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It’s been 12 years since we’ve last tuned in on the “Friends” gang and watched the days of their lives. Twelve years later, they’re all grown up and going on spring break with their families. In honor of the “Friends” reunion, Orbitz ponders where the families would go and the hilarity that might ensue during a spring break vacation. Read on for the details.

Copyright by The WB Television Network and other respective production studios and distributors.

Copyright by The WB Television Network and other respective production studios and distributors.

Phoebe and Mike
Phoebe and Mike have seven kids and are now a successful family band. They tour across America in a mini bus and pick up new pets along the way. By their last stop, California’s Venice Beach, they have a three-toed sloth, two ferrets, a pug, and parrot they call Larry.

Monica and Chandler
With twins Jack and Erica in tow, the Bings take their annual trip to a house made out of cheese in Wisconsin. During the tour, the twins make new friends. Their parents turn out to be Janice and her husband (of course). It was the Bings’ last visit to the cheese house.

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Wanting to leave the country, he decides to go to Paris… Texas. He comes across a placed called the Chick Farm. Mistaking the Chick Farm as a place to pick up girls, he finds it filled with baby chicks and adopts a dozen. No ducks, though, sadly.

Ross and Rachel
The couple have a week to themselves (Emma is away at space camp), and impulsively decide to fly to Las Vegas to renew their vows. They’re at the same chapel they got married in the first time, only to find Rachel’s sister, Amy, getting married to Barry (Rachel’s previous fiance).


The Central Perk barista visits Colombia in search of the perfect coffee bean. Instead he meets a woman named Raquel, they fall in love and are now happily married.

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Monica Pedraja

Monica Pedraja

Monica is a Chicago-based photo editor and photographer. She studied photojournalism in London and has worked with Piece & Co., the Art Institute of Chicago, and many adorably in-love couples. She’s a big fan of Bananagrams, Leon Bridges, and macarons.

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