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Prague rivals Paris’ beauty, but with a slightly more Medieval-Gothic ambiance. Some might even say the Czech Republic’s capital city has a deeper history and nicer people. And its beer is known to be among the best in the world. This city is incredibly unique and the best news is that it’s still one of the cheapest European cities to visit, allowing travelers to try just about anything they’d like. Have we convinced you to book a flight yet? If not, keep reading, and we guarantee you’ll be adding Prague, or Pra-ha as local calls it, to your bucket list by the time you’re done. Below, three reasons you need to visit Prague now!

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Prague | Photo by Compass + Twine

1. Amazing architecture

Prague is home to the largest castle complex in the world, covering over 753,000 square feet. Whaaat?! Aside from the Palace, the castle includes multiple museums, two churches, the famous Gothic style St. Vitus Cathedral, and numerous defense towers. Besides boasting such an enormous size, the castle has an amazingly articulate design. The spires that protrude from the cathedral rival those of Antonio Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. Take the time to walk through the halls and gardens surrounding the castle, if for no other reason than to appreciate the sheer size of this castle.

St. Vitus Cathedral in Prague

Because Prague came away nearly unharmed by the destruction of WWII, most historical buildings remain intact today. This affords the city a wondrous advantage over its European counterparts in terms of time-captured beauty. The Old Square is a perfect example of this; the surrounding buildings are drenched in color, magnifying the elegance of the St. Nicholas Church.


Old City Square | Photo by Compass + Twine 

All around the city, it’s evident that many cultures helped shaped the architecture. The most famous: the Charles Bridge, which is Bohemian inspired. Finished in the early 15th century, this bridge is the focal point for Prague imagination. Once coupled with the Old Town Bridge Tower at the end, it’s considered to be one of the most marvelous Gothic-style pieces of architecture in the world.

Charles bridge

2. Tasty adventures

The capital of the Czech Republic believes in a hardy diet full of meats and carbs. Who can’t appreciate that!? It’s hard to walk a few blocks without passing a restaurant offering a goulash special, butchers carving remarkably large pieces of pork or cafes serving bowls of sausage in a delicious beer sauce. This city knows how to prepare their beef, so don’t shy away from anything that sounds a little intimidating.

After dinner sweet tooth? Prague is covered with candy shops where you can watch the candy being made from scratch. Some of these Prague specialties are starting to trend so don’t be surprised if you see friends tagging #trdelnik on Instagram soon. The trdelník—easier to eat than pronounce, we promise!—is an empty doughnut, rolled in cinnamon sugar, then filled with ice cream. Sounds like a dream, right?


Trdelnik being made | Photo by Compass + Twine

Anyone who goes to Prague will rave about the beer. The phrase “it flows like water” was never truer than in this city. In most places, ordering water is more expensive than the house brew, so why not hydrate as the locals do? This isn’t your average Bud Light, mind you. The beer here is craft-fully made and full of flavor. There is a reason why Prague has the highest beer consumption per capita, so drink up!

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If beer isn’t your thing, or you’re simply tired of drinking it, no worries—Prague offers plenty of variety. Take a $10 bus ride to Melnik Castle for a day of wine tasting and sightseeing. Want to try absinthe? Head over to Absinthe Time for a taste of it straight or tiptoe into it with an absinthe-based cocktail.

absinthe in pontarlier glass

3. Killer music scene 

During the ’80s, in the midst of the Czech communism roar, a group of students got together to protest. The students wanted to spread peace and positivity, and in doing so created what is now the John Lennon Wall in Prague. Originally a mural of Lennon himself, it has since been taken over with Beatles song lyrics, Lennon quotes, and other messages spreading love and positivity.


John Lennon Wall | Photo by Compass + Twine 

Day in and day out you can hear jazz spilling out of the windows, watch instruments being moved across the streets and see young artists handing out fliers for music shows. Walking the streets inevitably becomes more enjoyable when you have a soundtrack and here you’ll be walking to the sound of a violin or the music erupting from church halls.

It may seem like jazz music is all that fills Prague, however this city is well known for its clubs. Fans of dance music thrive in this city, with tourists flocking in for many of the summer music festivals. One of the most famous clubs, Karlovy Lazně, is known for its multi-floored building, each floor dedicated to a different music genre.

Prague has something for everyone, and we are sure that once you visit you will understand why we’re so in love with this gorgeous fairytale city.

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