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Sure you can propose over dinner, on the beach or on a hike. OR, you can hire a professional proposal operator (yes, it’s a real gig) to help you plan a once-in-a-lifetime proposal in an unforgettable location. After all, this is a story you’ll be telling your grandkids.

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Las Vegas, Nevada

Get lucky in Vegas

The signature proposal for Sin City company This Magic Moment happens like this: You and your significant other will stroll by the Bellagio Fountains as a street magician just so happens (wink, wink) to start talking to the both of you. He’ll do a handful of simple card tricks culminating in the appearance of an engagement ring. You’ll propose while the fountains blast, and hundreds of people watch.

Ice, ice baby

Travel deep into the highlands of Iceland and enter a glacier. It’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done as a couple. And then, it’s gong to get even more romantic, as you lead your love into an actual chapel within the glacier where you can pop the question. Surprise! At Into the Glacier, you can have this incredible experience (make it even more special by booking a private tour so you don’t have to ask the big question in front of ogling tourists).

Sorry, muggles

Obsessed with Harry Potter? Call The One Romance. Here’s how it works: After a Harry Potter-based tour throughout London (yes, they’ll arrange the deets), you’ll wind up at Platform 9 ¾ to pose for your mandatory Insta shot. While you’re there, a Harry Potter look-alike will arrive holding a “Marry Me” sign. But no worries if Harry Potter doesn’t float your boat. They can also arrange a Love, Actually-themed proposal, complete with a flash mob band that’ll pop up to perform “Love is All You Need.” And is there anyone not obsessed with Love, Actually?

New York City, couple, romance

A New York State of Mind

Big Apple bound? Proposal-Ideas will create a personalized scavenger hunt throughout New York ending in a proposal. Three clues in three locations in Manhattan will lead you and your partner on a journey (this could also double as a fun way to explore the city) to your proposal. At the final spot, there will be a “Marry me” sign, rose petals and your choice of photographer, videographer or even a musician to enhance the moment.

A proposal that’s for the birds

So you’re casually chilling outdoors in Scotland, when an owl pops by to say “hello.” Your significant other coos at it, as one does when an owl randomly visits, but this is one special owl . . .  because he delivers a gift: He drops off an engagement ring before flying away. Yes, Elite Falconry has trained its owls to help with proposals by carefully carrying and depositing the engagement ring where instructed.

An engagement work of art

Popping the question in Canada, eh? Vancouver-based Luxe Proposals will commission artists to create paintings representing your relationship. Then, you can take your future fiance to a “pop-up art gallery,” dedicated to him or her. For example, one proposal included four artists who created six paintings illustrating the couple’s first encounter, along with their dating life together. The final painting was of the man on his knee. Bonus: You get to keep the paintings.


New York and Boston based but serving all of New England and beyond, Brilliant Event Planning is the company to call if you want a totally over-the-top proposal. For example, convince your significant other they’ve scored a role in a reality show (fake, of course), complete with a film crew to record the day, that ends with a proposal. They’ve done it. Hire a 100-piece marching band for the USS Intrepid in NYC to perform his or her fave song before you spontaneously drop to a knee? Been there, done that, too. The proposal world is your oyster.

Sing it!

A favorite proposal English company the Proposers did was for a woman who was a huge musical theater fan. After watching Miss Saigon, the couple went to a bar for a drink. Turns out, the bar was filled with the cast of the show (what a coincidence!). The leading cast member went on stage and picked the woman out of the crowd to sing a song from the show with him (her dream come true). Then, her boyfriend walked onto the stage and proposed (her other dream come true).

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