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Sedona is like Disney World for the New Age traveler. Nestled in the Red Rocks of northern Arizona, roughly two hours north of Phoenix, this setting of crimson and green cradles an assortment of mystical experiences that some might consider woo-woo, while others might consider wonderfully eye opening.

No matter where you might fall on this spectrum, Sedona has emerged as an international draw for the curious, thanks to its eclectic community of mystics, healers and spiritualists. It’s got one ofthe highest concentration of New Age activities in the world, all within a 19-square-mile radius, which makes it a mystical adventure for those with an open mind. Here are ten of our favorite:

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Pink Jeep Tours

Pink Jeep Tours | Flickr CC: Michelle Milla

Vortex tours

Many attribute Sedona’s spiritual draw to its “vortexes,” or centers of swirling natural energy arising from the earth. Four of Sedona’s best known reside at Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Cathedral Rock and Boynton Canyon. Companies such as Pink Jeep Tours and Earth Wisdom Tours will take you on exhilarating open-jeep adventures across the Red Rocks to visit these sites, and experience the energy for yourself.

Psychic readings

It seems as though every other person in Sedona claims psychic or intuitive expertise. Perhaps it’s due to the vortexes? The Center for the New Age, near the center of town, is your one stop shop for a psychic reading with one of its onsite readers. Many take same-day bookings. The gift shop is also pretty amazing, especially if you’re into crystals.

Star Gazing in Sedona

Star Gazing in Sedona | Flickr CC: Kenneth Hagemeyer


Not quite ready to meet E.T.? How about contemplating your purpose in this vast universe under a blanket of stars? Sedona is an International Dark Sky Community thanks to official measures its taken to preserve the purity of its night sky. This makes it an a-maz-ing place for stargazing, especially when its alongside professional astronomers while on a Sedona Star Gazing tour.


Learn what the stars have in store for you. Be sure to bring your birthdate, birth place and time of birth to have an astrology chart drawn up; many places in Sedona cater to same-day appointments. You’ll gain deeper insight into places of growth, such as love and career. For a more thorough reading, however, make an appointment with someone such as Vedic Astrologer Dennis Harness and provide your birth details in advance.

UFO Center

UFO Center | Photo courtesy of Erica Bray

UFO tours

For an out-of-this-universe experience under the Sedona night sky, take a UFO sighting tour with Melinda Leslie. You’ll scan the sky with military-grade night vision goggles to spot “unknowns” and perhaps hear Melinda share herown account of beingabducted by aliens.

Chakra balancing

If you’re seeking life balance but are too lazy to try yoga, book a chakra balancing session. Nearly all of Sedona’s spas offer this on their menus. It’s not your typical massage: Instead of kneading your muscles, the therapist will work at massaging the seven centers of energy in your body—sometimes without touching it at all.

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Past life regression

Go back in time … to another time in which you lived. Past life regression, an experience many Sedona spas offer with an advanced appointment, is a hypnosis that takes subjects back to a previous life. It can be therapeutic for some, as it can help to explain traumas or prejudices carried into this life. Seek out Michael Brown, a long-time, Sedona-based psychotherapist who’s trained extensively with Dr. Brian Weiss, considered the world’s most respected authority in the field of past life regression therapy.

Aura Photography

Aura Photography | Photo courtesy of @ashtrenkle

Aura photography

This could be your most colorful Facebook profile pic yet. Aura photography captures the colors of your electromagnetic energy field, a vibration that radiates out from the body. Each color signifies a specific vibration attached to different meanings. Many intuitives and/or photographers offer this service in Sedona and will happily interpret what the colors signify for you.


Head to Mystical Bazaar or Crystal Magic for a kaleidoscope-like collection of crystals—up to 300 varieties—that might help inspire, heal or keep you balanced. Knowledgeable locals can help you pick the perfect stone. Or, pick the one that speaks to you.

Shamanic Healing

Participate in drumming and guided vision journeys with a shaman healer. Sedona is home to dozens trained in the shamanic traditions, which have roots in the wisdom of indigenous tribes across North and South America. Guides will work with you one-on-one, or in small groups, to foster a spiritual journey of self-discovery.

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Erica Bray

Erica Bray

Erica is a practical free spirit who loves travel, yoga and ice cream. A Northwestern University-trained journalist with more than 15 years of experience straddling digital and broadcast media, Erica can be found doing handstands everywhere she travels -- even risking arrest in some cases. Learn about her at

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    Your article about Sedona was interesting. I am a smaller tour company here and take people out on Spiritual, Personalized Journeys. I was wondering where you compiled your information from about Sedonas opportunities? As a Chamber member, Store Owner, Tour Company (premitted by the Coconino National Forest), Metaphysical small Store front, and Intuitive reader in Sedona. It looked liked you chosen larger companies to highlight as well as some who do not support metaphyical activities. I am curious how you arrived at this choices and highlighted this companies. Thank you

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