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Looking for a travel destination with a little more epinephrine than the ordinary? We have scoured the globe seeking out some of the most death-defying destinations to bring out your inner daredevil. Don’t forget to pack an extra dose of courage and maybe even a spare pair of underwear for these epic, adrenaline-filled destinations, listed in no particular order.

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5 Adrenaline Fueled Destinations for Thrill Seekers-GettingStamped-5

Dive with Great White Sharks in Cape Town South Africa – Photo by

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Behind the peaceful facade of Cape Town lives a wild side ready to challenge the most fearless of adrenaline junkies. Both land and sea adventures await in Cape Town, but the meeting of the world’s two oceans provides a one of a kind adrenaline inducing activity: The waters around Cape Town are notoriously known for having the highest population of great white sharks in the world. The brave can hop into a steel cage and take a swim with these massive beasts. The even more daring can trade the bars in for a board and surf the monstrous waves around Cape Town (and yes, there are still sharks). After you dry off, there are plenty more adventures to be had, many involving Table Mountain and the rest of the city’s stunning coastline.

Adrenaline checklist:

  • Dive with great white sharks at Shark Alley
  • Abseiling Table Mountain
  • Gyrocopter flight along the coast
  • Surf massive waves at Hout Bay at Dungeons Beach


5 Adrenaline Fueled Destinations for Thrill Seekers-GettingStamped-5

Visit Victoria Falls Zambia Africa’s adventure capital – Photo by

2. Livingstone, Zambia

At the foot of a world wonder, Livingstone is an adrenaline junky’s playground. Most activities revolve around the thundering Victoria Falls and the mighty Zambezi river that feeds her. Tempt fate by hanging over the edge at the Devils Pool or by leaping from the bridge that spans the massive canyon between Zambia and Zimbabwe. For more adrenaline-pumping fun around the falls, strap yourself into a microlight plane or hold on tight aboard a raft down the swirling waters of the Zambezi. Action packed Livingstone is sure to get your heart pumping.

Adrenaline checklist:

  • Hang over the edge of Victoria Falls from Devil’s Pool
  • Bungee jump from Victoria Falls Bridge
  • Whitewater raft down the Zambezi River full of class 5 rapids, hippos, and crocs
  • Take a microlight flight over the falls


5 Adrenaline Fueled Destinations for Thrill Seekers-GettingStamped-5

Come skydive in the adventure capital of the word – Photo by

3. Queenstown, New Zealand

They don’t call Queenstown the “Adventure capital of the world” for no reason. This place lives up to its nickname and then some, as Kiwis are an adventurous bunch and have come up with all sorts of ways to hurl themselves off of things in this beautiful South Island city. The highest high comes at around 15,000 feet, with a tumble out of a plane above the Remarkables mountain range. And a trip to the “Home of Bungy” wouldn’t be complete without taking the leap of faith off either Kawarau Bridge (the very 1st commercial bungy site) or the vertigo-inducing Nevis bungy.

Adrenaline checklist:

  • Skydive at 15,000 feet over Queenstown’s mountains and lakes
  • Bungy jump from the first ever bungy site at Kawarau Bridge
  • Do the Nevis Swing or bungy from the Nevis high-wire platform (435ft)
  • Hangglide from the misty mountains surrounding Queenstown
  • Take a shotover 750hp jet boat ride


5 Adrenaline Fueled Destinations for Thrill Seekers-GettingStamped-5

Take a break from the party for some real adventures in Vegas – Photo by

4. Las Vegas, NV

There’s a lot more to Vegas than a bunch of flashing lights and slot machines; it’s also a unique place for adrenaline thrills. Being the uber-tourist mecca that Las Vegas is, the city has access to some pretty unusual activities to get your heart pounding. There are not too many places in the world where you can barrel-roll in a war plane or learn to drift drive exotic supercars, but you can in Vegas. For a more traditional thrill, try leaping from the top of the 108th floor of the Stratosphere tower or how about flying like Superman down crowded Fremont street?

Adrenaline checklist:

  • Stratosphere’s SkyJump – 855 feet leap from the 108th floor
  • Nascar & exotic car driving classes
  • Slotzilla zipline over Fremont Street
  • Fighter plane with Sky Combat Ace


5 Adrenaline Fueled Destinations for Thrill Seekers-GettingStamped-5

There’s no shortage of adrenaline rushes in Whistler – Photo by

5. Whistler, B.C., Canada

No matter what time of year you visit, Whistler has more than enough adrenaline pumping activities to keep you busy. You’ll see there’s more to Canada’s biggest ski area than just the slopes, including ski runs that in the summer turn into elaborate mountain bike courses, plus mile-long zip lines that connect mountains. But one of the most unique thrill seeking activities are the leftovers of the 2010 Olympic Winter games. Play Olympian for the day and try your hand at bobsledding; real daredevils will zoom head first on the skeleton track.

