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Corey Feldman and his Angels charge up with Orbitz for Sundance.

Sure, you might remember him best for his roles in films like Goonies, Stand By Me and Lost Boys. But these days, Corey Feldman’s making a name for himself as an active musician, traveling with his “Angels,” Rachel and Courtney (a.k.a. DJAC). The trio’s settled down in Park City this week for the Sundance Film Festival. Here’s what he’ll be up to.

1. Dining out. Park City has some amazing restaurants and plenty of options for the health conscious. I’m a vegetarian, and Angel Courtney is a vegan, so we’re always looking for restaurants that can accommodate even the most unique requests or offer great variety. A must stop is Glitretind in the Stein Eriksen Lodge (you may still see Stein hitting the slopes). It’s gota cozy atmosphere and the food is great. And I could spend all day at Deer Valley’s Mariposa, which is number one for food (vegetarian included) and service, and sets an elegant mood for the Angels with its crackling fireplaces.

2. Hitting the slopes. I’ve been skiing since I was 11 years old. There is so much going on during Sundance during the day and night, so that’s why it’s ideal to make some turns. First timers in Park City will have a hard time choosing, since there are three great resorts here. Award winning Deer Valley (I like that they take my skis off my car), or the incredible Park City Mountain and Canyons, just acquired by Vail. The Angels and I are hoping to get some powder on Friday at my fave, the Canyons. And when we hit the slopes I bring a whole new meaning tothe term “Snow Angels.”

3. Seeing live music. My life has been the movies which is the foundation of Sundance, yet I love the music scene. There are great shows, including BMI’s Snowball on Wednesday night, plus the intimate ASCAP Music Café. Also, PC Live has great acts all through Sundance. The best events are the secret concerts during Sundance: I’ve seen the Beastie Boys, Metallica, Rick Springfiield and Dave Grohl, in different years. And if you are into live music, definitely look for me on tour next year with my very own DJAC and Corey’s Angels. We have a hit single out right now called “Everybody” featuring Doc Ice, which can be heard and requested on your local radio stations, and the album is called “Angelic 2 The Core,” which will be out this spring. But if you can’t wait that long, you can pick up a digital copy of my latest EP done with the help of The Angels and it’s called 1st Glimpse of Heaven. It features the hot song “Ascension Millennium” and can be purchased through most digital retailers. For more info, check out my website and the Angels at Plus, you can find Angel Courtney, a.k.a. DJAC on Twitter and Instagram @courtanne89.

4. Kicking back at a great hotel. This year, the Angels and I are staying in a mansion in the Park City area, but there are a couple condos here in town that I really love. All Season Resorts has many options, including my fave The Caledonian. It’s great property that gives you the best of both worlds. We stay steps from all the action of Park City yet we are ski in/ski out, due to being next to the lift that carries you to Park City Mountain Resort. I recommend the world-famous three bedroom with its private hot tub. Well, at least it was famous after I was through with it! I always like the Deer Valley experience, and whenI want luxury and exhilarating beauty I make sure to visit Deer Valley’s vast collection of homes and condos like the Grand Lodge and Silver Baron.

5. Exploring what’s around. Park City is a beautiful setting with its historic main street. But after a couple of days, it is nice to get off the beaten path to head where it all began, Sundance Resort. The Owl Bar is one stop. It includes the actual restored bar that Butch Cassidy’s Hole in the Wall Gang used to frequent. The bar was moved from Thermopolis, Wyoming. It’s a great piece of history.

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Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman

Corey Feldman is a musician and actor based in Los Angeles.

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  1. Park City?? Maybe that’s where Stand By Me era Corey would go. We all know that modern day Corey would rather go to Vegas instead. Am I right?

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