain so wanted somewhere relaxing to finish off our holiday before our flight from Faro. We stayed three nights. We had a room on the ground floor which suited us as it was very quiet and tranquil. The hotel main areas are based in an old palace and it is wonderful to walk around the gardens and rooms. Lovely sunset views. The pool area is fantastic. Plenty of free parking. We ate at the hotel the first night ( bit pricy at 35 euros each without drinks. I'm vegetarian so not a huge choice for me so even more pricy for salads and cheese!!) Still, a lovely atmosphere on the dining terrace, dining staff very friendly and attentive. We ate out in Faro the following two evenings. We loved this hotel and would definitely return there.

Rua de S. José Faro Algarve

Hotel highlights

  • Free buffet breakfast
  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining

Located in Estoi, Pousada Palacio De Estoi - Monument Hotel & SLH is adjacent to Estoi Palace and a short stroll from Ruins of Milreu. This 4-star hotel has 63 rooms and welcomes guests with free breakfast, a full-service spa, and an outdoor pool. It's in central Faro and also within a 15-minute drive of Carmo Church.


Free buffet breakfast is included with your stay. Sit down for a leisurely bite to eat at the onsite restaurant, or enjoy a drink at the bar/lounge. Satisfy your hunger from the comfort of your room with room service.


Pousada Palacio De Estoi - Monument Hotel & SLH's 63 soundproofed rooms provide minibars, safes, and phones. Guests can expect to find free WiFi and LCD TVs with cable channels. Bathrooms offer hair dryers, free toiletries, and bidets. Desks are also standard.

Property features

Pousada Palacio De Estoi - Monument Hotel & SLH features a full-service spa, an indoor pool, and an outdoor pool. There's free parking if you drive. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to assist with sightseeing, directions, and local dining recommendations. Other amenities at this luxury hotel include a children's pool, a fitness center, and a sauna.

Room options

Superior Room

Twin 3 | Sleeps 4

Standard Golden Age (over 55 years)

Full 1 | Sleeps 2

Standard Suite

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 4

Superior Triple Room

Full 1 | Twin 2 | Sleeps 3

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