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No matter how you slice the pie chart, millions of Americans are not going to be happy with who moves into the White House come January. Some already are claiming they will vote with their feet by leaving the country post-election. We offer an escape plan with this list of the easiest countries to immigrate to, for those electing to exercise their democratic right to exit the republic.

Graphic by Rebecca Wardinski

easiest countries to immigrate to if your candidate loses election - infographic

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Americans—especially liberals—love to threaten an exodus to our northern neighbor.
Pros Similar culture and language, free health care, hockey and a hunky Prime Minister
Cons Cold winters and odd pronunciation of the letter “o”
Cost of living Moderate
Easiest way in The Express Entry Immigration Program rates applicants based on adaptability, education, work experience and other factors.

Let’s face it, those Hobbit films had just about every American dreaming of moving to New Zealand at some point.
Pros English speaking, tempting climates, wide open spaces, friendly locals
Cons High sheep to people ratio, exorbitant housing prices, interminable flights back to the US
Cost ofliving Moderate
Easiest way in Working holiday visas allow young people (18-30) to live and work in the country for up to 12 months. Over 30? Try the Skilled Migrant Visa.

You could easily picture yourself in a well-tailored outfit, zipping off for an espresso on your little Vespa, no?
Pros Fantastic food, wine and fashion, beautiful countryside, laid back lifestyle
Cons Language barrier, relatively high unemployment, pounds you’ll gain from aforementioned fantastic food
Cost of living Moderate
Easiest way in Italy allows citizenship by descent going as far back as your great grandparents. The lineage criteria are complicated, but worth looking into.

Move there and maybe you’ll pick up that charming accent we all so adore.
Pros Stunning scenery, great music and lit, lively pubs on every corner
Cons Dreary weather, possible Brexit fallout, lack of nightlife beyond those lively pubs
Cost of living Moderate to high
Easiest way in Got parents or grandparents who were born in Ireland? You’re probably eligible for citizenship by descent.

Say shalom to a beautiful country where beautiful people enjoy a high standard of living.
Pros: Climate is warm anddry, weatherwise
Cons: Climate, politically speaking, can be stormy. Depending on your age, you may be required to do military service.
Cost of living High
Easiest way in If you’re Jewish or thinking of converting, you could move to Israel under the Law of Return, and then apply for citizenship.

You’ve probably vacationed here before. Why not take a permanent vacation, or at least one that lasts until the next administration?
Pros Gorgeous beaches, mild weather, charming colonial towns such as San Miguel de Allende and Merida
Cons Language barrier, deluge of gringo spring breakers in beach areas, may be difficult to move back to the US if that wall gets built
Cost of living Low
Easiest way in Mexico makes it easy for retirees to immigrate but everyone else has to apply for temporary status first and prove they’ve got plenty of cash to support themselves.

United Arab Emirates
You’ve heard all about its legendary luxury and excess. Now go live it for a while.
Pros Plenty of jobs, extreme modern living
Cons Excessive desert heat, lacking in equality for women and LGBT community
Cost of living High
Your ticket in Jobs! Healthcare, education and IT are in especially high demand.

Korea and Japan
If you’re up for moving literally across the world, these safe, stable countries have plenty to offer.
Pros Affordable healthcare, very different culture and language
Cons Shy locals, very different culture and language
Cost of living Moderate to high
Your ticket in Teach English. Many programs only require that you’re a native speaker, although having a big personality helps.

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Laura Powell

Laura Powell

Laura is a 20-year veteran travel journalist. She was CNN's first travel reporter, and has written for publications ranging from Alaska Airlines Magazine to The Washington Post. Find her at the or on Twitter: @dailysuitcase

7 thoughts on “9 easy countries to escape to if your candidate loses (infographic)”

  1. Funny article! I can’t believe Belize didn’t make #1 🙁 English is the official language, You’re in central America with a Caribbean Ocean view!

  2. This country is for fundamentalist and people that have enough money to capitalize on sheep…. I will vote for President Camacho from Idiocracy next time.

  3. New Zealand is easy to visit, but immigration is very difficult unless you have specialized skills. Even plunking down a lot of cash does not help. Argentina is very friendly to immigrants (they actually have a national Immigrants Day holiday). The Netherlands has a very high standard of living and is fairly open to people with skills. Japan is no go unless you are of Japanese descent.

    1. Even people of Japanese descent can expect prejudice, as many Japanese see them or their immigrating ancestors as traitors of a sort. Nobody’s going to kill you over it or anything, but you will be stuck with that social stigma for as long as you live in Japan.

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