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The magical Faroe Islands have captured the world’s attention in recent years. Tourism to the North Atlantic archipelago, part of the Kingdom of Denmark, has surged at a rapid pace, and it was even named a top travel destination in 2018 by both CBS and Forbes. To get there, just take a one-hour flight from either Iceland, Scotland or Denmark aboard Atlantic Airways, and then set your home-base in the colorful capital city of Tórshavn. From there, travelers can get an up-close-and-personal experience with Mother Nature through a mystical medley of epic waterfalls, dramatic coastlines, grass roof houses, enchanting villages and plucky puffins. Come along with us on a photo journey through the Faroe Islands, and start planning your trip now—while the islands’ sheep still outnumber the people!

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On the 19 volcanic Faroe Islands, you’re never more than 3 miles away from the deep blue Atlantic Ocean.

Colorful harbor towns dot the coastline along the main islands of Stremoy, Eysturoy and Vágar. Many of the more remote villages in the Faroe Islands have populations under a dozen.

The are way more sheep than people in the Faroe Islands! You’ll find them grazing on just about every hillside and often meandering down the road in front of your car. Come late April and early May, you’ll see a myriad of little lambs keeping up with their mothers.

The hike along Lake Sørvágsvatn, the largest in the Faroe Islands, leads to the dramatic cliffs of Trælanípa. It’s an easy 40-minute walk and the scenery is nothing short of spectacular.

From atop the dramatic cliffs of Trælanípa, you’ll experience jaw-dropping, panoramic views of the rugged Faroese coastline. This is the most photographed spot on the islands.

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Tórshavn is the buzzing seaside capital of the Faroe Islands. With lots of boutique shops and delicious seafood restaurants, it’s the ideal place to call home during your stay. Plus, you’re never more than an hour drive away from the best things to do on the islands.

With only 12 rooms, Hotel Havgrím is a charming little seaside hideaway to call home. The well-appointed boutique hotel is only a 7-minute walk from the center of Tórshavn.

Múlafosser Waterfall is a must-do. This fairytale-like waterfall lies on the island of Vágar, just 10 minutes from the main airport. The 12-person village of Gásadalur lies on the grassy hillside just beyond the falls, creating a picturesque setting for a picnic.

“Hjallers” are traditional Faroese drying sheds with slits on both sides that allow the North Atlantic winds to whip through and cure the meats and fish hanging inside. The Faroese have used this method to dry out their meat and fish for centuries.

Michelin-Starred restaurant KOKS is reason enough to visit the islands. Inspired by the tastes and smells of the Faroese landscape, chef Poul Andrias Ziska uses a combination of ancient and modern cooking practices to create a culinary experience like no other.

One of the signature dishes on KOKS’ multi-course tasting menu is skerpikjøt, wind-cured lamb that has long been considered a Faroe Islands delicacy.

Tinganes is a narrow isthmus that juts out into Tórshavn’s Harbour and is home to island’s signature-red parliament buildings. The first parliament meeting was held here back in 825 A.D., making it one of the oldest assemblies in the world.

Stroll through Tórshavn boutiques like Gudrun & Gudrun, and pick up a sweater or blanket to take back with you. The islands are famous for their fine Faroese wool!

The fairytale-like village of Saksun sits on a blue lagoon nestled amid craggy fjords on the remote northern end of the island of Streymoy.

One of the best restaurants in the Faroe Islands, Barbara’s Fish House occupies a centuries-old historic building in the center of Tórshavn and is famous for its savory fish soup!

Grass roof houses and boating huts speckle the Faroese landscape. Often times, sheep—not machines—mow the rooftops.

The 4-star Hotel Føroyar sits on a hilltop overlooking Tórshavn. With all the amenities for both business and leisure travelers, this property is a well-known go-to for visitors to the islands.

A view from above of Lake Sørvágsvatn and the cliffs of Trælanípa on the plane approach to the Faroe Islands.

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