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According to a Swarthmore College survey, 14% of the class of 2016 said they planned to travel upon graduation. And it’s a growing trend for many new grads looking for a chance to go out and explore the world before entering the workforce. If you know someone who’s wrapping up their college career, here are some ways you can help them enjoy their big post-graduation trip.

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Pamper them with lounge access
Chilling in an airport lounge pre- and post-flights is a great way to kickoff an excellent adventure. Many airlines, like United for instance, allow to you buy one-time passes for its airport clubs. If you’re not sure which airline your grad is flying, opt for programs like Priority Pass, which offer access to around 700 lounges around the world. There are different levels of membership, depending on how many lounge visits you want to plan for.

Book them a hip hotel using Orbucks
Most college kids with travel experience have spent their fair share of time sleeping in hostels. But now that they’re graduating, it’s probably time for them to graduate into a little luxury, as well. If you’re an Orbitz Rewards member, you can redeem your Orbucks on a room they’d probably not splurge for on their own (if you’re not a member yet, you can join here for free). Of course, Orbitz Rewards members get exclusive deals and Insider Prices, too, so you’ll easily find a rate that’s not available anywhere else. Need some recs? If they’re exploring Paris, the chic Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris is a great grown-up experience; in Hong Kong, The Langham offers an elevated tourist experience.

Help them learn a new language
If you know they’re heading to a non-English speaking country, they might need to brush up on some key phrases (“where’s the bathroom?” is always an important one). Computer programs and apps can be helpful for travelers before they go abroad. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift that’ll aid them on their journey, programs such as Babbel and Yabla are the way to go and cost under $15.

Give them your miles
Some airlines allow you to gift your miles to another member for a flight or an upgrade, or will let you use them to book a trip in someone else’s name. Check with your frequent flier programs to learn about the rules. If that doesn’t work, you can always search for deals and book them a cheap flight at without having to pony up your miles.

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Hook them up with a passport
Okay, you can’t actually get them a passport, but you can make the process of obtaining one a little bit easier. Download the forms from the government’s US Department of State site, print them, and include them in a card along with a check for the fee (which is usually around $135). The passport is good for 10 years, so this is gift that keeps on giving.

Get them there faster
Once they get to their destination, they’re going to want to hit the ground running. Save them time from trying to figure out a foreign transit system or waiting in a taxi line by taking care of the ground transportation for them. From most airports, you’ll be able to book everything from a shared shuttle bus to a private luxury town car.

Send them on an unforgettable experience
So maybe they have the flight booked and know where they’re staying. But chances are they don’t have the whole itinerary planned. Surprise them with an adventure they’ll never forget. The options are limitless: a nighttime helicopter ride in Vegas; a zip-lining adventure  in Cancun; a Harbor Bridge climb in Sydney; and a private Murano Island excursion in Venice. The sky really is the limit.

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Kevin Aeh

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