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The first time we separate ourselves from our little ones is always the hardest and may include tears, tantrums and separation anxiety (and that’s just from the parents). Relax, we at Orbitz have done this before and we’re here to assure new parents that not only will you get through it, but that a couples-only getaway is healthy for both you and your spouse and for the kids as well. In case you’re feeling any worry whatsoever, here are six tips for traveling child (and stress) free.

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Start small:  If it’s your first time taking a trip without the kids, don’t plan a weeklong trip to Europe. Start closer to home with a short weekend getaway where you can relax and feel reassured that your kids will only be without you for a couple of days.  

Plan ahead:  You want to feel good about leaving your kids.  You want to enjoy yourself and not wonder if youleft enough food in the fridge or washed their favorite pajamas that they’ll demand at bedtime. So, just like you would plan what to do on your trip, start making a list early for everything you need to arrange for your children before you go, and what you want (and should leave) for your caretaker to do while you’re gone.

Leave behind a few tangible “love reminders”:  Just like you may put little notes in your kids lunch boxes, before you leave for a trip, place a few fun notes around the house in places where they will find them.

Set aside time to connect:  If you’re worried you’ll want to check in with your kids every hour to hear their voices…DON’T. While it may ease your guilt, it will likely make your kids even more homesick for you. Instead, schedule a time (or two if you need it) everyday to check in and say good morning or good night.  

Request lots of pics: In the age of cell phone photos, have your caregiver send you pics of the fun that your kids are having at home — playing at the park, eating lunch, painting, etc.  You’ll feel good that they are happy, healthy and enjoying their day and it will ease your guilt of being away.

Surprise, surprise: It may be an obvious one, but we always ease our guilt of being on a kid-free vacation by promising our children we’ll bring them home a surprise—as in a souvenir or something special. It gives them something to look forward to (as if you’re arrival home weren’t enough) and can help reward for good behavior while your gone.

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Jeanenne Tornatore

Jeanenne Tornatore

Jeanenne specializes in savvy budget travel tips, destination experiences, industry trends and the latest products to make any trip go smoothly. A mother of three, she's seasoned in all things family-travel, from the most kid-friendly beach resorts to navigating Disney Parks. Jeanenne is an avid outdoor adventure seeker, as well as a regular TV and radio content contributor. You'll find her @JMTornatore on Twitter and Instagram.

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