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You’re never too old for Disney fun. And you’re never too young. Orbitz senior editor Jeanenne Tornatore and her toddler son experience all the Florida park has to offer its youngest visitors—pirate parades and in-line entertainment included.


Hi I’m Jeanenne Tornatore, Senior Editor. Did you know that there are more than 68 attractions for toddlers and preschoolers at Walt Disney World?

With so much to see and do, it’s easy to miss some of the amazing adventures for the smaller set that are right under your nose. So I brought my little guy and my mom to uncover the treasure of Disney’s preschool experiences and share with you some of our favorites.

And speaking of treasure, first we need to look the part. At Disney, makeovers aren’t just for princesses. This junior pirate is getting the full transformation. Then we’re off to see his mateys and the pirate parade.

There are so many classic Disney rides and attractions that are perfect for this age group. Fantasyland is one of our favorite areas of the park, and now with the new expansion complete, the largest in Magic Kingdom’s history,there’s no doubt we are in 3-year-old heaven.

Let’s face it, waiting in line isn’t a preschooler’s favorite thing to do. That’s why we love these new interactive queues that make waiting, well, pretty fun. I don’t even think he knows he’s waiting.

Nothing is more special to a child this age than meeting one of their beloved Disney pals. But make no mistake, the decisions are tough — breakfast with Jake, lunch with Mickey, dinner with a princess. The good news is there are plenty of opportunities in every park to meet your favorite. For this preschool pirate, it’s Jake all the way.

After a long day of sword fighting and teacup spinning, this big guy is ready for; you guessed it, the pool. One of my favorite things about staying at a Disney resort is quick and easy access for pool time, naps, and relaxing and, of course, easy access back to the parks for extra magic hours.

I’m Jeanenne Tornatore from Orbitz, ahoy from Walt Disney World.



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Jeanenne Tornatore

Jeanenne Tornatore

Jeanenne specializes in savvy budget travel tips, destination experiences, industry trends and the latest products to make any trip go smoothly. A mother of three, she's seasoned in all things family-travel, from the most kid-friendly beach resorts to navigating Disney Parks. Jeanenne is an avid outdoor adventure seeker, as well as a regular TV and radio content contributor. You'll find her @JMTornatore on Twitter and Instagram.

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