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Like most brands, we have a stock photo license and we’re not afraid to use it. These may seem like dopey stock images, but they are actually a mirror into your soul. Haven’t we all passed out on a log bench before?

1.TSA-travel sotck photo-luggage

What is this 1976? If you’re going to hitchhike, use a backpack.

2.TSA-travel stock photo-tourist taking photo

Her face is way too close to where pigeons hang out. Not worth it.

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TSA-travel stock photo-airport natural habitat

You stand on wedges of lies…and in an empty mall?

4.TSA-travel stock photo-working poolside

Too many electronics by the pool! Is there a lifeguard on duty?


Travel stock photo-poncho

This is truly an injustice. Get this man a rain poncho!

6.TSA-travel stock photos-drinking in flight

No one was, Jen. Don’t project your self-judgement onto us.


Travel stock photo-flight attendant and passenger

Who let this happen?

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8. Travel stock photo-hotel

He seems like a Kevin. Ugh, Kevin.

TSA-travel stock photo-hotels

To his credit, those jeans are really working for him.


TSA-travel stock photo-airport

Airports remind you how few Twitter followers you have.


TSA-travel stock photo-wine tasting

Look into her dead eyes. Look at them!

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12.Travel stock photo-order a drinkTravel stock photo-order a drink

She is all of us.


TSA-travel stock photo-relaxing on a hammock

Well, it’s definitely not that.


TSA-travel stock photo-spa weekend

Karen, stop undressing the hardwood floor with your eyes.


TSA-travel stock photo-cruise

Pam has a point.

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Monica Pedraja

Monica Pedraja

Monica is a Chicago-based photo editor and photographer. She studied photojournalism in London and has worked with Piece & Co., the Art Institute of Chicago, and many adorably in-love couples. She’s a big fan of Bananagrams, Leon Bridges, and macarons.

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