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Bora Bora

Heaven, also known as Bora Bora. Photo: iStockphoto

What vacation destination is so nice you want to say it twice? According to Orbitz Facebook fans, it’s Bora Bora! The gorgeous Pacific gem that was the top answerto our question “If you could Orbitz anywhere, where would you go?” (59 votes) while Hawaii, at 52 votes, was not far behind. Next up, Orbitz fans said they wanted to head to Europe, with Italy (38) in the top spot, Spain (23) and Greece (22) competing for second place, and Ireland (19) and England (16) not far behind. Other popular locales included Australia (21) and nearby New Zealand (17) as well as Tahiti (19) while back over in the continental U.S. Las Vegas reigned supreme (14). Thanks and keep letting us know where you’d like to Orbitz next!

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