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Iceland? Honduras? Brazil? All so 2016. We are well into 2017, and that means new destinations. This year, there are still so many places left to add (and check off) your bucket list, and—the best part—you can get to many of them via cruise ship.

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  1. Scotland


Maybe it’s because people are (not-so-secretly) in love with Outlander, or because the landscape is incredibly verdant. But whatever the reason is, Scotland is on many 2017 bucket lists. Despite its size, this compact region provides plenty to explore—from expanses of lonely landscape to historic ruins.

Cruise to Scotland with Viking


  1. Belfast


Speaking of dreamy verdant lands, this somewhat forgotten city in Ireland is also high on travelers’ priority lists. Avoided at all costs mere decades ago due to civil strife, Belfast has really come into its own, blossoming into an unlikely hip destination full of modern art, fantastic restaurants, and beautifully restored architecture.

Cruise to Belfast with Princess


  1. Kyoto


While it’s not far from bustling Tokyo, Kyoto couldn’t be more different. Said to be home to more than 1,000 Buddhist temples, the city still clings to old ways—and they’re easy to spot around town. Ancient shops line market streets, centuries-old tea rooms are still open for business, and real live geisha scurry to keep secret engagements. And, regardless of when you visit, Kyoto is guaranteed to be beautiful, as there’s always something in bloom.

Cruise to Kyoto with Celebrity

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  1. Bermuda


Alright, alright—Bermuda might not seem as unexplored as some of these destinations, but that doesn’t make it any less cool. It’s truly unique, even among other Caribbean islands, offering shipwrecks to discover, caves to explore, and pink sand to enjoy.

Cruise to Bermuda with Carnival


  1. Helsinki


When you think of gorgeous European cities, Helsinki probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. But it should. This quirky Finnish capital is undeniably cool—think plenty of hip eateries and swanky boutiques—while at the same time, perfectly charming. It’s a hub for those looking to awe at architecture—it touts the largest concentration of Art Nouveau buildings in Northern Europe.

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  1. Cuba


You probably saw this one coming. After nearly 60 years of the country being off-limits to American travelers, Cuba is more intriguing than ever. While it’s a stone’s throw from Key West (if you can throw a stone 90 miles), Cuba feels like  it’s a world apart. There are retro cars, plenty of rum, and painstakingly preserved cities that transport visitors to another time decades in the past.

Cruise to Cuba with Norwegian


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