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There’s something about the rev of engines, hazy exhaust fumes and adrenaline fueled speed that excites the senses. If you can appreciate the power and beauty of elite driving machines, these destinations should satisfy your drive for adventure and your need for speed.

Circuit of the Americas Last year Austin, Texas became home to the Circuit of the Americas race track, the only place in America where you can see Formula 1 racing in action. This year’s Grand Prix takes place on November 15–17 and race lovers from around the world are expected to descend on Austin to watch  precision vehicles whip around hairpin turns at speeds of up to 185 mph. Circuit of the Americas (COTA) was built specifically to host Formula 1, but Austin has become a race lover’s paradise as events like the Australian V8 Supercar Championships and World Endurance Racing have made the track a stop on their racing circuits. For Austin hotel and travel info, click here.

Bertil Roos Racing School If you’re more the do-it-yourself type, the Bertil Roos Racing School near Scranton, Pennsylvania will teach you how to race Formula cars. The school offers instruction at almost every level, from the half-day adventure programs that give you the opportunity to take a few laps around the track to the five-day certification course that qualifies you to enter your own races. For Scranton hotel and travel info, click here.

Dirtfish Rally School Outside of Seattle, the Dirtfish Rally School takes you off the course for a rougher ride. At Dirtfish you’ll learn techniques for racing through mud, gravel and shallow water. Because rally cars are essentially street legal vehicles, the car control skills you learn at Dirtfish courses could be applied in your day-to-day driving life, although I wouldn’t recommend it. For Seattle hotel and travel info, click here.

Germany’s luxury car museums Germany is considered the birthplace of the automobile, and in recent years the country’s luxury car manufacturers have created museums that celebrate their rich automotive heritage. In Stuttgart, Porsche and Daimler-Benz both have large facilities devoted to showcasing some of their vintage models and providing a behind-the-scenes look at the engineering process. BMW has ashowroom and manufacturing facility in Munich that offer tours to the public. North of Munich is the August Horch Museum, named for the engineer who founded Audi. The Horch Museum showcases a variety of historically significant vehicles, including Nazi-era sedans and the Trabant, the Soviet’s attempt to copy the Volkswagen Beetle. For Germany travel info, click here.

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