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We recently sampled aisle upon aisle of new snacks at Chicago’s Sweets & Snacks Expo so we could find the best new treats for every travel occasion. Get ready to pack, travel and enjoy because here are the best snacks for…

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…high energy travel: YumButter

Why we love it: Packaged in just 1.8 oz servings, this almond butter will have no problem getting through TSA security—and you don’t need a spoon (squeeze directly into your mouth, mmm). It’s essentially pure protein, and it comes in cashew, almond, sunflower and other varieties.
Get it: $25 for 10 pouches at

…traveling with kids: Dark Chocolate Banana Brittle

Why we love it: The first ingredient is a banana—and you’ll recognize all the other ingredients. The gluten-free, vegan treat is simply roasted bananas topped with dark chocolate chips, so your kids will be snacking on fruit sans complaints.
Get it: $14.99 for a three-pack at

…camping: Chomps

Why we love it: They’re grass-fed beef snack sticks that are small, light and have 9-10 grams of protein, depending on the variety. Bonus: No GMOs, added hormones, preservatives, gluten, added sugar or nitrates.
Get it: $49 for a box of 24 at

…the airplane: RX Bar

Why we love it: The ingredients are simple: egg whites, almonds, cashews and dates. Translation: It won’t make you bloated, dehydrated or feeling gross. These bars will simply give you the protein you need to get where you’re going.
Get it: $27 for a sample pack of 12 bars and six flavors at

…traveling on the cheap: Toosum

Why we love it: Enjoy a full, healthy breakfast, but in a bar. You’ve got your gluten-free rolled oats, fruit and seeds all wrapped up in a small package—so you can splurge on travel activities rather than a continental breakfast at the hotel.
Get it: $13.90 for 10 bars at

…a long day of sightseeing: ZeeZee’s

Why it’s great: These bars are made out of whole grains and oats, so they’ll keep you full and energized on the go. Did we mention they’re also delicious?
Get it: $24.95 for 25 at


…the beach: Coconut Jerky

Why it’s great: The main ingredient is coconut, and this vegan snack comes in various flavors, from chili lime to ginger teriyaki. They’re refreshing, they won’t melt in the sun and they’re high in protein, in case you need the energy to suddenly transform from a beach bum to a surfer dude.
Get it: $11.99 for two packs at


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