Adrenaline checklist:

  • Sasquatch Zipline (longest line in Canada & USA)
  • Challenge the black diamond runs of Black Comb Mountain
  • Mountain bike down the slopes in summer
  • Skeleton or Bobsled track from the 2010 winter games
  • Winter Bungee on Coast Mountain

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Macau is on any adrenaline junkie’s list for being the home of the world’s tallest bungee – Photo by

6. Macau, China

Asia’s gambling capital isn’t all glitz and glamor. Macau has some guts, too. A thrill seeker’s bucket list wouldn’t be complete without ticking off the world’s tallest bungee jump. Free fall from the top of the 764-foot-tall Macau Tower with a giant rubber band tied to your ankles for a trip to remember. The rest of the things to do in Macau are more mild-mannered, but this thrill is worth the trip alone. If you survive the jump, try your luck at the casinos, just make sure you have a big enough bankroll—Macau is all about high-rolling!

Adrenaline checklist:

  • The World’s Tallest Bungee jump – AJ Hackett Macau Tower 764 feet high
  • Let it ride at one of the main ultra-high roller tables in Macau


Adrenaline Fueled Destinations for Thrill Seekers - Flickr-4

Challenge Angel’s LAnding in Zion National – Photo by Steven Newton – Flickr cc

7. Zion National Park, UT

Among the most daring of all the National Parks in the country, Zion boasts epic adventures surrounded by pristine natural beauty. The 2000-foot-tall sandstone cliffs lining the valley are world renowned for their big wall climbs. For a no-experience-needed thrill, hike the park’s famous Angel’s Landing. Not for the fearful of heights, this trek boasts sheer cliffs flanking both sides of the narrow path on the way to the summit. Even more adventures can be had in some of the backcountry areas of the park, but plan in advance because permits are required.

Adrenaline Checklist:

  • Angel’s Landing hike
  • Rock wall climbing
  • Trek to ‘The Subway’
  • Backcountry hikes


Adrenaline Fueled Destinations for Thrill Seekers - Flickr-3

Make your way to Everest Base Camp in the heart of the Himalayas – Photo by Florian Rohart – Flickr cc

8. Kathmandu, Nepal

The ancient city of Kathmandu is tucked between the towering Himalayas with direct access to a multitude of epic treks and adventures. The most obvious feat is to conquer Mt. Everest—the highest point on the planet at over 29,000ft. However, Everest is only one of hundreds of summits and adventures to be had.

Adrenaline Checklist:

  • Summiting the world’s tallest point, or at least a trip to base camp
  • Sky Diving over the Himalayas and Mt. Everest


Adrenaline Fueled Destinations for Thrill Seekers - Flickr-2-2

If you are, come to China to challenge the world’s most dangerous hike – Photo by Aaron Feen – flickr cc

9. Shaanxi, China

Home to the world’s most dangerous hike, the Mount Hua Shan ascent, Shaanxi belongs on the adrenaline junkie map. What gives this hike its wow factor is a series of weathered boards, haphazardly hugging the sheer cliff 7,000 feet above the ground. Built by monks and religious pilgrims thousands of years ago, this treacherous trek requires some faith and a whole lot of courage.

Adrenaline Checklist:

  • The Mount Hua Shan ascent
Adrenaline Fueled Destinations for Thrill Seekers - Getting Stamped-1

For a real adventure skip Costa Rica and head to Nicaragua and try volcano boarding! – Photo by

10. Leon, Nicaragua

A few simple pieces of plywood and a 2,400-foot black sand volcano put this little Central American town on the adrenaline junkies map. The sport of volcano boarding sends participants flying down an active volcano either seated or standing on a homemade board. It’s really caught on in tiny Leon, where the Cerro Negro volcano sprung out of the ground only 160 years ago. It’s the youngest in all of Central America and made from loosely packed black sand, perfect for sliding down. If you survive the 65-mph trip to the base of the mountain, you can trade boards and hit the waves on the nearby coast to keep your adrenaline levels up.

Adrenaline Checklist:

  • Volcano boarding down an active volcano
  • Surf the turbulent waters in Leon and further south in San Juan del Sur
  • Volcano and Jungle trekking




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