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Booms, crackles, zips and ka-blams will be going off in your neighborhood all weekend, and you’ll look to the skies within milliseconds to get a glimpse of what dazzling displays accompany them. Some are big, some are small, some willow down to the Earth and some just make a quick curly zip up to the stars and float back down.

Let’s allow ourselves some childhood wonder and ask: If I were a firecracker, what would my firecracker name be? Take this scientific, and totally accurate quiz to find out.

firecracker name fourth of july




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Kelsie Ozamiz

Kelsie Ozamiz

Kelsie is a Chicago-based travel and entertainment writer. Sprouting from Columbus, Ohio, she spent two years in New York City sharpening her wit with improv comedy and mastering the blank subway stare. She keeps her figure with a steady diet of travel and tacos.

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