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Most people visit New York for the incredible tourist attractions, entertainment, iconic buildings and bustling energy. But a new wave of visitors have also been hitting the city recently, and they’ve got only one thing on their minds.

They’re Foodies, and you probably know the type well: Someone with a deep appreciation for food, someone who explores a new city through the lens of one-of-a-kind dining experiences. Just look for the telltale signs: Do their Instagram feeds have you salivating with amazing, delicious meals? Is their kitchen a shrine to restaurants and chefs around the world?

Consider this your guide to some classic New York foodie experiences, giving you an authentic taste of the Big Apple, one bite at a time.

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Katz Deli

Address: 205 E Houston St, New York, NY

Need to book ahead? No, just walk in – but avoid lunchtime to avoid queues. 

Ask a local where to eat in New York City, and you might be directed to this classic spot, one of the city’s oldest diners and an experience you just have to witness. The diner used to be famous for being the filming location from When Harry Met Sally but nowadays, it’s the incredible food that pulls in huge crowds. The menu is pretty simple, and you can take your pick from a selection of various meat sandwiches, with each ingredient freshly prepared (in-house of course) and each sandwich spilling over with filling (and taste!). If you want a truly New York eating experience, this is where you have to go.

Pastrami on Rye

Pastrami on Rye | Flickr CC: owlpacino

Quality Meats

Address: 57 W 58th St, New York, NY

Need to book ahead? Yes, we’d recommend calling ahead to reserve a table. 

Hailed as the “Best Steak in Manhattan” by most who visit, this is a steak house with character. The restaurant is on the top-end of the budget scale, but you get what you pay for and in this case, that’s amazing tasting food and awesome service. You can’t really go wrong here, no matter what you order, so just turn up and enjoy dining out in one of the best restaurants the city that never sleeps has to offer.


The Halal Guys

Address: W 53rd St & 6th Ave, New York, NY

Need to book? It’s not possible to book as this is a food stand. Just turn up and order. 

If you’re in a rush and want something to grab-and-go, then you can’t go wrong with The Halal Guys. Although not technically a restaurant, this street vendor is so popular that during peak hours you’ll find people queuing down the block just to grab a plate of what they have on offer. It’s affordable, friendly and in the summer time, the perfect take-away option for lunch in nearby Central Park.

Halal Guys

Halal Guys | Flickr CC: Guian Bolisay

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Address: 235 Mulberry St, New York, NY

Need to book? Yes, definitely book for Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings. 

This little Italian restaurant is tucked away in a relatively less touristy neighborhood of the city. However, if you feel up to finding it, you’re in for an amazing meal, as the restaurant is known for having the best red saucein NYC. They serve up some of the best Italian food in the city, with their fresh pasta leaving you hungry for more. If you’re feeling extra peckish though, you’ll want to order one of their large pizzas – which are so big they don’t even fit on the table, and need their own stand! Prepare for cheesy, Italian deliciousness.

Rubirosa pizza

Rubirosa pizza | Flickr CC: Cole Kennedy

Shake Shack

Address: Madison Ave & E.23rd St, New York, NY

Need to book? No, just turn up. 

What’s this, a burger chain? While it may not be a hidden gem, there’s no denying Shake Shack is a truly American experience. It’s one of the USA’s most famous fast food chains, and if you’ve never been to one, now is the time. As well as their famous burgers and zig-zag fries, you can choose one of their mighty milkshakes, from which there are dozens of flavors and combinations to choose from. Yes, it may only be a fast food chain, but many Foodies claim the burgers and milkshakes here still come top of their list. Traveler’s bonus: It’s also fast and relatively cheap.

Shack Shack

Shack Shack | Flickr CC: star5112

Got anywhere you’d like to add to the list? Leave us a comment of your favorite place to eat in New York City now!

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