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Each year, come January 1, millions of Americans make an important promise to themselves. This year, they tell themselves, will be different. They’ll finally pay off their credit card or seek out that ultimate dream job. The most common resolution of all, though, is to get fit and shed a few pounds.

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Finding the time to work out is difficult one for everyone; but it’s especially tough for the traveler. Not every hotel has a great gym and even if it does you probably don’t want to spend too much time visiting it. This year, though, we’re giving you no excuse to break that resolution! No medicine balls, workout bands or heavy weights are needed for this hotel-room workout plan below. Partnering with New York City trainer Ania Schietzelt, we’ve put together a 30-minute circuit that’s ideal for hotel rooms just about anywhere:


Workout-On-The-Road_Compass and Twine

High knees | Photo by Compass + Twine

The Warm Up: Time to sweat out that morning mimosa

To get your heart pumping and loosen your muscles a bit, start with high knees. Bend at your elbows and place your hands palm side down. Bring each knee up to touch your hands—sort of like jogging in place. Do this 20 times.

Workout-On-The-Road_Compass and Twine

Walking lunges | Photo by Compass + Twine

Strengthening your legs is important and feels great after being cramped on a plane. Find a long hallway or patio and do walking lunges, being careful not to extend your knee over your ankle. Do 10 lunges on each leg.

Close the warm-up by laying a towel down on the ground and do 30 bicycle crunches, bringing opposite knees and elbows together, switching sides each time.

Workout-On-The-Road_Compass and Twine

Squats with pulsing | Photo by Compass + Twine

The 30-minute circuit: Earn that warm, molten, chocolate cake for dessert tonight

Stand shoulder-width apart and squat down, being sure not to lean forward and try and keep those knees above the ankle. To add a bit more difficultly, pulse up and down (small movements), 3 times before standing back up. Do this 10 times.

On the 10th squat, lean forward and walk out onto your hands and into a plank position. Hold for 3 seconds then walk your hands back and touch your toes. Do this 5 times.

Workout-On-The-Road_Compass and Twine

Push ups | Photo by Compass + Twine

Next, it’s time for push ups. Whether you choose to do them parallel to the floor or with your hands on a railing, this exercise is great for your chest and arms. Do this 10 times.

On the 10th push up, come into a plank position and hold for as long as you can, up to 1 minute.

Workout-On-The-Road_Compass and Twine

Jumping jacks in plank position | Photo by Compass + Twine

If you need a quick pause, feel free to take a breather at any time. After a moment, come back to plank position. This time, keeping your hands still, add plank jumping jacks by simply taking a tiny jump to open and then jump back to close your legs. Do this 10 times.

Workout-On-The-Road_Compass and Twine

Spider legs in plank position | Photo by Compass + Twine

At the end of your planking jumping jacks, hold plank position. This next move is called spider legs, for the obvious reason that you look like a spider from above. Alternating sides, bring each knee up to the side, pulling it up parallel to your hip. You will feel this in your sides, tightening the love handles. Do this 10 times per side.

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Workout-On-The-Road_Compass and Twine

Crab walk | Photo by Compass + Twine

Remember the crab walk from kindergarten? Turns out, it’s a good workout! Find that long hallway or patio again and crab walk to one end, carefully keeping your movements small and tight. At the end, flip over onto your front side for the beast walk back. It’s basically crawling back using your hands, knees and feet, except your knees are raised from the ground, hovering an inch or two about the ground. Making tiny movements, “walk” back to where you started and end with 5 mountain climbers, where you assume the plank position and, alternating, bring each knee to your chest, as if you were running in place. Do this entire group 5 times.

Workout-On-The-Road_Compass and Twine

Side plank with dips | Photo by Compass + Twine

With one last move, tighten up the core with side plank dips. Start in the side plank position and slowly dip your hip towards the ground. Do this 10 times, then turn over and do the other side 10 times as well.

Repeat the entire circuit 2-3 times and be sure to check out Ania’s blog for more moves to incorporate.

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