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Riu Tikida Beach - Adults Only

4.0 out of 5.0

Recent guest reviews

We, my wife, me and 2 friends have just returned from this wonderful Hotel, our friends had never been to Morocco and were not sure, they were completely blown away by the people and the hotel they are now converted. From the moment we arrived we were met by friendly staff who would do all they could to make your stay memorable. I had e mailed the hotel to see if we could have a room near to reception and the restaurant as my wife cannot walk far, we could not have been more pleased our room was on the same level as reception and over looked the pool. This is a Adult only hotel, which is nice to have a break from the grand children, the rooms are large with a separate bathroom and toilet, the beds were comfortable and everywhere in the hotel was immaculate, cleaning going on all the time. Breakfast and dinner was in the main restaurant, the choice was amazing and so much variety, at dinner there was always some form of carvery. Lunch was served at a snack bar or the other restaurant that overlooked the beach. The pool was warm with lots of sunbeds but alas you needed to be out early to "bag" one, they were comfortable and with big pillows. Entertainment was enjoyable with music on every night with a resident duo and local artist. The hotel is well appointed and very comfortable in the lounge area's, and our friends agree we also feel that it is more 5* than 4+. We will all be returning to this hotel and fact for my wife and I sooner the better, the hotel is on the beach and there is a promenade to walk along if you like walking and a "Road Train" stops out side which goes round Agadir with hop off and hop on option, round trip takes about 45 mins. Highly recommend this hotel

I loved this hotel. the staff were amazing, could not have been more helpful. It felt really secure as there was security on all points of entry. the food was ridiculous good - I had duck, lamb chops, roast beef to name a few. My boyfriend and I went to the Moroccan restaurant on site - it was one of the best meals I have ever had and we had a live sitar player! the pool was a bit cold to begin with but you soon got used to it. they give you a fresh beach towel daily. getting a sun lounger was a challenge but I find this has been the case wherever I have been there was also a spa on the premises that we used and it was well worth the money. we had our bedding and towels changed daily and the maids were lovely. Although this is an all inclusive package we did tip our waiters and cleaners as they deserved it as the service was amazing! Couples only so no kids and believe me that was the main reason for booking but I would honestly go again. The night entertainment isn't up to much inside the hotel however the night live out of it is banging. There is a casino nearby and 2 nightclubs if that's your thing. We went with TUI and the package we got was amazing although we did go in their winter (still hit highs of 32 degrees while we were there) the beach is basically in the back garden and has a private part that no one selling can bother you when your in it. It took 20 steps to be touching the sand

As a seasoned traveller having tasted excellent in exotic places also appalling in exotic places (for exotic prices) I really cannot understand these people who whinge and moan about pathetic things. This hotel is utterly amazing FOR THE MONEY. The staff cannot do enough for you. The food repetitive? If you stayed there for 2 weeks you could have something different every day !! Eggs not done to your satisfaction?? All you needed to do is ask the wonderful young lady cooking the eggs/omelette to make one to your satisfaction ( she made my omelette even day)Again I say the staff are amazing and are a credit to the recruitment staff of the RIU group. We were very fortunate to have a room on the front overlooking the sea.The room was amazing and serviced very well. One thing I will agree with lots of people is TOWELS ON SUBEDS. I really tried to take the moral ground but after 4 days and at 9.00am unable to find beds for the 4 of us we succumbed to what seemed to be the norm!! Yes the 2 men went down at 7 and got us 4 beds. However they were ours for the day unlike others who didn't appear until mid afternoon!! Will I return YES YES!! .

This hotel can not be faulted. I think it's underrated at 4 star as I've been to many 5 star hotels that haven't been this good. The rooms are beautiful, the staff are second to none in their eagerness to help and the food is exceptional with a huge variety, and the whole thing is certainly worthy of praise. I always find it a good sign when you discover people have returned year after year. We don't usually return to the same place again as there's a whole world out there waiting to be discovered, but I might make an exception in this case for a get-away late in the year when you've had enough of the Canaries and you want an adult only environment at a reasonable price. The negative review I've just read is a little difficult to believe, but hey! I wasn't there so I'm not qualified to comment. Issues with the sun beds is not a problem; just remove the towels and the hotel staff will back you up, as reserving sun beds is forbidden and clearly stated in the hotel literature. Enjoy.

