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Note: All travel is subject to frequently changing governmental restrictions—please check federal, state and local advisories before scheduling trips. This article was updated July 28, 2021.

Members of elite clubs often have their own traditions, symbols and, of course, member perks. Orbitz Rewards is no exception. If you’re a member, these 11 experiences should ring true. And if you’re not a part of this exclusive crowd? Not a problem. Orbitz Rewards is free to join, and by staying just four room nights, you’ll reach Gold status and unlock benefits like VIP Access hotel perks; stay 12 room nights per year and you’ll unlock even more perks like free TSA Pre✓® and checked-bag reimbursement. Read on for more.

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1. You wonder why everyone at the airport is always taking off their shoes

You’ve had TSA Pre✓ for ages, so you hardly remember what it’s like to stand in line with the plebes at security, taking off shoes,  separating out stuff like laptops, liquids, belts and jackets. Your TSA Pre✓ membership comes free with Orbitz Rewards Platinum status (which takes just 12 annual room nights to earn). Join today to start traveling your way toward Platinum perks!

2. You’re used to the smell of fresh cookies in your hotel room

Hotel check in has become one of your  favorite parts of the vacation experience now that your Gold or Platinum Orbitz Rewards status provides you with added perks at VIP Access hotels. The perks are different at each property but could include things like a complimentary bottle of wine, free parking, waived resort fees or, yes, even fresh baked cookies!

3. Grape is your favorite color because you know the price listed isn’t the real cost

Grape is the official color of Orbitz Rewards, so whenever you see it, you know savings are coming your way. When Orbitz Rewards members book a trip, they can use their Orbucks as money off on 385,000+ hotels worldwide ($1 Orbuck = $1 off your hotel stay). Plus, members are treated to Insider Prices for exclusive hotel savings, plus other program perks.

4. You pack all four pairs of shoes, because you can

Packing light? Please. Gratuitous outfit changes for the ‘Gram, your entire beauty routine, three different editions of War and Peace? Go for it! Orbitz Rewards members can get reimbursed up to $50 Orbucks for two checked bags annually, so no more guilt for overpacking and having to pony up for those extra bag fees.

5. For better or worse, you know you didn’t get that hotel upgrade because of your charm

Some smooth talkers think they can charm their way into a hotel upgrade. Orbitz Rewards Platinum members know they don’t have to resort to such methods. Platinum status, which comes after staying just 12 room nights per year, affords members complimentary hotel-room upgrades at VIP Access hotels, when available.

6. You dazzle your colleagues with how connected you are, even when traveling

“Sorry, I couldn’t find WiFi” is an excuse you’ll never have to use on your beloved co-workers. That’s because free WiFi is just one of the great perks Gold and Platinum Orbitz Rewards members will receive at VIP Access hotels.

7. You know what it feels like to be spoiled for choice

Your poor pals. Chained to a loyalty program connected with only one hotel brand, they have virtually no say in where to stay. You, on the other hand, get to choose from nearly 400,000 hotels worldwide. Which oceanfront resort suits your mood? Take your pick!

8. You notice it takes everybody else forever to book a trip

Toggling between 10 open tabs in a frustrating attempt to keep track of flights, hotels, car rentals, activities and more? Not you. Because you’re a Rewards member, you have access to one-stop shopping for your entire trip. Even better, when you book your trip through the app, you earn double back on flights and packages, plus an extra 1% back in Orbucks on hotels and  activities. Bam!

9. You have to ask the question, “What’s an airport shuttle bus?”

One of the awesomest perks of Orbitz Rewards? Having access to car service to take you from airport to hotel. Within a single year, Platinum members can receive up to $50 Orbucks reimbursement on a range of perks, including ground transportation booked through Orbitz. Plus, it’s cool to see someone holding up a sign with your name on it!

10. You give locals directions and dazzle them with insider tips to their city 

Tours and activities are a great way to quickly get an intimate knowledge of a city, its history and all its offerings, and nobody knows this better than Orbitz Rewards members. For example, if you haven’t ever toured the now-shuttered prison at Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, know that it’s one of the coolest things you can do in the City by the Bay. Platinum members can do it for virtually nothing because within a single year, they can receive up to a $50 Orbucks reimbursement on thousands of tours and activities booked through Orbitz.

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Jason Heidemann & Martina Sheehan

Jason Heidemann & Martina Sheehan

Jason and Martina are the editors of the Orbitz Travel Blog.

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