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The Creek and The Cave comedy club

The Creek and The Cave comedy club

The city that never sleeps is also the city that never not laughs—New York comedy clubs are as much a part of the Big Apple as foldable pizza slices and jay walking. Next time you’re in town, be sure to check out one of these five top spots for stand-up, sketch and improv comedy. And ifyou’re looking for a great New York hotel deal, you know where to find that, too.

1. Comedy Cellar (117 Macdougal St, Greenwich Village)
One of the most iconic clubs in the country, the Comedy Cellar has been home to rising and established talent since stand-up’s heyday in the early 1980s. Performers have a special affinity for this cramped basement, so it’s not uncommon to catch drop-ins from the likes of Dave Chappelle, Dave Attell, Jerry Seinfeld or newer all-stars like Amy Schumer.

2. The Peoples Improv Theater (123 E. 24th St, Gramercy)
A spin-off from the popular Upright Citizens Brigade theater, the PIT quickly became the place where improv and sketch comedians could find a home for high-energy, goofy comedy that eschewed UCB’s trend of sacrificing overall quality for the chance to potentially stargaze at (the undeniably talented) Amy Poehler—though both Kristen Schaal and Ellie Kemper started at the PIT. Come Wednesdays to see every house improv team giving it their all for the love of improvised comedy.

3. The Creek and the Cave (10-93 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, Queens)
Besides winning the made-up award for “most stand-up stages within 20 feet”, this young multilevel spot has quickly become a hub for inventive stand-up comedy. Rising stars like James Adomian, Emily Heller and Kurt Metzger have found a home here. All shows are free and the jovial owner Rebecca Trent will sometimes buy drinks at the downstairs bar, so you can’t beat the price either.

4. The Stand (239 3rd Ave, Gramercy)
The cozy downstairs and friendly staff create an inviting vibe to show off New York’s vibrant stand-up scene. Multicomic shows are the norm—comics like The Daily Show’s Michael Che drop by to support their friends and exercise their stand-up muscles between takes. Plus, The Stand hosts plenty of industry showcases, so you never know which Comedy Central executives will be in the audience.

5. Union Hall (702 Union Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn) and The Bell House (149 7th St, Gowanus, Brooklyn)
True, both these spots aren’t full-time comedy clubs, but miscellaneous Brooklyn comedy shows small and large, respectively, find homes at one of these two spots. Union Hall is where John Hodgman or Mike Birbiglia might dust off a new hour of material, whereas the Bell House hosts surprise shows by Louis CK and has been a spot for touring comics to promote their wares, as Nathan Fielder did recently for his Comedy Central show Nathan For You. Combined, these venues make up the bulk of Brooklyn’s comedy scene. There won’t be many tourists, so don’t tell anyone.

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