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1. You wake up and it hits you—only 5 days until vacation! Should you start to pack? Nah. You’ve got plenty of time.



2. You get to work, and attempt some tasks. Seriously? How can you even be expected to work this week? Ugh! You give up on work and make a Pinterest board about your vacation.


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3. Three days until vacation. You want to be excited, but suddenly you’re overcome with fear. “Am I ready? Did I even book my flight?! Do I have a seat? WHERE ARE MY EMAIL CONFIRMATIONS?”



4. Breathe. Everything is fine. Let’s make a to-do list and a packing list to get those nerves out. Ah, that’s much better.


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5. Exactly 24 hours until vacation! You’re so frickin’ excited it’s taking over your whole being. All you want to do is go shopping for quirky sunglasses and listen to the Beach Boys.



6. Okay, let’s pack. It’s packin’ time! Gonna pack real good. You’re the President of Packing! Oh wait, you need to do laundry first. Cripes, this is going to take longer than you thought. No problem, you’ll just put on a packing playlist and show your suitcase who’s boss.


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7. It’s the night before the big day and you can’t fall asleep because you’re too excited. You give up on a good night’s sleep and decide to find the perfect movie to watch on your flight. Download complete!



8. Today is the day! Okay, focus. You’re almost there. You laid out your travel outfit last night, so just get dressed, pack those last few toiletries, and throw some snacks in your carry-on.


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9. You walk through the doors of the airport like you own the place. Where’s that security line? You’re about to make it your b*tch.



10.You find your terminal and pick up a trashy magazine from Hudson News on the way. Oh, would you look at that! It’s boarding time, which is airport jargon for “Your vacation is about to begin.” See you on the other side.



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Kelsie Ozamiz

Kelsie Ozamiz

Kelsie is a Chicago-based travel and entertainment writer. Sprouting from Columbus, Ohio, she spent two years in New York City sharpening her wit with improv comedy and mastering the blank subway stare. She keeps her figure with a steady diet of travel and tacos.

3 thoughts on “10 stages of pre-vacation anticipation—in photos”

  1. Great article. Really enjoyed it and it was right on! The pictures were great and really made the article come alive. Yes, getting ready for a vacation is just like that but worth every single minute. Now we need the dreaded one about returning home or maybe, never coming home form the vacation!!

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for this funny and accurate depiction of what life is like leading up to vacation time! I tend to revisit this article in the days before each big trip and I enjoy it every time. Thanks again!

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