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Disney cruises aren’t just for exploring the Caribbean. They’re also a fun, stress-free way to get to know Europe with your family. While planning a big overseas trip often means overcoming language barriers, calculating foreign currencies, and planning tours and activities from a distance, Disney takes care of all of that for you. Throw in some top-notch entertainment the whole family will love, and there’s no better way to explore the Continent.

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Jeanenne Tornatore

Jeanenne Tornatore

Jeanenne specializes in savvy budget travel tips, destination experiences, industry trends and the latest products to make any trip go smoothly. A mother of three, she's seasoned in all things family-travel, from the most kid-friendly beach resorts to navigating Disney Parks. Jeanenne is an avid outdoor adventure seeker, as well as a regular TV and radio content contributor. You'll find her @JMTornatore on Twitter and Instagram.

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