Having just returned from a weeks stay. The holiday was very relaxed. Don't feel we had the best of starts, - I felt check in could have been faster and though drinks were being handed out it was difficult to manage and enjoy them when you still have possession of all of your baggage and standing in a queue. From check in we went and got a drink and look around. We then went to our room thinking we had left sufficient time for our baggage to be delivered there. Near on 2 hours and they were still sitting in reception and we went and collected ourselves. The safe was not working, on reporting it they stated they would be down to fix in 30 minutes, we however had to report it again in early evening and they came and did it the following day. On day two the door card failed and the air conditioning stopped working, back up to reception desk to report, they stated I could use the phone to report any faults by dialling 9' so I thought I may as well take the opportunity and report that as not working along with the flickering light in the bathroom, it was annoying as hell ! They sent someone down quite soon to fix the phone and then I had a phone conversation reporting it was winter and therefore the air conditioning was longer operational - I don't recall that being in any of the information in either the tour operator site when booking or in any of the hotels information. We luckily had a ceiling fan, temperatures where over 30 on days. The flickering light in the bathroom was never resolved ! I very much debate if the pool was heated even though they had by now identified it was winter to them. The room was not the best it was lower ground level and our view was a small grass area and brick wall directly behind the back of the bar hut, no sun at any time and the daily collection of bird pooh and the overhanging excess water pipe from the room above did not encourage you to sit on the terraced area. They did however remove the abandoned drinks crate on about day 5. It is very quiet, very low key entertainment and repetitive. There is ample Comfortable seating areas. The service was good and after a couple of days they would recall what your drinks preferences where. The beach is lovely and gives easy access for a very pleasant stroll either way or you can use the promenade. wifi was ok maybe a little slow. I can confirm the majority of reports on the sun beds. I noted people reserving 2 sets. You needed to be out before 9 to get one. The food was ok but very repetitive. The sunny side up eggs were always undercooked and the meat rare. Food often ran out. They clearly had trouble keeping up and you could wait for a table to be set up and often a long wait for the drinks, especially morning coffee. Water was given in bottles and rarely chilled with no option for ice. In truth I got put off by the 'manic' way the waiters /waitress rally around the eating areas, the entrance for them to enter the dining area crossed the food stations and down the food aisles, they would come rallying out of this door fully armed with trays of food and crockery to replenish. It should be a quiet relaxed atmosphere. Room cleaned to a high standard daily, lovely bathroom and the shower had very good pressure. Toiletries in sachets and can't comment on them as we didn't use. The bathroom had a fairly good hairdryer. The whole hotel was cleaned to a good standard, however the toilet block in the upper bar area left a lot to be desired, marked toilet seats, wet floors and difficulties in using the toilet roll dispensers. Would I go again hmmm, would not be my first choice, I would have liked a little more entertainment, varied and interesting. The holiday was nice but not outstanding. However if I was looking for a quiet relaxed break I wouldn't rule it out if the price was right.

We couldn't fault this hotel from the second we arrived to the second we left. Check in was quick, we were provided with all the information required without asking. Having checked in and unpacked we headed to the lobby bar were we had the pleasure of meeting Mustafa, he was friendly, witty and very attentive. We then met Kevin the Manager of the Hotel. Kevin took the time to book the Moroccan Restaurant for us on the Sunday. The table was set with a Happy Birthday sign and a bottle of Champagne on ice, at the end of the meal the lights were dimmed and the waiter (Ibrahim, I think) came out carrying a birthday cake and singing Happy Birthday. Thank you to everyone for arranging from reception team, Kevin, Said in the buffet restaurant. We would definitely recommend the hotel and will hopefully be returning

This was the first Riu hotel we had ever stayed in, and after reading reviews before we arrived I was unsure what to expect. The hotel was modern, very clean and all the staff were amazing. Carlos who was acting Hotel manager was visible and available all day every day, and no issue was to small for him to resolve. We had nothing negative to say about the resort or the staff, but people we spoke to who had any issues had said they were resolved very quickly. We were aware of numerous guests who were returning to the resort for the 3rd or 4th time, which for me speaks volumes. Need a special mention for D.Mohamed (main restaurant), Omar and Yassine at Reception and all of the staff at the yellow bar, whose service was always above and beyond. Thank-you to all the staff for making the holiday memorable and we will be sure to return to this resort again. For our first Riu experience we were delighted with resort.

