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While budget airlines are a great way to save on travel, some get a bad rep for their no-frills (no service) offerings. However, many carriers offer both solid rates and great experiences. If you’re looking to save on ticket prices without sacrificing service, we recommended going to to book with one of these budget airlines that get it exactly right.

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If you’re planning to travel throughout the Orient, AirAsia is the budget brand to consider. This airline has been named the “World’s Best Low-Cost Airline” for the last 8 consecutive years. There are many reasons to love this airline. For one, the costs are incredibly low. To give you an idea how cheap: When they’re running sales, you can get a basic round trip seat to some destinations within Asia for as low as $30.

But another reason to love AirAsia is their customer service. Asian companies are known to go above and beyond to please guests as it’s ingrained in their culture. AirAsia is no exception. Many travelers also love the airline because while you do pay for in-air meals, they are very affordable. So, you can choose to get an ultra-low ticket price and skip the meal, or pay just a few dollars more for the extra convenience.

Popular AirAsia destinations: Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Hong Kong, Jakarta, and Seoul.

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Another budget airline that knows how to make travelers happy is easyJet, which won several low cost airline awards throughout the years. In 2016, easyJet was named the “Passenger Airline of the Year Award in Europe” through the Schiphol Aviation Awards.

This airline offers much more than just low-ticket prices. One thing that really sets easyJet apart from the competition is the fact that, unlike other airlines, they don’t care about carry on luggage weight, which makes packing that much easier. At easyJet, you also don’t have to worry about checking in at the desk before your flight. It’s all done online and at self-service stations to make life easier!

Popular easyJet destinations: London, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, Rome

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Norwegian Air Shuttle
Norwegian Air Shuttle is another popular airline known for its great service, low-ticket prices and numerous extras.

One thing that’s nice about this airline is you don’t have to book food ahead of your journey or through a flight attendant. While you still need to pay additional fees, you can order snacks, sandwiches and candy via the touchscreen in front of you, slide your credit card and—voila!—your food will be brought to you shortly. Also, Norwegian also offers affordable economy and premium seat offerings, and all flights that fly within Europe offer free Wi-Fi to all passengers.

Popular Norwegian Air Shuttle destinations: London, Paris, Dubai, New York, Oslo, Prague, Miami, Stockholm, Venice

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[Editors note: On March 28, 2019, WOW Air abruptly ceased operations.] Another budget brand that impresses, Wow Air knows how to keep ticket prices low while also making flight experiences great.

For starters, the Iceland-based carrier lets you rent an inexpensive iPad during your flight. This means you can watch all the movies, games and TV shows that you want. WOW Air also throws in a lot of humor on signage found throughout the plane, which can help to keep you entertained— when you’re not busy watching your favorite TV shows. Another perk that makes Wow Air stand out is their stop-over offerings. While on the way to your destination, you can add a stop-over to Iceland, for example, at no additional cost. What a great way to add a second trip to your plans!

Popular WOW Air destinations: Europe, U.S. East Coast, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Montreal

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6 thoughts on “Budget airlines that get it exactly right”

  1. WOW Air charges for ridiculously small carry on (you have to check even small bags). Even their own staff don’t know their own rules. Also they even charge for water!

    My wife and I don’t like WOW Air. (And we have pretty low standards.)

  2. I will definitely never ever choose WOW, ridiculously greedy and stingy the other way, Peanuts!
    I rather pay a bit more and fly stylish…

  3. Virgin America should NOT be included in this article…time after time it’s more expensive than AA, UA, AS or B6 if flying Boston to west coast!

  4. I believe that many Asian airlines provide good customer service; However, many Chinese airlines usually have aloof and uncaring service (China Eastern really stands out)

  5. WOW air charges me $95 for small luggage.. crazy right.. and lost my earphones in my check in luggage. #IHATEWOWAIRLINES

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