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While fear may be false evidence appearing real, try telling yourself that when you’re at the peak on a roller coaster about to plummet or splashing around on the open seas when you spot a fin in the distance. But for every fear there is an antidote including many destinations designed to help you face your fear and return home victorious. Here are six perfect trips for conquering common fears.

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Courtesy of Resorts World Bimini

Left: Shutterstock | Right: Courtesy of Resorts World Bimini

Fear: Sharks
Destination: Bimini, The Bahamas
You watched all the Jaws movies and haven’t been the same since. Make your way to Resorts World Bimini, a 750-acre slice of heaven on the Bahamian island of North Bimini. You’ll be in prime shark territory some 45 species call home. With the assistance of diving experts at Bimini Undersea, guests ofthe resort can take a boat a few miles south to Triangle Rocks where there is no shortage of Caribbean reef sharks, nurse sharks and hammerheads. This gang is known for being gentle and so unaggressive that with the guidance of shark gurus you’ll snorkel alongside them in their terrain, completely free of cages.

Courtesy of Karen Maze

Left: Shutterstock | Right: Courtesy of Karen Maze

Fear: Heights
Destination: Los Angeles, CA
Fly high at TSNY Los Angeles in Santa Monica, an aerial school and performance center where you can take a class that will catapult you high into the air. Psycheyourself up foracrobatic classes like flying trapeze, swinging trapeze and static trapeze. Sure, this Los Angeles outpost also boasts locations in New York and Chicago (it is called Trapeze School New York after all), but the scenic Santa Monica Pier, with views of the Pacific Ocean all around you, should help calm your nerves.

The White Stallion Ranch,Tucson, Arizona

Left: Shutterstock | Right: Courtesy of The White Stallion Ranch, Tucson, Arizona

Fear: Riding Horses
Destination: The White Stallion Ranch, Tucson, Arizona
Horses are big, strong and can be intimidating. One false move and they could throw you off their back. But there’s no need to worry if you’re at the White Stallion Ranch. The True family prides itself on offering the right horse for every guest, especially for fearful first timers. You’ll be matched with a horse based on your height, weight, riding goals and experience. Take a lesson from a wrangler who will help you work on your ability to control and communicate with your horse. After your victory, celebrate with a massage, a soak in the hot tub or a bottle of bubbly on the patio.


Courtesy of Park City Chamber/Bureau

Left: Shutterstock | Right: Courtesy of Park City Chamber/Bureau

Fear: Speed
Destination: Park City, Utah
You’ve seen how fast bobsledders can whip around the track, right? Head to Park City and go for a ride on the same 2002 Olympic Sliding Track that was used for the bobsled, skeleton and luge events for the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Games. In summertime, the bobsleds are modified to roll on the track’s concrete surface. A professional pilot takes up to three passengers per sleigh. Grit your teeth and be ready to rock ‘n’ roll and reach speeds of up to 60 mph in less than a minute.

curacao-iguana dish

Left: Shutterstock | Right: Courtesy of Author

Fear: Trying new foods
Destination: Curacao
There is more to eat than spaghetti, pizza and bacon and eggs. Yet some people won’t try anything that is foreign to their palate and would shudder to think that around the globe, insects, bugs and animal parts are considered good eats. While the Dutch Caribbean Island of Curacao is a great place to delight yourself in its cove-like beaches and European architecture, this island gem is also a place to eat iguana. Though the thought of eating this lizard-like reptile probably seems nuts, it is an exotic meat offered in some restaurants including Restaurant on Curacao’s West End and is typically served stewed or in soup. Lest you wimp out, know that the locals say that iguanas have healing qualities.

Courtesy of Hedonism II

Left: Shutterstock | Right: Courtesy of Courtesy of Hedonism II

Fear: Public nudity
Destination: Negril, Jamaica
Who hasn’t had that nightmarethat they are naked at school, work or elsewhere with many eyes on them?  It is said that “baring” all is good for the soul; in some places that refers not only to your emotions, but also to your body. For a walk on the wild side, there’s Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica. The sand is white, the water turquoise and the activities at this all-inclusive private, adults-only resort completely clothing optional. Scuba dive, swim, sunbathe, windsurf, sail, snorkel and kayak au naturel– all activities are complimentary, doable in the skinny and sure to be memorable.

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