Returned a week ago from two weeks in this hotel. I'm going to give an honest review and will point out from the beginning that any negatives I give are MY negatives and might not be others. There aren't many anyway. So, our flight was delayed by 90 minutes. When we got to the hotel, it was very early hours in the morning but check in was nice and quick and porter took all our baggage for us. Plates of cold food left in our room which we were so pleased to see. Our room was near the nightclub and although my husband slept through it, I was kept awake because I'm a light'ish sleeper. Now I would have put up with it throughout the holiday but we mentioned it the next morning and the hotel promptly moved us to a room the other end. Again, the porter literally took all our stuff (even the clothes on hangers) to our new room. All done, no messing around. Next stop pool. Now my negative here is the water in the pool is COLD!! You need to brace yourself when getting in the pool. However, whilst I might like it warmer, other people might love the coldness of it. The swim up pool doesn't serve alcohol. We usually like to swim up for a lunchtime alcoholic beverage but couldn't. Not a deal breaker but think future guests should be aware. The bar just a few steps up near the lunchtime restaurant and snack bar is where you'd get anything alcoholic from. There doesn't seem to be any happy summertime music in the afternoon. You get it in the morning and for aquagym but then it kind of goes quiet with maybe the odd sound of mood music and even Christmas tunes ha ha. I took my iPad down and our little group listened to music from that. The daytime animation team just seemed to be two guys, both lovely. But they weren't as lively as other animation teams we've encountered and I'm not sure if it's because it was late October and a lot of the guests were in the older bracket. We are used to animation staff coming around and loudly letting us know what's going on whereas as these guys weren't so pushy or enthusiastic. But very friendly nonetheless. Food at this restaurant was delicious. I did have one night of diarrhoea and sickness but I'm convinced it was down to overindulgence of the delicious food, the alcohol and the sun. At lunchtime, the view from the resultant was the beautiful beach and sea. Of an evening, you had so many places where you could go and relax. Sofas on the large outside veranda, inside seating areas upstairs and down. The setting reminded me of The Mummy......a high library with sofas and chairs below, lot of animal ornaments (elephants, rhinos, monkeys), telescope, piano. It was beautiful. The beach was my favourite. We walked daily along the beach, either towards the town or towards the palace. If you head in the direction of the palace, there will be a palace guard to stop you going too far. The waves are great for surfing so take your boards if you have one. We would walk along IN the water and people watch as we went. It was beautiful. And we tried swimming the big waves - swallowed an awful lot of salt water but was great fun. We walked to the medina (souk) one day but found it was closed on Mondays. So instead, we carried on walking and ended up in Birbir city. Got enticed into a little shop where the owner made us both tea. I became a little concerned as he showed us his spices and goods. I'd heard about how they lock you in and can become aggressive if you don't buy anything. However, he was a total gentleman and when my husband offered him money for the tea, he politely declined and didn't stop us from leaving or try to make us buy anything. There is a bar just five minutes walk from the hotel which shows football for anyone who is interested. It's called Maxwells. Has a live band too but you'd need to check which nights they're playing. The hotel staff are GREAT!! We loved them, so friendly, loved chatting to them and having a bit of banter with them. They get to know what you drink very quickly. The resident singer is a sweetie and he loves it when you join in. The manager, Carlos, was standing in for the normal manager who had broken a limb (I forget which limb) and he made himself very visible, both daytime and nighttime, very friendly, chatty, joined in the dancing with guests, always on the lookout for things not quite up to scratch and getting it sorted immediately by getting on his mobile to staff. He was brilliant. Cats!! If you like cats, there are a few resident at this hotel. The guests, including us, loved them. Wanted to take them home. And the staff are really good with them too. Rooms are huge and very clean. But they have twin beds pushed together which can't be used as a double as you'll slip down the middle! They have table tennis, boules, gym, gym classes, aqua gym, tennis. There's lots to do but you kind of have to come upon it yourself. Lots of sunbeds with pillows. Yes, they do often have the early towels but we never had a problem. The weather was a little weird.....first two days were a mix of overcast and blue sky but in the 40's and very oppressive. Then it dropped to mid 30's and blues skies and was lovely. Last couple of days, it climbed to 39 and was very hot again. Occasionally misty early morning but would clear quickly. I think that's about it other than to say we had a great time, loved Agadir and our hotel and I would definitely go back. Would just need to brace myself for that pool lol. x

