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August 18, 2020 marked the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, the right to vote. It was a huge milestone in women’s struggle for equal rights and helped pave the way for other wins that eventually brought us to where we are today, with many women having the freedom and means to travel the world solo. To salute 100 years of Women’s Suffrage, and the intrepid solo adventurers who inspire us to seek out new destinations and new experiences, here are seven diverse women whose adventures you should be following.

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Lanisha Renee Blount (@urbanclimbr)


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Lanisha Renee Blount traded working as a Harvard-trained urban planner for the itinerant life of an adventurer and photographer, and now documents her rock climbing, bouldering and longboarding adventures on Instagram. She’s gained an impressive 22,000 followers in just three years since quitting her job to travel with her camera, climbing ropes and board. As one of the few Black women in either sport, she cheers for us all with postings about the “opportunity and room to be rad… Just don’t follow, lead.”

Bea Broda (@beabroda)


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As one of the first female solo travel videographers, Broda has been schlepping video gear around the world for at least two decades, and documenting her journeys via her own online YouTube channel. Her background in TV news in her native Canada ensures that her travelogues are both engaging and professional. Her more than 300 videos (most are two minutes or less) range from ice fishing in Manitoba to a wildlife preserve in Zambia to the mysterious stone sculptures of Easter Island.

Ciara Johnson (@hey_ciara)


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Johnson has been recognized by BuzzFeed as one of the 20 top solo female travelers, an Instagram star with some 80K followers. It doesn’t hurt that she looks like a fashion model and most of her posts feature photos lounging poolside or trekking some eco-sensitive landmark. But it’s her personal comments on her experiences that make her a standout, including for living the dream of quitting her “real” job to travel the world and write about it.

Ellen Clark (@ellenclarktravel)


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Clark is an award-winning photographer who is on the road for weeks at a time in places like rural India or deep in the Jordanian desert, capturing cultural festivals, ancient archeology, wildlife and more. Her images often feature quirky angles, marvelous close-ups of people around the world enjoying themselves, often in tribal or cultural dress, and landscapes full of sunlight, sunrises and sunsets. Her website also includes articles she’s written about her travels for top magazines and newspapers, illustrated, of course, with her own photos.

Lindsey Mills (@lindsey_millsy)


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A post shared by Lindsey Mills (@lindsey_millsy) on

Mills is a professional-level skier in winter and devoted outdoor enthusiast in the other three seasons, too. Her Instagram photos and videos of glittering snow-covered peaks are equally as mesmerizing as those of a canopy of trees in the redwood forests of Northern California, or sunset at John Ford’s Point in Monument Valley. Everything on her feed is picture-postcard scenery, to tempt you off the couch and into the great outdoors.

Alice Teacake (@teacaketravels)


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A post shared by Alice Teacake 🧠 Hypnotherapist (@teacaketravels) on

Teacake is a hypnotherapist sharing her world travels via Instagram, where her niche is the meditative and restorative advantages of travel, including inspirational messages that resonate. A typical posting might be, “We can be our biggest enemy by putting ourselves down and holding ourselves back. Or, we can be our biggest cheerleader by leaning in and going all out.” That’s a message which resonates whether we are traveling solo around the world or limited to staycations and home schooling our kids, and more important than the accompanying photo.

Annita Stokes Thomas(@annitanfriends)


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A post shared by Travel Insider ✈️Annita Thomas (@annitanfriends) on

Thomas is one of those multi-taskers with a radio show, website and active social media presence. Cultural heritage is a major focus, especially Black culture, history and destinations, along with indigenous peoples around the world. One of her website‘s most appealing features is the “I Travel Because” section, featuring real people, not bloggers or vloggers, sharing their passion of discovery away from home. Although she most often travels solo, she’s sometimes with a member of her support team to handle the technical details of doing a live radio show from some distant location and time zone.

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