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We know your travel plans have likely been disrupted by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), and we’re here to help you through the challenges and uncertainty you’re probably feeling right now. That’s why we’re working closely with our airline partners to waive cancellation/change penalties and provide credit toward future travel through May 31, 2020where policies permit. Here’s everything you need to know. 

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If your flight is scheduled to return  before  May 31, 2020: 

  • You can cancel your upcoming flight online or in-app through Orbitz with no penalty 
  • You will receive a credit for the cost of the ticket + taxes and fees, which can be redeemed for future travel. 
  • Note: Credit availability and eligible travel dates are determined by the airline. 

What you’ll need to get started: 

  • Locate your itinerary number from your Orbitz confirmation email or your My Trips page on Orbitz. 
  • Have the phone number and email used to make the booking handy, as well as your travel dates. 

Your best bets for cancelling: 

There are a few different ways you can cancel your flight reservation with Orbitz:  

Cancel online from  the My Trips page. Log into your Orbitz account and access your booking though My Tripsand follow the instructions from your itinerary to cancel. 

Cancel using Chat. Click the blue  Chat Now  button from on the My Trips or our Customer Service page. A virtual agent will guide you through the process of cancelling your booking, and answer other questions you may have. 

Complete the Cancel Request form. Fill out  the Cancel Request form  using the itinerary number, email and phone number from your booking. After submitting the form, the cancel request will be processed. 

If your flight is departing within the  next 72 hours, click the Contact Us button at the top of the Customer Service page to speak directly with an agent. 


Should I cancel through Orbitz or contact my airline directly?

Our agents cannot cancel or change reservations booked on many low-cost and international airlines, including Aer Lingus, Easy Jet, Fun Jet, Norwegian, Spirit, Frontier and Volaris ( you can see a full list under “Exceptions” on our cancellation page). If your airline is in this list, please follow the guidance on the airline’s website and work with them directly to make any changes to your flight.  

Will I have to pay a fee to change or cancel?

Some airlines are now allowing a full waiver of fees and penalties because of COVID-19. If your airline does not permit a full refund, our customer support team will contact you to advise you of the next best available option. 

I tried all of the options above but still can’t cancel my flight—why?

If none of the above options have let you cancel your trip, you could try to cancel directly with your airline.  

My flight is scheduled to depart after April 30, 2020—can I still cancel now?

Airline policies are changing daily due to COVID-19, so it may be better to check back closer to your departure date. If you do want to cancel today, you can try to do so from the My Trips page, but normal cancellation penalties might apply.  

Why am being issued a credit instead of a refund?

Orbitz follows the policies of its airline partners and other travel providers. Many airlines at this time are offering credit toward a future flight unless the flight has been cancelled.  

Will I get a refund if I have travel insurance?

Check your policy to see if unforeseen events like COVID-19 are covered. You may have the option to file a claim with the insurance provider. Please note that a refund is not guaranteed in that instance. If you still wish to cancel your flight through Orbitz you may do so.   

What if my flight is part of a vacation package?

You’ll have to cancel each part of your vacation package separately. For example, if you purchased a flight + hotel vacation package, it’s best to use one of the above options (My Trips, Chat, the Cancel Request form, etc) to cancel your flight, and then visit our hotel FAQ page for instructions on how to cancel your hotel.  

What if I purchased two one-way flights?

If you purchased two one-way flights, each flight must be changed or cancelled separately.  

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6 thoughts on “Everything you need to know about cancelling your flight right now”

  1. Our trip to Europe was canceled from SAS airlines on June 9, 2020. 2-Tickets where purchased on my friend’s credit card thru Orbitz. He contacted you several times with no response on travel tickets refund.
    It’s almost end of August. When are we getting refund. Waiting for your response!

    1. Never. Orbitz peddle their “Insurance” which is useless. They keep the extra cash then defer to Airline policy. They need to be sued. Hey you Orbitz A holes! If YOUR agency is SELLING the insurance, they YOUR agency needs to be the one HONORING the insurance!

  2. If I use my account to buy a friend a flight and have to cancel will I get the credit for the refund or will it go the the person who I bought the ticket for?

  3. Was promised a full refund on international travel only to get only half on my credit card. Called three times because of lines cutting off – was given a different cancellation policy by each person. First one said I get a credit, second one…. put me on hold for 20 minutes, third time; said that the airline charges a cancellation fee. Called the airline to confirm that there’s no cancellation fee – received half my money back later. Is there an advantage to booking through Orbitz? My friends who booked directly with the airline had no problems with changes and refunds.

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