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Peter Island

Peter Island is a picturesque gem in the British Virgin Islands. Photo: Thinkstock

For most of us, it has been one slow-to-start spring. If you’re enduring the elements, chances are getting the heck out of dodge sounds swell. This time, steer clear of the big resorts and populated cities in favor of an intimate, private island vacation.

Consider a journey to <ahref=””>Zanzibar, which is 30 miles off the coast of Tanzania. From there, it’s just one mile from baobab- and passion fruit tree-punctuated Chapwani Island, a wildlife-rich destination with resident dik-diks, intimate beaches and a resort that accommodates no more than 20 guests. Reach it by boat and spend days exploring life in the surrounding coral reef and nights noshing on Italian fare overlooking the shimmering sea.

About five miles off the shores of Road Harbour, Tortola, is Peter Island. Considered part of the British Virgin Islands, its picturesque beaches overlook the aquamarine Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. Rest your head at the eponymous Peter Island Resort & Spa, which features a mix of A-frame chalets and beachfront suites enveloped in tropical foliage and overlooking Deadman’s Beach. Opt for the latter, and arrange a private, candlelit dinner on the beach.

Traverse the lava landscape of Pico, Portugal, an island anchored by namesake volcano Ponta do Pico. Notable for its volcanic earth, this “black island” is home to the UNESCO-designated Pocinhobay vineyard, a secret-feeling sojourn with rustic-modern basalt bungalows overlooking the Atlantic. It’s a must for nature lovers, thanks to whale-watching, scuba diving and bird-watching opportunities. Then again, surfers, hikers and deep sea fishing-types will also feel at home.


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Jennifer Olvera

Jennifer Olvera

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