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Call it a bridge fetish, but we think there’s something undeniably romantic about these marvelous feats of engineering which move travelers and locals alike from one land mass to another. Of course, all bridges are not the same. They can be long or short, steel or wood, pedestrian or motorist and so on and so on. But whatever your bridge type may be, here are 10 most awesome bridges around the world—out of hundreds really—that you simply must try in this lifetime.

1. Storseisundet Bridge, aka the “Drunk Bridge”: Averoy, Norway
We love optical illusions, but not the kind that would have us believe we’re going to drive straight off the end of a roadway and into the ocean. Norway’s Storseisundet is the longest of eight bridges on its Atlantic Road and tickles adventure seekers with an optical illusion that gives the appearance that the bridge drops into an abyss. Another adventurous twist is that inclement weather often blows treacherous gusts of wind and water right across bridge.


2. U Bein Bridge: Mandalay, Myanmar
Constructed in 1850, this teakwood bridge is believed to be the oldest of its kind in the world and presents a major check mark for any global nomad’s bucket list. Only .75-miles in length, U Bein is nevertheless thrills thanks to worries that some of the pillars are decaying due a fish breeding program introduced into Taungthaman Lake that has caused the water to stagnate. Plans to renovate and revitalize the bridge are currently underway.


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3. The 7-mile bridge: The Florida Keys, USA
If you’ve never driven the Overseas Highway connecting mainland Florida to Key West you must book a flight to Miami right now. There are parts of the beautiful stretch of roadway in which the road is so narrow the water practically comes within spitting distance of automobiles, but the main prize is the 7-mile bridge which gives motorists the feeling of floating in the middle of azure Caribbean waters. Be sure and walk at least part of the old 7-mile bridge which stands parallel to it.


4. Rialto Bridge: Venice, Italy
This charming bucket list bridge lingers over Venice’s romantic Grand Canal and remains a selfie favorite for visiting tourists cruising the city via gondola. It is the oldest of the four bridges spanning the Grand Canal and was designed by architect Antonio da Ponte (Michelangelo was also considered for the job) and completed in 1591. Two inclined and covered ramps (which contain shops) lead up to a central portico offering postcard perfect symmetry.


5. San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge: Oakland, California
Yup, we tricked you. While the obvious Bay Area bridge to brag about is the Golden Gate, this newly renovated bridge is a stunner and you need to get to it now. It’s actually a collection of bridges, a western span connects San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island and an eastern span—the world’s widest—connects the island to Oakland. Driving this one is a blast but you should also view it from a distance as the “Bay Lights” are a sight to behold at night.


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6. Hartland Bridge: NewBrunswick, Canada
We know what you’re thinking, how “aboot” a covered bridge? We have our Canadian friends to thank for the glorious Hartland Bridge which, at 1,282 feet long, is the world’s largest covered bridge and crosses the Saint John River connecting the towns of Hartland and Somerville in pretty New Brunswick. Sure a covered bridge denies you pretty scenery, but if you’re crossing during a harsh rain or snowstorm, you’ll be grateful for the temporary respite.


7. Nanpu Bridge: Shanghai, China
We’re billing this as one of the coolest bridges ever thanks to the dizzying Inner Ring Road which gives motorists a circular thrill ride that zips them from Central Shangai to the Pudong District across the Huangpu River. The bridge is a sight to behold at night and equally impressive is its sister bridge the Yangpu, which at 8,354 meters is one of the longest cable-stayed bridges on earth.


8. Sydney Harbour Bridge: Sydney, Australia
The harbor separating Australia’s most iconic city from its North Shore is a glorious sight to behold by ferry—or bridge. But don’t you dare drive across it. Instead, indulge yourself in the Sydney Bridge Climb, a tourist attraction that is worth every single cent. Tour guides literally chain visitors to the bridge and take them on an unforgettable climb to the top. We dare you to strap on a headlamp and try this at night. Sydney at night is a vision to behold.


9. Hussaini HangingBridge: Northern Pakistan
Just looking at this frightening picture terrifies the living daylights out of us. Not only is Hussaini considered by many to be the most terrifying pedestrian bridge on earth, but it’s made eve more so by the fact that an older version of the bridge stands in tatters just feet away. The scenery surrounding the bridge is heavenly, but we’re pretty certain intrepid travelers are too busy watching every single step to even notice.


10.  Royal Gorge Bridge: Canon City, Colorado
Another terrifying entry, this one at least contains an element of safety in that it’s a major U.S. tourist attraction. Boasting the title of America’s highest suspension bridge at 956 feet above the Arkansas River, the Royal Gorge lures thrill seekers both on foot and via car who come to central Colorado not only to trek across the bridge but also to indulge in other attractions at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park like bungee jumping and zip lining.


11. Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge: Zhangjiajie, China

This could very well be the most terrifying bridge on this list. Not only is it the world’s highest and longest bridge, it’s also paved with three-layered transparent glass, which gives visitors a view straight down, about a 1,000 feet into a canyon separating two mountain cliffs in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park in Hunan province. The bridge closed just two weeks after it opened in August of 2016 due to an overwhelming number of visitors but has since reopened.

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