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When you travel abroad, you want to soak up the local flavors and find the most charming and Instagram-worthy little bistro or café. But let’s face it: You don’t always have the time or money to sit down for a multi-course experience for every meal, and sometimes you just have a craving for your favorite fast food snack back home. But really, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy the best of both worlds. Forgo the been-there-done-that Big Mac, and instead, look like an adventurous American tourist and try these fast food options you’ll only find in Europe:

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Flickr Photo | William Murphy

If you’re craving McDonald’s…try Supermac’s in Ireland

This Irish chain offers stacked, all-Irish-beef burgers that can give Mickey D’s a run for its money (not to mention the best commercial veggie burger we’ve ever tasted). And while you’re there, make sure to try Supermac’s signature menu item: Crispy fries smothered with everything from curry and garlic to cheese and even taco meat.


Flickr photo | The Promised Chef

If you’re craving Pizza Hut…try Telepizza in Spain

Hailing from Spain (and with locations in other Spanish-speaking countries as well as in other parts of Europe), this pizza joint can satisfy your pepperoni craving or deliver you a more adventurous pie like the wok pizza topped with fresh veggies and a soy-inspired sauce. Fun fact: This is the largest pizza delivery company outside of the U.S.

Chicken Cottage.jpg

Flickr Photo | Morebyless

If you’re craving KFC…try Chicken Cottage in the U.K.

Traveling in the U.K. and craving some crispy chicken? This chain prepares its chicken using flavors inspired by both India and the American South. It might not be served in a bucket, but it’ll still be finger-lickin’ good.

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Flickr Photo | Christian Allinger

If you’re craving Popeye’s…try Nordsee in Germany

Popeye’s is known for it’s chicken, but it also has a decent selection of seafood offerings. And if that’s what you’re in the mood for, this German-based chain (with locations throughout Europe) can offer you a healthier version than the fried stuff you’d find at home. Instead, Nordsee offers a menu featuring fish fillets, fish sandwiches (the lox baguette is our favorite), and even sushi.


Flickr Photo | Zepfanman

If you’re craving Burger King…try Goody’s Burger House in Greece

Goody’s, Greece’s top burger chain, has become an authority on the all-beef patty. And just like Burger King, this chain boasts a bacon-focused burger. But it’s not all burgers all the time here: The chain also offers salads, Philly sandwiches, and even pasta—basically something for everyone.

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