My daughter and I spent a week in the Riu Takida Beach Hotel on the 7th October, we had a fabulous relaxing week which we were looking for and it definitely ticked all the boxes. The Hotel is lovely and the staff were exceptional, the standard of services professional and very friendly. Food and drinks were plentiful and lots of choice. The weather was amazing the last two days reached 37-38 degrees, a few mornings were a bit over cast but this cleared quickly. We had two small blips, first one was we were disappointed with our room but Mustapha at reception quickly sorted it out thank you, lovely man, the other I had a dental problem I asked a lovely girl at reception for advice she contacted a dentist and I got sorted next morning, dentist very nice, highly professional I was very impressed. The entertainment was very good Anass was so friendly there was no pressure at all if you just wanted to relax, we enjoyed the shows at night and the singing and dancing was really good fun better than any place I have stayed to date The beach is fabulous and very long great for walks but the sea is quite rough if not experienced swimmer I would stick to the pool. We had a delightful stay in Morocco and thanks a million to all the wonderful staff we will definitely return.

I booked the RIU after reading the reviews and was skeptical about some of the negative comments. I'm no longer skeptical. This is AT BEST a 3 star hotel because of their service. period. However, given the area, this is one of the nicest hotels in Agadir. The property is very nice and they take guest security very seriously. Pros: hotel rooms are very clean, nice bathroom layout, bottled water is unlimited, pool and grounds laid out very nicely. Many friendly people, tips will get you better services than others. The coffee place in the lobby area was the best coffee! Beach view nice. Cons: checkin was an absolute horrible experience if you didn't print your itinerary and bring it with you, food was just 'ok' - dinner was the best meal, don't try and exchange money at the hotel if there's any blemish on your bills. Several front desk staff completely useless. Luggage didn't get delivered to our room until we went back to the front desk and started to take it up ourselves, then they offered to help. Good luck getting decent chairs by the pool, people literally put towels out on chairs the night before and the hotel does nothing about it. Watch out for the beach - it's a small spot sectioned off for the guests on a public beach, and watch where you step. They strictly enforce end times for meals and closing times. Watered down drinks (gave us gastroenteritis too). Don't ask for extra towels or even tip for it, they won't leave you more than 1. Overall disappointed and Expedia customer service was absolutely no help with the horrid checkin situation. Not sure I will use expedia again either.

BP 901 Chemin des Dunes Agadir

Hotel highlights

  • Free WiFi in rooms and public areas
  • Free parking
  • Onsite dining
  • Spa

Located in Agadir Bay within a 5-minute walk of Agadir Beach, Riu Tikida Beach - Adults Only is within a 15-minute stroll of Casino Le Mirage. This 254-room, 4-star resort welcomes business and leisure travelers with a private beach, a full-service spa, and 4 restaurants. Stade Al Inbiaate and Royal Palace are also close to this Agadir resort.


There are ample dining options with 4 onsite restaurants, including Le Caroubier, which specializes in international cuisine. For your convenience, breakfast is available for a fee.


Riu Tikida Beach - Adults Only's 254 rooms are recently renovated and provide sofa beds, refrigerators, and free bottled water. Plasma TVs come with satellite channels, and guests can stay connected with free WiFi. Bathrooms offer hair dryers, free toiletries, bathrobes, and bidets. Ceiling fans, safes, and phones are also standard.

Property features

Guests of Riu Tikida Beach - Adults Only have access to a private beach, a full-service spa, and a nightclub. There's free parking, and an airport shuttle (available on request) for MAD 300 per vehicle roundtrip. The 24-hour front desk has multilingual staff ready to help with luggage storage, and answer any questions about the area. Other amenities at this all-inclusive resort include an indoor pool, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center.

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