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Think you’re an absolute delight on a plane, train or automobile? Do you make life better for all of the fellow travelers in your midst?

Take this quiz to uncover your true travel nature.

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  1. On a long flight, your first thought is to A) order a double of whatever and fall into deep beauty sleep. B) The second your butt hits the seat, you hit the call button for a pack o’ peanuts and kick your feet up on the headrest of the dude sitting next to you.
  2. When Taylor Swift is seeping out of your seatmate’s headphones, you strongly suggest they A) turn it off. B) You shake it off, shake it off…shake it off.
  3. Sleeping under the stars is A) not just roughing it, it’s out of the question. B) It’s wondrous! Who needs a hot shower when there’s so much natural beauty surrounding you?
  4. In a bustling European capital you A) buy a scarf, grab your phrase book and blend in. B) Scream and curse the paid toilets, warm beer and lousy service.
  5. Paying is A) 50/50. Even Steven. Every time. B) You got it. No biggie.
  6. If a local doesn’t understand you A) SCREAM. Then SCREAM LOUDER. That will help. B) Use a phrase book/hand gesture combo, even if you look like the biggest tourist of all time.
  7. It’s dinnertime! You A) pull out your pocket translator to find “Paleo diet” and “gluten free,” B) Ask your server, “What’s your recommendation? What are the tastiest local dishes?”
  8. You desperately seek the comfort of an all-American burger. A) McDonald’s sounds fab. B) You scour carts and stalls for some deliciously daring foreign street food.
  9. Sightseeing is…essential! A) There are museums to explore and mountains to climb. B) Sightseeing is good. But you’re open to whatever. Shopping? Drinking? All good.


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Kevin Aeh

Kevin Aeh

Kevin Aeh is an editor/writer based in New York City. He covers lifestyle, travel, and pop culture; and his current obsessions include finding the best eye cream, booking a trip to Cuba, and binge-watching Lady Dynamite on Netflix. His writing has appeared in Time Out New York, Furthermore from Equinox, Refinery29, Vulture, and more.

2 thoughts on “Quiz: Are you travel compatible?”

  1. I’m a “B” person. How do I find a travel companion with the Carson City Travel Club? I would be a first time solo traveler,

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