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Note: All travel is subject to frequently changing governmental restrictions—please check federal, state and local advisories before scheduling trips. This post was updated January 11, 2021.

Has it been a while since you’ve traveled? Are you worried you may have forgotten everything you ever learned? It’s OK, even seasoned travelers sometimes succumb to bad behavior while on the road, whether it’s overpacking, holding up the security line at the airport or not bothering to learn a few words in the local language. Whether our bad travel habits are born of insufficient budgets, the need for convenience or just a lack of knowledge, there’s no need to be that guy on your next trip. Orbitz Rewards can cure any kind of bad travel habit. Just join for free to start earning Orbucks—that’s money off your next hotel—and earn perks that will make you the coolest, most pulled-together traveler on the planet.

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Habit: Eavesdropping on tour groups so you don’t have to pay for one

Sometimes you don’t have the cash to pony up for a guided tour so you slyly follow one around, trying to tune in to pick up interesting facts about the place you’re visiting. Stop. You don’t need to do this. That’s because Orbitz Rewards Platinum members can get reimbursed up to $50 in Orbucks on tours activities. And how does one become a Platinum member? It’s not hard. Just join the program, stay 12 room nights per year, and you’re Platinum!

Habit: Overpacking your suitcase to avoid paying for a checked bag

Many airlines now charge to check even one bag, so we can understand why you might want to stuff an entire trip’s worth of clothing, toiletries and gear into a single carryon. No need to. Orbitz Rewards Platinum members can get reimbursed up to $50 in Orbucks for checked bags.

Habit: Waiting around the hotel lobby for hours waiting for check in

Yay, your flight got in early! Boo, you can’t check into your hotel until 4pm! You’ve probably at some point spent an entire morning or afternoon camped out on a hotel lobby couch surrounded by your luggage, waiting for check in time to roll around. If you’re an Orbitz Rewards Gold or Platinum member, you could get early check-in at select VIP Access hotels when available. Best part: It takes just four room nights per year to reach Gold status, and 12 for Platinum.

Habit: Skipping breakfast, trying to get by on snacks from the hotel mini bar

You may have skipped breakfast while traveling before, thinking that’s one less meal per day you have to pay for. But man cannot live on protein bars alone. Orbitz Rewards Gold and Platinum members get free breakfast at select VIP Access hotel, so there’s no need to heist overpriced snacks from the mini bar.

Habit: Monopolizing a table for hours at a popular cafe just to use the free WiFi

We know it just doesn’t seem fair to make hotel guests pony up for WiFi. But rather than run off to a busy local cafe and sit browsing for hours over a single cup of coffee, just join Orbitz Rewards and stay four hotel nights to reach Gold status. Gold and Platinum members are treated to free WiFi at all VIP Access hotels around the world.

Habit: Smooth-talking your way into a room upgrade

You try bribing the check-in agent with a $20 bill (which only sometimes works in Vegas) or you try telling them it’s your birthday (even though your ID says otherwise) and all the while the folks behind you in line are getting angrier. But if you’re an Orbitz Rewards Platinum member, you’ll automatically get a free room upgrade (when available) at all VIP Access hotels. Best of all, you won’t even have to ask for it—the check-in agent just knows!

Habit: Holding up the airport security line

You may think fumbling with laced up boots, electronic devices and accessories like belts and hoodies is completely charming to other passengers, but we assure you it’s not. Instead of becoming the most hated person at the airport, breeze through security with TSA PreCheck. It’s completely free ($85 value) to Platinum members and instead of shooting your fellow passengers an apologetic look, breeze past them wearing one of smug satisfaction.

Habit: Talking loudly in English to a non-English speaker abroad

Spoiler alert: Upping the decibel level when shouting the phrase “WHERE IS THE NEAREST TRAIN STATION” to a Slovenian villager isn’t going to erase the look of utter confusion (and irritation) on their face. Don’t be that guy or gal. Orbitz Rewards Platinum members get $50 toward an activity booked on Orbitz, including language classes that can even be taken in the country you’re visiting. SOUND GOOD?!

Habit: Playing seat roulette on the airplane

Ever booked a window and aisle seat for you and your travel partner and crossed your finger the middle seat would magically not get taken? Yeah, that never works. As an Orbitz Rewards Platinum member, go ahead and pay for an upgraded seat and get reimbursed for up to $50—just for being a smart and savvy traveler!


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Jason Heidemann & Martina Sheehan

Jason Heidemann & Martina Sheehan

Jason and Martina are the editors of the Orbitz Travel Blog.

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