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Need a break from city life? A ski vacation offers a slew of activities, a connection to nature and pollution-free air that will invigorate your body and soul. Before you go, here are 5 essentials to pack for a winter escape.

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  1. After a sunny day on the slopes, the only burn you want to remember is the one in your mouth from sucking down that hot toddy during apres ski. Despite the cool temps on the slopes, you’ll want to protect yourself from the sun: The higher altitude combined with stronger UV rays reflected by the snow puts skiiers and snowboarders at greater risk. Sunblock is your only protection from those harmful rays, so pack a full-size sport formula like NO-AD Sport 50 ($8.99, and apply a generous amount.
  1. Whether you’re riding the chairlift or shredding down the mountain, the wind can feel like its whipping your skin. To protect yourself from chapping and windburn, slather Organic to Green Great Barrier Chap Guard ($10, on your cheeks and lips. The balm is like a windbreaker for your face. Made with ingredients such as of beeswax, rosemary and vitamin E, it creates a barrier of protection as well as heals irritations.
  1. You don’t have to trade in your fashion sense to stay warm. This Spyder Bella Jacket ($600, is breathable and waterproof, and the style is sleek and chic. We love how white on white looks on skis, and this jacket goes equally well with jeans.

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  1. Here’s the trick to packing light: Instead of gobbling up space in your suitcase with sweaters, pack thinner items that can be layered like this Athleta Flurry Base Layer Turtleneck. ($71.99,
  1. The sun always seems brighter in the mountains, which makes sunglasses more of a necessity than an accessory. We love the flashy mirrored finish of these Ray-Ban Aviators ($200,, and the polarized lenses will reduce glare.

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