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Along with the disappointment of having to cancel a trip comes the potential headache of having to make those changes to your reservation. But as the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to disrupt lives—and travel plans—worldwide, we’re here to help you navigate the challenges and uncertainty. To that end, we’ve negotiated with our travel partners to waive cancellation penalties and refund existing hotel bookings through April 30, 2020or provide a full-cost voucher allowing you to rebook in the future. 

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How to cancel, depending on your trip dates: 

If your hotel stay is set to start  before  April 30, 2020:

  • If your hotel stay begins within the next 24 hours, please contact us immediately. 
  • If your hotel stay begins more than 24 hours from now, you can cancel with no penalty and you’ll be eligible for a full refund; or, in some cases, receive a voucher from us equal to the total price + taxes and fees, which you can use to rebook the same property within the next year. 


What you’ll need to start the process:  

  • Find your itinerary number from your confirmation email or from your My Trips page, which can be accessed by logging into your Orbitz account. 
  • Have your travel dates ready, as well as the email and phone number you used to make the reservation. 


Your best bests for cancelling:

Use one of these options to cancel your Orbitz reservation: 

  • Cancel online from  My Trips. Log in to your Orbitz account to access your booking and follow the instructions from your itinerary to cancel. 
  • Cancel using Chat. Click the blue  Chat Now  button from the My Trips page or from our Customer Service page. A virtual agent will guide you through the process of cancelling your booking and answer other questions you may have. 
  • Complete the Cancel Request form. Fill out  the Cancel Request form  using your itinerary number, and the original email and phone number you used to make your booking. 
  • If your hotel stay begins within the next 24 hours, click the Contact Us button on the Customer Service page to be connected directly with an agent. 



Should I cancel through Orbitz or contact my hotel directly?

We are working closely with our hotel partners to update lodging cancellation policies as quickly as possible. If you booked a hotel stay through our site or app, please start your cancellation or change request with us first—unless directed otherwise by an Orbitz Travel Advisor or the property directly. 


Will I have to pay a fee or penalty to change or cancel my reservation?

We have worked closely with our travel partners to waive cancellation fees for hotel stays booked before March 19, 2020 for travel through April 30, 2020.  


Why am I getting a credit instead of a refund?

Orbitz follows the policies of its hotel partners. In situations where we have been unable to negotiate a refund policy, we are offering a voucher from us equal to the total price + taxes and fees allowing you to rebook the original property within the next year. 


When will I get my refund?

Right now, refunds may take up to 30 days to process. Please check your bank or card statements within this timeframe before calling. 


My hotel stay begins after April 30, 2020—can I still cancel?

Hotel policies are changing daily due to COVID-19. Please wait and check back closer to your stay date for the latest policies. If you do want to cancel today, you can do so from the My Trips page, but please be aware that all normal cancellation penalties will apply.  


My hotel is closed due to COVID-19—what should I do?

Even if the property you have booked on our site is closed due to COVID-19, our agents can help you request a change or cancellation. Please follow the normal steps to cancel listed here. 


What if I had a vacation rental reservation?

If you booked a vacation rental and your confirmation number begins with HA, see the  Coronavirus vacation rental page. For all other vacation rentals, log in to your Orbitz account to access your booking from the  My Trips  page and follow the instructions to cancel. 


What if my hotel is part of a vacation package?

Travelers with a vacation package should cancel each component of their trip separately. For example, if you reserved a hotel + flight vacation package, please follow the above steps to cancel your hotel and visit our flight page FAQ for instructions on cancelling your airline tickets. 


I tried all of the options above—why am I not able to cancel my hotel?

If none of the above options were successful in cancelling your hotel stay, you may attempt to cancel directly with the hotel 


I have travel insurance—can I get a refund?

Check your policy to see if unforeseen events like COVID-19 are covered. You may have the option to file a claim with the insurance provider. Please note that a refund is not guaranteed in this instance. If you still wish to cancel your hotel stay through Orbitz you may do so.  


If I book a hotel between now and April 30, will I be automatically be eligible for these cancellation policies?

The policies discussed here currently apply only to existing bookings through April 30. We strongly suggest travelers search for and book a refundable hotel rate for any upcoming travel.  

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