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Orbitz Senior Editor Jeanenne Tornatore visits Walt Disney World to discover the Orlando park’s best perks for parents—from a rider switch program to brand new interactive queues. In the end, it all adds up to a more magical experience for both kids and parents.


I am Jeanne Tornatore, Senior Editor. Today, I’m at Waltz Disney World.

Everywhere you turn here, you see magic. But let’s face it. For parents, what’s truly magical are the little things that make for a smooth family vacation. Good thing for us, here at Waltz Disney World, they know a little something about what parents need. So here they are, my top five perks for parents at the most magical place on earth.

Sharing a standard hotel room for a week can be a little too cozy for even the closest of families. Disney’s villa-style accommodations gives kids and parents the quality time and space they need.

Miss the memo on these awesome child care centers? You may have visited a Disney park and walked right passed one. They are the perfect oasis for weary parents, tired and hungry toddlers, and they’re equipped with everything your child needs, from changing tables, rocking chairs, to a nice quiet place to cool down.

Waiting, it’s torture for kids, but with Disney’s FastPass+, you can spend your day doing what you came to do and much less time waiting, and doing is always better than waiting.

This next perk is a simply solution to an age-old parent problem. Who gets to go on the ride while the other waits with the kids? At Disney, the answer is both parents. With Rider Switch, mom and dad take turns without having to head to back to the line. Everyone wins.

Now, to one of Disney’s newest and my number one perk for parents at Walt Disney World –Interactive Queues. No longer are kids just waiting. Now they’re having fun while in line for their favorite attraction, and time flies when you’re having fun, just ask Dumbo.

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Jeanenne Tornatore

Jeanenne Tornatore

Jeanenne specializes in savvy budget travel tips, destination experiences, industry trends and the latest products to make any trip go smoothly. A mother of three, she's seasoned in all things family-travel, from the most kid-friendly beach resorts to navigating Disney Parks. Jeanenne is an avid outdoor adventure seeker, as well as a regular TV and radio content contributor. You'll find her @JMTornatore on Twitter and Instagram.

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