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Myrtle Beach

White sand awaits you at Myrtle Beach. Photo: iStockphoto

It’s hard to believea bit depressing, in factthat summer is winding down. But there’s still time to bask in the sun’s warm raysbefore the chill ever sets in. Here are some top spots to wrap up the season in style.

Bermuda, situated off the coast of South Carolina, is the perfect end-of-season respite. Still warm and less tourist-thronged, it’s an idyllic, tropical-feeling respite, one that’s as attractive to canoodling couples as it built for a beachy family adventure.

If sand and sun are your thing, South Carolina’s Myrtle Beach offers another outdoorsy option. Adding to the allure, most visitors have packed up and left, meaning you won’t have to vie for position on the boardwalk or struggle to score real estate on the white, powdery beach.

Thinking Europe? Consider jetting to Paris before the kiddos return to class. Right about now, many residents are off enjoying their own pre-fall vacation. As such, there are bargains to be found, including at restaurants and boutiques.

For a taste of Americana, though, it’s hard to beat Yellowstone. Old Faithful and the Mammoth Hot Springs are every bit as awe-inspiringif less populatedthis time of year. And since nights remain warm, consider camping in lieu of potentially pricy lodging.

Alternately, consider a jaunt to MaineAcadia, in particular, where ocean and mountains pave the way for a peaceful, pleasant retreat. But pack your hiking shoes since you’ll undoubtedly want to hit the pine-scented trails.

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Jennifer Olvera

Jennifer Olvera

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